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Alicia Jackson

Concert Program Development

Concert 1: Epic
New Era Fanfare by Randall D. Standridge
Nightsong by Richard L. Saucedo
Kentucky 1800 by Clare Grundman
Novo Lenio by Samuel Hazo
Big Circus March by Robert E. Foster

The theme of this concert is Epic. All of the pieces I chose for this concert are compositional
powerful and epic. Mostly at the Grade 2 level this is a great first concert full of variety. The
New Era Fanfare provides an interesting sound with the synthesizer and students get to explore
playing in g minor and 6/8 in Nightsong.

Concert 2: Playing History

Fanfare for a New Era by Mark Williams
Air for Band by Frank Erickson
The Headless Horseman by Timothy Broege
Ghost Fleet by Robert Sheldon
Colonel Bogey by Kenneth Alford/ arr. Mark Williams

The theme of this concert is Playing History. All of the pieces in some way express an element
of history whether it be making history with the Fanfare for a New Era or paying tribute to old
war ships in Ghost Fleet. The pieces are a wide variety of styles and moods at the Grade 2 and
easier Grade 3 level. The tonal centers of all the pieces are major ranging from Bb to F. Students
will get experience in playing chromatics in The Headless Horseman.

Concert 3: Skys the Limit

Into the Clouds! by Richard L. Saucedo
The Red Balloon by Anne McGinty
Lightning Field by John Mackey
Sun Cycles by Brian Balmages
Catalina March by Steve Hodges

The theme of this concert is Skys the Limit. All of the pieces are focused around elements found
in the sky: clouds, balloons, lightning, and the sun. Mostly at the Grade 3 level students will
learn harder rhythms with meter changes with Lightning Field and explore new tonalities with
The Red Balloon that has no key signature.
Concert 4: Proud to be American
Carnegie Anthem by William Owens
Appalachian Morning by Robert Sheldon
and the antelope play by John Carnahan
Songs of Old Kentucky by Brant Karrick
Alamo March by Karl L. King/ arr. James Swearingen

The name of this concert is Proud to be American. All of the pieces pay tribute to the United
States in some way including and the antelope play paying tribute to our very own state song.
Strictly all Grade 3 pieces, students will continue to develop their skills with rhythm and meter
changes with Songs of Old Kentucky.

Concert 5: Around the World in 30 Minutes

Liadov Fanfare by Brian Beck (Russia)
Locus Iste by Anton Bruckner/ arr. Ton von Grevenbrock (England)
Fantasy on an African-American Spiritual by Bruce Preuninger (USA)
Shalom! by Philip Sparke (Israel)
The Brandenburg Gate by Johnnie Vinson (Germany)

Around the World in 30 Minutes is the title of this concert. Each piece highlights a different
country. This concert will allow students to experience music from a different culture other than
their own. Ranging from Grade 2 to Grade 3/4 this concert will be challenging both technically
and musically. Students may find it challenging to connect with music that is different. Students
will practice a 6/8 jazzy/swing style with Fantasy on an African-American Spiritual and will be
exposed to a multi-movement piece with Shalom!