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Guide Reston’s Growth with Timely Infrastructure

Coalition for a Planned Reston
December 11, 2017
12/11/2017 Coalition for a Planned Reston 2

Supervisor Hudgins’ remarks at the October 23rd
community meeting drive this CPR initiative.
“. . . I want to listen and hear your views. I want to make sure I hear
and understand your views with any kind of change that we make. . . .
I’m willing to hear the concerns. I want to mitigate the concerns.
And I want to work with you to do that. . . . I can work with you on
the Comprehensive Plan, but, when working with you on the
Comprehensive Plan, that we are able to work on all of these
issues (including housing affordability).”

Supervisor Cathy Hudgins
Reston PRC Zoning Community Meeting
October 23, 2017
(Beginning at 2:27:45)
12/11/2017 Coalition for a Planned Reston 3

The Reston plan nominally drives the PRC and
PRM (TSA area) zoning ordinances.

Reston PRC
Master Plan
--Phase 1 Reston Task --PRM zoning ordinance (TSA
Force (TSA areas) areas + Lake Anne)

--Phase 2 Community --Reston PRC zoning
Meetings (suburban areas) ordinance (suburban areas)
12/11/2017 Coalition for a Planned Reston 4

One Reston and the PRC vs. PRM zoned areas.
12/11/2017 Coalition for a Planned Reston 5

Planning Population Growth
12/11/2017 Coalition for a Planned Reston 6

Re-establish an overall Reston population cap.

Current/Past Plan CPR Proposed Amendment
• The 1989 Reston plan land use
• Need to set a Reston-
map showed a population cap
of 78,000 people with popu- wide population cap at
lation bands across north, 120,000 people, including
middle, & south Reston.
• Current county calculation of affordable and bonus
existing and approved PRC market housing.
population is about 74,000.
• Excludes affordable & bonus • A potential doubling of
housing. population over 40 years.
• PRC change would allow up to
115,000 in PRC alone, • Cap should be on land
including all housing. use map and in plan text.
• Another 100,000 possible in
TSA (PRM ZO) areas.
12/11/2017 Coalition for a Planned Reston 7

Limit high-density multi-family development to
60 DUA.
Current/Past Plan CPR Proposed Amendment

• Past Reston plans had three • Eliminate the sixth
density categories and category of county-wide
limited high-density
development to 60 persons density standards in TSAs.
per acre (~30 DUA). • Limit high-density multi-
• Current plan (2015) has six family development
categories that: throughout all Reston to
• Does not cap high-density
multi-family development in
60 DUA.
the PRC. • Reduce lower density
• Applies extreme county-wide categories proportionately.
PRM high-density standards
in non-PRC areas.
12/11/2017 Coalition for a Planned Reston 8

Reston Residential Land Use Categories

1989 Plan/Zoning* Current Plan
• Low -- Up to 3.8 persons per • Low-density Single-family (.1-5
acre or 5 DUA DUA)
• Medium-density Single-family (6-
• Medium – up to 14 persons 12 DUA)
per acre or 20 DUA • Low-density Multi-family (13-20
• Medium-density Multi-family (21-
• High – up to 60 persons per
50 DUA)
acre or 50 DUA
• High-density Multi-family (greater
than 50 DUA)
* Italicized limits are added in the • Countywide Comprehensive Land
PRC zoning ordinance & expand Use categories (non-PRC areas)
on plan guidance.
12/11/2017 Coalition for a Planned Reston 9

Reston’s past and present land use maps show the
increase in land use categories and no population cap.
12/11/2017 Coalition for a Planned Reston 10

Limit Village Center residential density to 30 DUA.

Past/Current Plan CPR Proposed Amendment

• Current plan puts no limits on • Specify that re-developed
development intensity, permit- Village Centers may not
ting high-density multi-family
exceed 30 DUA.
• Total existing and planned foresees • Sustain the current
6-fold residential density increase.
process for redeveloping
• Constrained by need to amend
Village Centers.
Reston plan, including
involvement of neighborhood.
12/11/2017 Coalition for a Planned Reston 11

Reduce non-TSA allowable multi-family development
density to level consistent with suburban setting.

Past/Current Plan CPR Proposed Amendment

• Several Reston PRC “hot • Limit multi-family
spots” have been identified as redevelopment in
appropriate for high-density
(unlimited) or “medium high”
suburban Reston PRC to
(50 DUA) development. 30 DUA, consistent with
• This includes St. Johns Wood, “low density multi-family”
subject to certain conditions.
development category.
Total DUs
Saint Johns Wood 715
Fairway 804
Charter Oaks 621
Colts Neck 91
Four Seasons 11
12/11/2017 Coalition for a Planned Reston 12

County map shows “hot spots” for PRC
development outside the TSAs.
12/11/2017 Coalition for a Planned Reston 13

Assure that all TSA-area development meets the
maximum ADU/WDU contribution (20%).

Past/Current Plan CPR Proposed Amendment

• Current plan generally • Adopt language in the
mimics county policy Tysons plan that generally
making no effort to adhere calls for 20% ADU/WDUs
to stronger guidelines of with each new development.
• “All projects with a residential
Reston planning principles. component that seek to utilize the
redevelopment option in the District
Recommendations should provide
• Reston Planning Principle 20% affordable and workforce
dwelling units. These projects are
#7: Housing will be allowed a 20% residential floor area
provided for all ages and bonus and flexibility in how and
where Workforce Dwelling Units can
incomes. be provided within Tysons.”
12/11/2017 Coalition for a Planned Reston 14

Coordinating Infrastructure with Growth
12/11/2017 Coalition for a Planned Reston 15

Phase infrastructure availability with develop-
ment through monitoring, review, re-scheduling.
Past/Current Plan CPR Proposed Amendment
• Tysons has full chapter on implemen-
• One three-sentence tation that could be adapted.
• The phasing of development is essential to
paragraph on phasing. assure the provision of public facilities. A phased
strategy to grow, monitor that growth, and adjust
• Elsewhere, notes value of the implementation strategy based on
experience and performance is crucial to Tysons’
phasing with develop- success. (p.19)
ment, but no guidance. • Athletic fields, parks and open space,
stormwater management, schools or additional
school capacity, and other public facilities will
need to be operational in time to meet the
demands generated by new development.
• Actual growth levels should be monitored so that
infrastructure capacity is phased with new
development. Regardless of the rate of growth,
commitments of the land for needed facilities
should be obtained well in advance of the
estimated date of construction. (p.93)
12/11/2017 Coalition for a Planned Reston 16

Place proffers from Reston development in a
trust for use in Reston only.
Past/Current Plan CPR Proposed Amendment

• Limited commitment to • Tysons plan explicitly calls for
use Reston proffers in an affordable housing trust fund
for Tysons.
Reston. • A housing trust fund will be
• Have adopted a Tysons- established and used to create
affordable and workforce housing
like process for funding opportunities in Tysons (p.36).
transportation needs via • Need similar proffer commitment
RNAG effort. on parks and schools, including
• Covers street improvements
land and money.
• Cash contributions are not the
only. preferred method for offsetting
• No commitments on impacts on public facilities. . .the
preference is for land or building
schools and park proffers. space dedicated for facilities.
12/11/2017 Coalition for a Planned Reston 17

Ensure that FCPS has a valid long-term forecast, supporting
plan, & sufficient land and funding to meet Reston school needs.

Past/Current Plan CPR Proposed Amendment

• Three paragraph section. • Base forecast on all
• Proposes middle & high school
near Innovation Center.
potential DUs in Reston.
• Proposes elementary schools in • Add an elementary school in the
Town Center North and near north Wiehle area, possibly Isaac
USGS. Newton Square.
• Build a middle and high school north
• FCPS forecast based on DU
of Baron Cameron Avenue.
plan that excludes
affordable and bonus • For FCPS: Base proffers
housing—up to 40%. on future cost to build
• No implementation strategy using inflation estimate.
for land or funding. • Requires timing future construction
and funding commitment.
12/11/2017 Coalition for a Planned Reston 18

Assure that county park acreage and facilities
guidelines are met by county.
Past/Current Plan CPR Proposed Amendment
• Makes no commitment to county
guidelines. • Meet county parks guide-
• Calls only for “capacity equivalent to” 12
ballfields, three minimum, in TSAs.
lines as population grows.
• No added acreage called for. • Early commitments of land
• Calls on use of RA facilities for
public use. • Proffers for facilities retained
• (n)ew residents should have access in Reston.
to and use of the full suite of
amenities that the Reston Planned • Maintain as public parks.
community offers and in a manner
similar to what existing residents • RA facilities, which we
currently enjoy.
• About a 150 acre shortfall in total
pay for, should not count
park acreage and five dozen toward county service
shortfall in ballfields using
guidelines. requirements.
12/11/2017 Coalition for a Planned Reston 19

Transportation improvements need to assure
that county TDM and LOS standards are met.
Past/Current Plan CPR Proposed Amendment

• Extended section cites • Extensive, demanding sub-
RMAG & RA bike/ped chapter on transportation in
Tysons plan.
work as basis for needs. • Lists all transportation projects.
• Creates funding mechanism to assure
• Sets moderate TDM goals improvements (similar to RNAG
and calls for “acceptable” funding plan).
• “Required” transit modal split by level
LOS. of future development.
• Mitigating processes for plans failing
• Commitment to meeting traffic LOS “E”.
targets is weak. • Creates and funds Tysons circulator
bus service.
• Follow-up RNAG effort • Delete mapped grid street
excluded transit improve- across Hidden Creek CC.
ments, only streets.
12/11/2017 Coalition for a Planned Reston 20

Key point: Amending the Reston plan provides the
best way of insuring the community is not overrun
with excessive and unsupported development.