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Section (crete) Ackate B-King nine Ansuser Coy Part . Cirele each answer 1, Which ofthe following isnot a homogenous mixture? Ore D) LOM Nact B) aloft sboe as homogenous mires 2. What mass of CaCl is required to prepare 500.0 mL of 80.200 M solution of CaCl? A) 02008, 8) 0.1008 its re ete shove 3. You determine the mass ofa sample by taking the following four measurements: 30.014 g, 30.010, 4, 30.001 g, 30.021 g. Given the choices below, what is the best way to report the mass? 1) 3000130021 g B) s00115¢ . & 5. Of the choices below, which one is an ionic compound? » B)NO, ONE Giver 6. The formula ofa salt is XC. The X-ion inthis salt has 28 electrons. The meta X is? @u Bc Fe D) ce BN 7. Silver has two naturally occuring isotopes "Ag (106, 90509 amu) and Ag (108.9047S amu). The average atomic mass of silver is 107.8682 amu, The fractional abundance of "Ag is: ao3ei7 B)orste co2ue sie 509087 Part tL 8. Complete the following table (all empty ces: NAME FORMULA “Aluminum sulfite ABO) nibeo tv iiedede Nis Magnesium carbonate Ma Co3 Manganese (1l) oxide MnO: 9. Complete the following table (all empty cells in both ows): Symbst [Hormone | setons | eleaons | number | number “Gr | » [ 3¢ | * | a4 | « ”r q 10 a 4 19 10. Malei acid, which is used to manufacture artificial resins, has the empirical formula CHO. Its ‘molar mass is 116.1 g/mol. What i its molecular formula? CHO = 12.0 + 1.008 + 16.00 = 2V.019 fret Wel fs molecular formule + Z4.O\4~ 4x (che) = \ CV Oy 11. A piece of nickel with a mass of 48.10 g is submerged in 20.00 cm? of water in a graduated cylinder. The water level increases to 25.40 em. The correct value for the density of nickel from ee 48.10 2.4 Send “Sarat (69 Sem, 12, The structural formula forthe compound guanine is shown below: it Py Ce HN, we 8) What isthe molar mass of guanidine? 12.0 + SC oe) «Se CI4.00%) = ) Guanine s what percent nitrogen, by mass? 3c. Bxit.cot= 422, woy, = HLS y 34,072 54.072 Shot 15. Equal volumes of two aqueous solutions described below are mixed. List the species tht are present (ions, compounds, ete) and their concentrations after mixing if they remain in solution. Include the phases forthe species present. You don’t need to list water. [Equal volumes of @ 1.0 M sodium phosphate (aq) mixed with 1.0 M magnesium chloride (aq) 1.5MNa’ (aq) LOMCT (aq) Mg,(PO02 (6) 0.17 M POs (aq) CHAI. Fal 2016, Exam | 14, The valuable compound diborane, BrHs, can be made by the following (unbalanced) reaction. QUNABHs(S) + (6) > Balog) + QNal(s) + FRG) 2) Ifyou! 203 of NaBH nd 7.050 Fine. What your erica il Bit nana? L.203q Neo, Vos CeO, Level Elbe 19 oigt0] "Fy BF NBM D wot actly \ quot Bh Corneck, WaBiy Lwcbreg FeSO AEs, Lael Te Leet fale [a eee 263845, \ wol Ty wet Bh, _——————_) ©. O1S4O mot Bie 2FCB Bole _ 0.439% 4 el Ge by Ifyou isolate 0.295 g of BzHe, what is the percentage yield of BaH from the reaction? oO ess 0 4514 % (00%, = CHIL, Fall 2016 Exam 15. Styrene, the building block ofthe plastic polystyrene (styrofoam and #6 plastic), is a compound consisting only of C and H. You run combustion analysis on 4.21 x 10-3 moles of the compound and find that it produces 1.481 g of CO; and 0.303 g of H:0. 4) What is the empirical formula of styrene? LHe Lmtd, Vwet® . 6.03365 wet Holla to, \ mot Co Corben 0.303440, __\ mel 0 a Oy boars i = 0.03364 mol aD 22 wel Hh Hydregen rere i - / Empiereat = CH 'b) What is the molecular formula of styrene? ma Gg O, O33ES wiol mol Com perd = ©, OOY2Z! mol molecular formula = Je tf }