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Book Title: 7 LAWS OF WEALTH

Author: Ben Benson

This book is a worthy read primarily because it focuses on two key aspects of a successful
life: 1) Creating a positive, confident, passionate state of mind; and 2) Actually taking the
concrete actions required to transform this mind set into real movement towards your goals.
This book is divided into four part, they are foundational, individual, organisational and
social. Each part consists of few title. In foundational, there are the new distribution of wealth
and mastering the context. The first 3 laws begin in individual such as gain control, embrace
the future, and own a strategy. Where as law 4 to 6 are categorized in organisation and law 7
and give back are social.

In the new distribution of wealth explained that the way to become wealth in current world
has changed. In the past decades, people used to get rich if only they are born from a rich
family whereby their parents own a land and something as valuable. The thing has changed
now, even a man born from a poor family, he still can be the next millionaire. One of the
factor that cause this to happen is due to the invention of technology such as internet. You
must be understanding yourself Mastering the context is about understanding what makes
you do the things you do. Its about understanding that human being are born into a natural
state of disorientation we are not ready to function effectively in the world.

Gain control stated that when you decide to do something great, you must see it to the end.
Never shrink from the responsibility of a once-made decision. No life ever grows great until
it is controlled, focused and resolute. You must hold yourself accountable to a higher
standard than anybody else expects. No excuse. To become outstanding, you must literarily
stand out. The price of greatness is responsibility. Embrace the future emphasizes that the
circumstances may be unfavourable, but they can change significantly if you can perceive an
ideal and strive to reach it. Many valuable ideas at first seemed strange and impossible, but
were ultimately accepted as the best and only way. The longer the imagination retains the
new idea, the clearer and more attainable it becomes. Own a strategy is as follow, before
going further, be equipped armed and ready to move forward with caution, vigilance and
discretion. The man who enters prepared has his battle half won. He will be rated by his
ability to anticipate his problem rather than to stumble upon then as they arise.

Always execute explains that we have to be boldness and audacity to yield results, but be
observant and adaptive in attack. For successful action, nothing is more useful than
narrowness of thought combined with energy of will. The thought is a seed, but only action
can propagate it. The end of all knowledge should be valiant and bold execution. Law 5
create value states that service to the many is the key to reaches; profit to the giver is the
consequential effect. Great enterprise is build not on deception and manipulation, but on
providing goods services that create more value for customers than what they pay in return.
The true measure of business is not the number of customers it as, but the number of people
is serves. Seek growth says that to grow and know what one is growing towards that is the
source of all strength and self-confidence. Character is forged by surrounding difficulty while
proceeding toward a worthwhile outcome. We must seek to surpass that which we have
already mastered if we are ever to progress and prosper. The things to master here are internal
growth, market penetration, diversification and external growth.
Last but not least, give back states that don't let prosperity destroy generosity. He who is not
liberal with what he now ownsdoes but deceive himself when he thinks he would be liberal
if he had more. If there be any truer measure of a man than by what he does, it may be by
what he gives. Revered are those who can give without remembering. Remembered are those
who take without forgetting. The final thoughts explain that the only conquest which are
permanent and leave no regrets are those over ourselves. The greatest achievement of man
have resulted from the transmission of ideas and execution. Failure to live those Laws is
failure to understand them. Reward follow accomplishment, they never precede them.