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Abimael Blanco

Mrs. Litle

English 121

November 28, 2017

Bier,David.Five myths about DACA. Washington Post, 7 Sept. 2017. Opposing Viewpoints in

Context, Accessed 31 Oct. 2017.

This article talks about the myths surrounding DACA. DACA is a program that protects

children of illegal immigrants from deportation, and allows them to work legally. The

first rumor discussed in that this program DACA incentivizes people to immigrate

illegally because there are benefits to their children. They in turn show that this is not true

by saying that these parents are still not able to live in the US and work legally, so they it

makes a very harsh living situation in the US as well. Also, a majority of the people

benefiting from this program are not even of Mexican origin, in turn they are mostly from

Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador. The next is that DACA has taken jobs from

americans but the economy is actually in turn actually benefiting from DACA. The third

myth is repealing DACA would benefit taxpayers. This was proven false too because

immigrants on average pay a higher percentage of their salary towards taxes than the

average american does. The fourth myth was that a DACA repeal would protect

communities from criminals. This was also proven not true because people who apply for

DACA are much less likely to end up in prison than the ones who dont because in order

to be approved for DACA you must go through a background test. The fifth and final
myth about DACA in this article was that the DACA repeal is only about politics, but

that is not true because if it was, Trump could have done it in his first day of office.

Tom K. Wong, Greisa Martinez Rosas, Adrian Reyna, Ignacia Rodriguez, Patrick OShea, Tom

Jawtez, and Philip E. WOligin. New Study of Daca Beneficiaries Shows Positive

Economic and Educational Outcomes. Center for American Progress, 18 Oct. 2016.

This article speaks on the DACA program, which is a program that allows illegal

immigrants who are of a young age to be able to be safe from deportation and also allows

them to legally work in the US. This article speaks on DACAs impact on employment,

impact on earnings, impact on economy, impact on education, impact social inclusion,

and impact on civic participation. DACA has an impact on employment because 87% of

people who have it work and an additional eight percent are in school. DACA has also

increased earnings of illegal immigrants by forty percent which is a huge jump. DACA

has also impacted economy because 21% of respondents to the survey had bought their

first car after receiving DACA. DACA is impacting education because four percent are

pursuing a high school diploma or GED, 20% are going for an associates degree, four

percent are going for a trade, technical, or vocational degree, and 70% of them are going

for a Bachelor's degree or higher. Also, DACA has helped with social inclusion of illegal

immigrants because 90% of respondents said they received a state card or driver's license

for the first time in their lives after receiving DACA.

DACA (Defferred Action for Childhood Arrivals).Immigration Equality, https://www.immi


This article talks about how Obama created a policy calling for action among

undocumented young people who which to live a fearless life for deportation and be able

to legally work and make money to help support their families. This article is very

informational about DACA and all it has to offer. It talks about what it means, who is

eligible, how much it costs, and more. It also talks about the possibility of not being able

to pay the fees for being in the DACA program. If someone is not able to pay their fees

they are either removed from the program, or under very limited circumstances, are the

fees able to be waived. For the fees to be waived the person has to have an income below

the poverty level by 150% because the fees are fairly low. It also says to be very careful

in the proceedings of applying for DACA. If someone does not have a qualified attorney

who almost ensures qualification the removal process may be started. Also, just because

your are granted DACA does not mean it can not be revoked in the future. In the end, this

article is very informational and helped me understand DACA further.