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Personality, Dr. Brian Burke
Pumposs If{ l-iFE TEST'(Crumbaush & Maholick, 1e64)
!nstructions: Write the number (1 to 5) next to each statement that is most true for you right now.

l. I am usually: L2 45
bored enthusiastic

2. Life to me seems: 1 45
'always excitinB
completely routine

3. ln llfe, I have: 1
-lear goals and aims
no goals or aims

4. My personal existence is: 1
purposeful and meaningful
utterly meaningless, without purpose

5. Every daY is: L 5

constantly new and different
exactly the same

6. lf lcould choose, lwould: 1
want 9 more lives just like this one
prefer never to have been born

7 . After retiring, I would: 1

some of the exciting things I've
loaf completely the rest of mY life
always wanted to

8. ln achieving life goals, l've:
progressed to complete fulfillment
made no progress *t'''r,.rul
9. My life is: 1
running over with exciting things
empty, filled onlY with desPair

1 5
lf I should die todaY, l'd feel
completely worthless very worthwhile
that my life has been:
1 5
l-1". ln thinking of mY life, l:
often wonder whv I exist always see reasons for being here

1 5
As lview the world in relation
completely confuses me fits meaningfutlY with mY life
to my life, the world:
13. I am a:
very irresponsible Person

Concerning freedom to choose,
completely bound by limitations of free to make all life choices
I believe humans are:
hereditY and environment

1 5
L5, With regard to death, I am:
prepared and unafraid
unprepared and frightened

1 5
16. Regarding suicide, I have:
never given it a second thought
thought of it seriouslY as a waY out

1 5
L7. I regard my abilitY to find a very great
practically none
purpose or mission in life as:
18. My life is:
out of my hands and controlled bY
external factors

1 5
19. Facing my daily tasks is:
a Source of pleasure and satisfaction
a painful and boring exPerience

2O. I have discovered:

t 5
no mission or PurPose in life a satisfying life PurPose

SCORING: Add up all the numbers You wrotedown(20-100).Ascoreoflessthan50mayindicatethat

right now" ' 6Y
you are experiencing an "existential void, " a lack of meaning or purpose in your life