Baker CounWSheriffs Office

Milchell Soulhwlck, Sheliff

3410K Street Baker City,OR 97814 541-523-6415

IncidentReport: ezotoor
Auglsi 30,2010 Curerl4s Of: Monday,



Repoded Deparlmant End

8l24l2A1O Rcvd 8:38PM Dispalcreri 49155 al242a1! Disp 8:38Pl\4 Ottc€ri 40916 81241201A Ckd 9:23PII

Locaaior: 19903rdSt 104 API: Gn.!: crtystalei Bakercily w and Plaza responded cleared th @ntact' Disturbance. Ofiicer a.eportofa Dspatch received ,rcrdert

Date l.volvement Mentioned aLAND, Jasof Philip 3885Kirkway Baker Cily Joseph BRoCATO, Stephen 16551s t St BRYAN, Andrew Cook 1915t,4ain #3 st BakerCiiy cHRlSTlE, Chrisiopher 1985 h 15t Sl Baker Ciiy 25383rdSlreel Bakeroiiy

Phone/Comment DOB 812412010



OR 8/24t2014 OR at24l2a10 OR at24t201Q


Incident Report: P2o'loo1068
curant As Ot Jenniler Gail WATKINS, BakerCity lMonday, Augusl30,2010


August 2010 30, Curcnt,4sOf. Monday,

Report Continuation
Action Taken Oficer ZacharyDowning 2 August 8 ,2 0 1 0 SUPPLEN4ENTAL: at Plaza the disturbance to with 24, On August 2010at about2043hoursI responded Officer Lawoffice lsaw behind Yervasi the up City,OR. As I walked to the scene 1990td St. Baker talkingto one another. Officer Watkins and Jennifer Bryan,MiloPope,ChrisChristie Andrew plazawasialking Jennifer St. on the sidewalk Washington I asked further down withJasonBland whatwas goingon and she told me she was not sure. She told me SteveBrocaloand Jason witheachotherbutshetoldme shedid notknowwhathappenedl asked Blandhadsomewords the still At thistimeI he was and shetoldme shethought was inside office herwhereSteve into by Plaza that he wasassaulted Steve.I walked the office tell couldhearJason Officer what downthe hallway.I askedSteve walking the through backdoorand sawSleveBrocato them werephotographing whenthey Christie and Chris and happened he toldme JasonBland meetinglikeJasonand Chris steppedout of the officebecauseMilowas not at the city council got aboutit l asked havebeen. Hetoldme he andJason intoan argument he thought should I did not touchhim " "No, the between two of themand he replied, Stev; if it gol physical back he that led meto believe hadbeenin a fight l walked I did notseeanysignson Steve withJason chris was interviewing and I spoke to outside talkwithofficerPlaza.officefPlaza who withSteve' beerand pizza was having lhat Milo it who toldme howhe lhought was wrong that was not at the city councilmeeting has a lawsuit againstthe City of Baker,and that l\4ilo told but argument later hishatoffduringthe did evening.Jason tellmethatSteveknocked Plazaand I that he did not wish to presscharges. Officer R A C T ION EC OM ME N D E D : report Filewithoriginal CASESTATUS: Done
Date/ tD: 8t2at2o1o 45512 DOWNING, irciderri P201001068

Incident Report: P2o1oo1068
Curcnl AsOt MondayAugusl30,2010

Continuation Report
Action Taken OfficerErikPlaza 2 A ugust 9 ,2 0 1 0 Disturbance SUMMARY: in got with SteveBrocato intoan argument JasonBland 2043hours, 24, On August 2010at about knocked baseball the Brocato the BakerC1y,Oregon.During argument frontoi20012nd Slreet, charges. did off waswearing of his head. Bland notwishto pursue hat Bland NARRATIVE: at to lwas dispatched Ace Hardware 20012nd Street' at 24, On August 2O1O about2043hours, to trying starta fight WhileI was driving the to of for bity, Oregon the report JasonBland Baker fightwith SteveBrocato. advisedBlandwas tryingto starta areadispatch Watkins, and Milo Pope'all of whomI to When I arrived the area I saw AndrewBryan,Jennifer whomI later and withchristopher Christie JasonBland' contacts, talking knewfromprevious acrossthe streetfrom Ace licenses.Theywere nowstanding by identified theiroregon Driver's arrivednearthe sametime as me See ;n Hardware the southside of the road. OfficerDowning details. for report further his supplemental he was saying was assaulted by WhenI gotoutof my car I was approached JasonBland Bland Bland and lwalkedawayfrom him else and by Stev; Brocato thateverybody therehadtouched groupandspoke. the a Blandtold me he and Christiehad cometo the areato photograph meetingbetweenBryan, a skipping Popewas currently was because Brocato, Pope. Blandsaidthe reason and Watkins, was suingthe cily. due to city councilmeeting be there and he was concerned to the fact Brocato Baker City,oregon at office 19903rdSheet, was in Pope's The meeting streetand sideof washington on in Blandsaidhe was sitting hiscarwhichwas parked the north toldmethegroup Bland the wasabout1oofeetwestof himon hisbiketaking pictures. christie pictures walkedacrossthe streelto confronthim and takingthe caughtChristie the Blandsaid Popewalkedacrosslhe streetand got in frontof christie'sbike,straddling front to Blandarrived Pope him. overto assist a tire. BlandheardPopecallchristie creepandwalked by to confronthim and was approached Brocato.BlandstatedBrocatogot in his face and started the hat the yelting himandthenflipped baseball off of hisheadby hitting billwithhishand. at

30,2010 A cr@ nrA sOr Monday ugust

to Brocato going hit him. Theargument was by Blandsaidhe feltthreatened it and thought proceeded acrossthe slreetnearthe backof Pope'soffice Oncethe two back and escalated went backinlo Pope'sofficeand calledthe police. Brocato were separated Christie the to saidhe had beenthere photograph meeting. Christie Christie. Inextspokewith and cameoutside sawtheflashof hiscamera.Thewholegroupcame saidat one pointBrocato but outsideand everybody Brocatocameacrossthe street. saidhe knewPopeand him christie saidPopecalled a creepandsomeothernames Christie try Popemight to takeor addedhe wasworried words.Christie by did notfeelthreatened Popes to neck Thegroupcontinued arguewithChristie, it his so harmhiscamera he secured around said him between and Pope. Christie started up walked fromhiscarand an argument and Bland yelling Bland. at got face,and began the thencamefromacross street, intoBland's Brocato the Bland's off hisheadby hitting bill hat thenknocked saidBrocato Christie act seenBland got whenhis halwas hit,he addedhe had never saidBland veryangry Christie the and Popeand Bryanstartedto try and separate two then escalated like that. The argument he because was then provide about whathappened details speciflc saidhe couldn't Christie to talking Watkins. was separated untilBrocato to acrossthe streetcontinued escalate christiesaidthe afgument police.We arrived after shortly to fromthe two andwentinside callthe Brocato and having with the toldme abouthaving meeting friends withBryan.Bryan I thenspoke to Bryan saidtheythenwentoutside confront takingpictures. was tellthemthatsomeone outside saidwhile Christie Bryan Popeconfronted and across street ihe saidtheystarted them. Bryan the popewai talking himhe noticed toward started behind them. Bryan in someone a vehicle to group got towards the vehicle thenBland out andwalked and and Blandstartedyellingat each Bryansaid Blandstartedto confrontPopeand then Brocato got headandthenthe argument very the knocked hatoff of Bland's saidBrocato other. Bryan acrossthe continued the heated. Bryansaid he and Popetriedto separate two and the argument yellingbackand forthand looked street. Bry;n said acrossthe streetBrocatoand Blandwere slill the to andtrying separate h^'o at saidhe atsowasyelling Bland as though theymayfight. Bryan police Bryansaid went insidePope'sofficeand calledthe Afterthe two ieparatedBrocato contact separate two therewas no physical the besidestryingto out and with the withPope. Popetoldme about meeting hisfriends thenflnding I nextspoke the across Popesaidhe walked pictures them. when lheywentoutside of was someone talking Bland withChristie of whathe thought him. Popesaidwhilehe was talking andtoldChrisiie street

068 Incident Report: P2o1ool
Augusl30, 2010 CunertAsOfi Monday,

got and and he argued thenBrocato Bland intoa more them. Popestated and Bland approached escalated hat Bland's off andthenthe argument knocked PopesaidBrocato argument. heated the popesaidhe triedto separate across street. continued andthe argument and Brocato Bland the and called police' wentinside got and separated Brocato Popeand Bryan the tur'o Eventually was verbalonly. the tryingto separate two the confrontation Popesaid besides if report he file again.ltold Bland could a harassment with Bland overandspoke I thenwalked BothBlandandChristie charges. any saidhe did notwishto pursue criminal he wanted.Bland going wasn't to thema report the to be a requested report pulled document incident lexplained system electronic in wouldstillbe documented our local but to be pulled the incident and themon whathadhappened dispatch advised the WhenI cleared areaI called per the was pulled document incident ChiefLohner' to 27, On August 2010the report RECOMN/IENDED: ACTION FileReport CASESTATUS: Done
DateilD: a129t2010 40916 PLAZA, Erik lncident P20tA01A68

Signature: Officer's


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