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Gracie Combatives Lesson 12

Technique: Elbow Escape

Position: Mount

Any time you find yourself trapped underneath your opponent in the mount position you should aim to use the Trap and Roll escape,
since it will place you on top of your opponent. If your opponent is too big or this escape is not possible, the Elbow Escape will
guarantee your survival. First, you must learn how to move your hips by doing the Shrimp Drill, and then you will learn the Elbow
Escape and a few variations that may come in handy.

Technical Slices
1) Shrimp Drill (Preparation Drill)
Essential Detail: Turn your body to the side of the flat leg
Most Common Mistake: Sliding the shoulder rather than pivoting on the shoulder
Drill Orders: Start flat on your back (solo), Shrimp 3-5 times on each side
2) Standard Elbow Escape
Indicator: Opponent prevents the Trap and Roll Escape by establishing wide base.
Essential Detail: Curl body sideways during knee shove and flat leg removal
Most Common Mistake: No final hip scoot during the second leg removal
Bad Guy Reminder: Keep your body rigid to make it realistic
Drill Orders: Start from mount, 1 repetition, reverse roles
3) Hook Removal
Indicator: Opponent inserts the leg hooks or grapevines for better control.
Essential Detail: One foot helps the other to remove hook, use inside-leg-trap on a heavy opponent
Most Common Mistake: Forget to block the knee with hand during hook removal process
Bad Guy Reminder: Be careful not to insist on the grapevines too much your knee can get twisted
Drill Orders: Start from mount with grapevines, 1 repetition, reverse roles
4) Fish Hook
Indicator: Opponent resists the Standard Elbow Escape by keeping their leg heavy.
Essential Detail: Use elbow or hand to shove leg far south facilitate the Fish Hook
Most Common Mistake: The knee on the fishing leg hits the butt of the opponent
Bad Guy Reminder: Keep leg heavy and force opponent to use fish hook
Drill Orders: Start from mount, 1 repetition, reverse roles
5) Heel Drag
Indicator: Opponent neutralizes the Fish Hook by keeping their knee heavy and lifting their foot.
Essential Detail: Bend the flat leg under opponents shin to prevent the lowering of their leg
Most Common Mistake: Weak calf bite and hip turn
Bad Guy Reminder: Keep your knee heavy and your foot light to force the Heel Drag option
Drill Orders: Start from mount bottom, attempt Fish Hook, transition to Heel Drag, reverse roles

Reflex Development Drill Fight Simulation Drill

Practice all variations of the 1) Elbow Escape Mount Hook Removal (L12)
Elbow Escape Mount (L12) 2) Punch Block Series Guard Stages 1-2-1 (L8)
In combination with all variations of the 3) Elevator Sweep Guard Standard Variation (L11)
Triangle Choke Guard (L10) 4) Take the Back Mount (L4)
5) Rear Naked Choke Back Mount Weak Side Variation (L5)

Mindset Minute
Always attempt the Trap and Roll Escape first because it will put you on top of the fight. If you cannot Trap and Roll your opponent,
then use the Elbow Escape to escape the mount and achieve the guard against virtually any opponent. While not as dominant as the
mount, from the guard you can neutralize punches, exhaust your opponent, and eventually win the fight. For this reason, you must
master all variations of this Emergency Escape from the mount position.


2008 Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Academy