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INDIA NON JUDICIAL ent of Himachal Pradesh e-Stamp Certificate No. 2 IN-HP019569328103060 Cerificate Issued Date 2 19-Jul-2016 12:03 PM Account Reference : IMPACC (GV) hpimpeg07/ SHIMLA HP-SM Unique Doc. Reference : SUBIN-HPHPIMPEG07035236720541760 Purchased by : THROUGH JAI BHARAT Description of Document Article 4 Affidavit Property Description : VILL MEHL! PO KASUMPTI SHIMLA. Consideration Price (Rs.) 20 (Zero) First Party : BHAGAT CHAND SO SH UGGAR SAIN Second Party 2 Not Applicable ‘Stamp Duty Paid By : BHAGAT CHAND SO SH UGGAR SAIN Stamp Duty Amount(Rs.) : 10 (Ten only) Statutory Alert AFFIDAVIT [Bhagat Chand Chauhan age about 72 years son of Sh Uggar Sain resident of vilalge Mehlt P/e Kasumpti Shimla-9, Tehsil and Distt Shimla H.P. do hereby solemnly afirm and declare as under:- 1. That I/we am/are owner of building /House built on the land comprised in Khasra No 1339/1118 Situated at Mohal Mehli Tehsil and Distt Shimla H.P. \e 2. That building has been constructed by me/us on my own land and has not encroached aa ipon Government or other's land and there is no pending litigation in respect of niv/our Y 5s eve? land or building in question. ie 4, That | /we have not availed the benefit of retention Policy till date. a 1 SH ous \ : fo om Bos Oe a yoy ’ an lea a ¥ ents & 0 eft, we : UHAM, Noe pee (annen7 -crnnn — CrauHAW) l/we, the above named deponent, do hereby verify that the contents ‘of my/our above Affidavit are true and correct to the best of my/our knowledge and belief; no part of it is false and nothing material has been concealed there, from. Seo. (Brpba7 Chand CHACHAN)