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Planning and Pre-Production Booklet
Unit 9: Characteristics and Contexts in Creative Media Production


o Production Schedule
o Script
o Equipment List
o Props List
o Location Recces
o Storyboard
o Clearances and Confirmations
o Contingency Plan
Production Schedule

Date: Saturday 19th November 2017 24th November 2017

When? Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

What? Filming Filming Re-shoot Re-shoot Editing Editing Final




Cast and Elliott Elliott Elliott Elliott Elliott Elliott Elliott

crew Plumridge Plumridge Plumridge Plumridge Plumridge Plumridge Plumridge

Location 28 Manor 28 Manor 28 Manor 28 Manor The Henley The Henley The Henley
Road, Road, Road, Road, College, College, College,
Whitchurch- Whitchurch- Whitchurch- Whitchurch- Henley-on- Henley-on- Henley-on-
on- on- on- on- Thames Thames Thames
Thames, Thames, Thames, Thames,
Reading Reading Reading Reading

Estimated 4pm 6pm 5pm 7pm 6pm 7pm 6pm 7pm 8:45am 8:45am 8:45am
timings 4pm 4pm 4pm
Props List

Item Item Description Who uses it When it is used

Red box Simple small red box with The lead role Throughout the
a lock film
Fake police Multiple fake police reports n/a Throughout the
reports printed out from the film
Lamp Small lamp with yellow n/a Throughout the
light film
Set of keys Small set of two keys The lead role At the start to
which unlock the box unlock the box

Baggie A large, clear plastic The lead role Middle of the

baggie film
USB Knowhow USB stick The lead role Middle of the

Pills Two red and yellow pills The lead role Middle and end
that are exactly identical to of the film
each other
Laptop Red laptop The lead role Middle of the
Desk Wooden desk The lead role Throughout the
Document A Word document named The lead role At the end of the
OPEN ME that states one film
of the pills is poison, the
other is not. Take a pill or
end up shot.

Grey hoodie Simple grey hoodie The lead role Throughout the
Black cap Adidas black baseball cap, The lead role Throughout the
little bit dirty film
Equipment List

Item Item Description Who uses it When it is used

Camera I am going to be using a Sony Elliott Plumridge Filming

Parasonic Lumix G6. (Saturday, Sunday,
Monday and
A device for recording visual Tuesday)
images in the form of
photographs, film, or video
Microphone I am going to be using a Zoom Elliott Plumridge Filming
Mic. (Saturday, Sunday,
Monday and
An instrument for converting Tuesday)
sound waves into electrical
energy variations which may
then be amplified, transmitted,
or recorded.
Dolly Wheeled cart or similar device Elliott Plumridge Filming
used in filmmaking and (Saturday, Sunday,
television production to create Monday and
smooth horizontal camera Tuesday)
Adobe Premiere Editing software for visual Elliott Plumridge Editing
Pro images and film (Wednesday,
Thursday and
Adobe AfterEffects Editing software for images and Elliott Plumridge Editing
film (Wednesday,
Thursday and
Adobe Auditon Editing the audio in the video Elliott Plumridge Editing
clips (Wednesday,
Thursday and
Adobe Photoshop Editing software for still film Elliott Plumridge Editing
Thursday and
Camera charger Lead that charges the camera Elliott Plumridge Filming
(Saturday, Sunday,
Monday and
Lights To create the natural lighting Elliott Plumridge Filming
when natural lighting is too dim. (Saturday, Sunday,
Also to generate high-key Monday and
lighting. Tuesday)
Crew List

Name Role Responsibilities

Elliott Plumridge Director To control the films artistic and

dramatic aspects and visualizes the
script while guiding the technical crew
and actors in the fulfilment of that

Elliott Plumridge Cinematographer To oversee and direct the camerawork

in filmmaking, especially the person
who operates the camera.

Elliott Plumridge Cameraman To operate the camera/s in the film


Elliott Plumridge Scriptwriter To write the script for a play, film or

television broadcast.

Elliott Plumridge Actor To turn up on time to the correct

location, ready to act as the certain
role they have been hired for.

Elliott Plumridge Casting Director To assign roles in a play or film.

Elliott Plumridge Costume Designer To create the characters


Elliott Plumridge Production sound mixer To record all sound recording on set
during the film production using
professional audio equipment.

Elliott Plumridge Lighting technician To set up and operate the lighting

equipment during the film production.
Location Recce
Please produce a location recce for EVERY location used Type of room/area:


Location Address:

28 Manor Road, Whitchurch-

on-Thames, Reading

Sat Nav details (Post code):


Nearest Train Station:

Pangbourne Station

Nearest Bus stop:

142 Bus, High Street,


Lighting Information: Solutions:

The lighting can be quite dim which makes it If I film during the day, I can open all of the
difficult to film a high-key lighting shot. blinds in the house which means that the
natural lighting will flood my house. This
solves the problem of the dim lights while
also adding to the codes and conventions of
natural lighting within the genre of drama.
Sound Information: Solutions:
The location can be quite noisy, so there I am going to use a microphone which
might be background sound or white noise should naturally filter out some of the white
when filming a scene. noise, and then extract the rest using Adobe

Power Information: Solutions:

There are very few power sockets at the I am going to bring four extension cables to
location, which means that it may be difficult the location, so that I can have enough
to plug in all of the cameras and lights. sockets to plug everything into a socket and
Alongside this, if any cameras/microphones still have enough room to charge.
need charging, we will have to remove

Hazards: Solutions:
All the leads from the lights and the camera I am going to keep all the leads in a box so
chargers could be a potential hazard as my that people cannot trip over them.
cast and crew could trip over them and
injure themselves.
Clearances and Confirmations

In order to film with the actor at this specific location, I have asked permission to use
the actor and the location through the email service GMAIL. The following
screenshots are the permissions that I have gained for the location and the actor.

Clearance Confirmation

Elliott Plumridge the actor that will be YES

starring as the lead role in the thriller
short film DONT SWALLOW

28 Manor Road, Whitchurch-on- YES

Thames, Reading, Berkshire, RG8
7EU the location that the short film
DONT SWALLOW will be filmed on.
Contingency Plan
I have a back-up actor prepared, just in case I need someone to replace my actor or if I have
any issues.
The back-up actor that I have supplied is Aaron Khalfa, a first year student on the Creative
Media Production

Character Actor Role Contact

Main character Elliott Original actor Ph: +447468610263


Main character Aaron Khalfa Back-up actor Ph: +447084346301