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Saad Sheikh

Missouri Pre-Service Teacher Assessment (MoPTA)

What Are the 5 Ws?
2nd Grade
1-2 days

Standards/Quality Indicators/Skills
Missouri and national standards, quality indicators, and skills addressed by this lesson

Reading Standards for Informational Text:

CCSS. ELA- RL 2.1 Key Ideas and Details
- Ask and answer such questions as who, what, when, where, and why to demonstrate
understanding of key detail in a text
The Show-Me Standards Communication Arts
- 2. Reading and evaluating fiction, poetry, and drama
- 3. Reading and evaluating nonfiction works and material (such as biographies, newspapers,
technical manuals)

Learning Objectives/Goals
The lessons objectives and learning outcomes appropriate for meeting curricular and student

The purpose of this lesson is to teach students how to determine what the 5 Ws (who, what, when,
where, and why) are when reading, listening, and eventually to a point of writing themselves.
Students will also be learning how to affectively use Ipads/computers for educational purposes,
thus discipline of proper use will be taught as well. This is meant to be a fun activity for student to
begin their cognitive process of comprehending what they are reading. The idea here is to use this
lesson within the first few weeks of the start of school.

Assessment (type[s] of assessment used throughout the lesson)

Assessment(s) before, during and after the lesson

Initially, the teacher will demonstrate as a whole class with a large post it note of the 5 Ws as the
students listen to the read aloud. The next assessment phase will come from the teacher walking
around and observing the progress of his/her students as they play WH Questions App by Super
Duper Publications. Afterwards, the teacher will be gathering data from the app on where each
student stands.

Lesson Structure and Procedures
Sequence of events of the lesson elements. (The before, during and after the lesson, e.g.,
Engagement/Opening, Procedures, Guided Practice, Conclusion)

1. The class will gather around the teacher in front of an easel with a large post it note in order
to create a 5 Ws chart similar to the one displayed below.
2. Teacher will gather background knowledge of each term as he/she writes them down and
sections them off in order to have a better understanding of where the students knowledge
lies (See attached image below).
3. The students will listen to the read aloud of Pup and Bear. As the read aloud continued the
students will be paused and asked questions related to the 5 Ws in order to fill each section
relative to the reading. The teacher will have certain points marked on where to stop in
order to add to the chart.
4. The whole class will revisit each section as review before breaking off to their desks.
5. Students will be given Ipads/Laptops and while they are off, they will go through rules of
use and expectations. Teacher will explain how to use the App via Smartboard to the class
all together.
6. Now the students will explore the app (second image below) by starting off with 1-2 Ws
and adding more to the stories as they better understand the content and the app itself.
Instructional Strategies
Teacher approach to helping students achieve the learning objectives and meet their needs

The teacher models the cognitive thinking of their process when determining where and how to
find the 5 Ws. He or she also properly demonstrates what questions they are asking themselves as
they figure out where each piece of information will go.

Learning Activities
Opportunities provided for students to develop knowledge and skills of the learning objectives

Each student may share their storys 5 Ws when finished with a buddy and if time permits to the
whole class later on.

Resources and Materials

List of materials used in the planning of and during the instruction of the lesson

- Post it notes
- Assorted Markers
- WH Questions App
- Ipads/Laptops

Instructional and/or assistive technology incorporated into the lesson to enhance instruction and
student learning

For this lesson the students will be using an Ipad/Laptop program called WH Questions by Super
Duper Publications that helps students learn the 5 Ws and how to determine them. The app
allows for the learner to select which Ws to include in each story, so that they can learn at their
own pace.

Differentiated/Accommodations/Modifications/Increase in Rigor
To help meet the needs of all learners, learning differences, cultural and language differences,

If need be the teacher can one on one with students to help them better understand the differences
between the 5 Ws. Re-drawing the chart with the student in their own journal/notebook would be
ideal, this way that student has something to refer to. Students of different languages will be given
a 5 Ws chart that is bilingual in respect with their language. The teacher may also benefit the
students by breaking down each of the 5 Ws into simpler terms such as, When talking about
who, look for a person, animal, characters, etc.

Classroom Management
Strategies consistent with the learning needs of the lesson that also meet student behavior needs
to help keep students on task and actively engaged
In order to ensure students are properly using their technology for educational purposes, the
teacher can use Apples classroom app to monitor each student. This way misuse of technology
will be minimized. Also, the rules and expectations were already explained prior to the use, from
there the teacher can set consequences.

Activities for early finishers that extend students understanding of and thinking about the
learning objectives by applying their new knowledge in a different way

Students that finish early may progress to learning the final step of the 5 Ws which is the how
section which the rest of the class will learn at a later time in the school year. The point of the how
section is to prove a given point with concrete details.

Follow-up to Todays Lesson

Quick activity for review or building on todays learning that will deepen student understanding
and interconnect concepts (may be incorporated tomorrow or throughout the unit)

Students will read a book of their own choice and create a 5 Ws chart in the journals/notebooks
and fill it in as they read. They will then turn these charts into their teacher for review. (This can
also be used as an extension instead of the above).

Additional Information
Any area or lesson component that may not have been covered by this format that you think is
vital to include in this lesson

Discipline. Depending on the classs use of technology the teacher can go over how well or how
they need to improve their implementation of technology. These students need to learn that with
power, comes great responsibility.