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ENG 121: Visual Analysis Peer Review Worksheet

Read your partners paper all the way through without making any comments. Next, read the
paper again and respond to the following prompts (some prompts require you to write on a
spate sheet of paper, and others require you to write/type on the paper itself):

1. Put the main point of this paper in your own words.

2. Put stars or highlight the beginning and end of the single sentence or phrase you believe
best states the main point in this paper. If there is no single sentence, write where you
believe it should be.

3. Does the main idea relate to the writers chosen image/ ad? Suggest improvements for the
expression of the main idea.

4. List, in your own words, the rhetorical modes/ terminology used to convey the primary
meaning or support the main point the writer is making about the ad.

5. Does the writer do more than just analyze different components of the ad? What is the
larger message/ meaning/ purpose they are trying to prove? Suggest improvements for
achieving this so what? factor.

6. Underline areas that represent reflection on larger connections within the ad/image or to
society. In your own words, express the significance of the connections and how it relates
to the writers main point. If there are no connections, suggest some that the writer might

7. How does the conclusion function for this essay? Does it provide a powerful overview
and leave you with a sense of completion? What do you like about it? What needs

8. Underline the reiteration of the main point in the conclusion. Suggest improvements for
the reiteration of the main point.

9. Does the author attempt to catch and engage the attention of the audience in the
introduction? How (refer to handout about introductions if you need help) Suggest at
least one specific way to improve the introduction.

10. Review What Ill Be Looking for when Grading on the assignment sheet. What issues
do you see that the writer needs to address?

11. What do you find most compelling about this paper?

12. Put brackets [ ] around any phrases or sentences that you found particularly strong or
ENG 121: Visual Analysis Peer Review Worksheet

13. Underline any sentence or paragraph that you had to re-read carefully to try to figure out
what the writer is saying. Pick one or two and describe why they are confusing.

14. Put a check mark along the right margin at any line you see that you believe contains a
spelling, grammar, punctuation error, a sentence fragment, or a typo. (Dont label it; just
make a check mark. Let the writer find the problem and correct it.)

Wait! Youre not done yet!

An important part of the peer review process is discussing your impressions and comments with
each other. After you have read and commented on each others paper, write a general end
comment about the strengths and weaknesses you found. Remember, go with your gutas a
reader, you are qualified to make suggestions on places something could be improved, explained,
deleted, reorganized, or places where details were out of place or did not make sense.

Remember that you are not judging each other! You are responding to in-progress writing as a
reader. Your goal is to help each other identify places in the paper that need to be revised in
ordered to make the paper the best it can be.

General End Comment:


They will be due with your paper. If you lose your partners work, you will be penalized,
not your partner.