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Congratulations to B Sai Praneeth for winning the Thailand Open badminton tournament.

India is elated on the accomplishment

The National Dairy Development Board (NDDB), is working actively to increase productivity through pilot ration
balancing programme, establishment of semen stations, providing artificial insemination services to farmers door,
feed &fodder development activities, supply of quality feed supplement and animal health services at the village

youth programmes such as Jigyasa, which is to be launched soon, in which Kendriya Vidyalaya students are taken
to CSIR laboratories

Dr. Prasad also pointed out that the need to connect with Nature is reflected in the Ministrys logo Nature
protects, if she is protected

The Secretary referred to some key initiatives of the Environment Ministry including Science Express train, which
has provided a good opportunity to introduce discussion and dialogue throughout the country. In this context, he
also mentioned National Green Corps, one of the largest conservation network and National Nature Camping
movement to foster a spirit of adventure and love for nature among the youth.

A Mobile App and Web GIS of Faunal information of Wildlife Sanctuaries for ZSI were also launched by the Minister
on the occasion. A brochure on Training Modules for the Pilot: Green Skill Development Programme was also

World Environment Day on June 5 is a collective call for preserving and conserving nature and environment. The
day reminds us of our responsibility towards sustainable use of resources. It is celebrated every year to raise global
awareness for taking positive environmental action. It was established by the United Nations General Assembly in
1972 on the day the United Nations Conference on the Human Environment. The first World Environment Day was
celebrated in 1973 at Stockholm. Since then it is hosted every year by a different city with a unique theme. This
year, it is being hosted by Canada, and the theme for the year is Connecting People to Nature.

Solid Waste Management in Delhi besides Gurugram, Faridabad, Noida and Ghaziabad is set to turn a new page
tomorrow with the launch of segregation of Municipal Solid Waste at source like households, hotels, restaurants
etc . henceforth, wet waste will be collected in Green bins and dry waste in Blue bins.

This major new initiative to address the problem of solid waste management will be launched in 130 cities where
Waste-to-Compost plants are either functional or under construction.

Incorrect disposal and burning of solid waste results in emission of climate change causing Greenhouse gases like
Methane and Carbon Dioxide to the tune of 12.69 million tones of Carbon Dioxide in the country per year.

A recent study revealed that improper solid waste management causes 15 diseases including Hepatitis, Cholera
and Malaria.

Segregation of dry and wet waste at source leads to removal of carcinogenic and heavy metals from organic waste
resulting in production of good quality compost. Segregation also assists in conversion of non-recyclable dry waste
to RDF (Refuse Derived Fuel) or energy through Waste-to-Energy/RDF Plants, with minimal amount of inert waste
going to landfills.
Tirunelveli in Tamil Nadu is the only city so far to have ensured 100% segregation of solid waste at source.

Shri S.S. Ahluwalia leads Indian Parliamentary Delegation to Norway

India strongly condemns terrorism and there could be no tolerance for States sheltering,
arming, training, or financing terrorists: Shri Ahluwalia

Shri Ahluwalia highlights the need for further strengthening of India-Norway cooperation
in the United Nations

India looks to Norway for exchange of its knowledge and technical expertise to develop
Recirculation Aquaculture Systems, says Shri Ahluwalia

Union Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs and Agriculture and Farmers Welfare, Shri
S.S. Ahluwalia, led
The Minister also expressed sincere appreciation for the Norwegian Governments valuable support for India's
candidature for a permanent membership of reformed UN Security Council, as well as at the NSG.

New Bridge Constructed in Record Time of 165 Days on Savitri River

An old Masonry Arch Bridge on Savitri and Kal river near Mahad in Maharashtra having width of 5.90 m and length
of 184 m constructed in 1928 collapsed due to heavy unprecedented rainfall on the night of 2nd August , 2016. The
Minister for Road Transport and Highways and Shipping, Shri Nitin Gadkari immediately announced to construct
new bridge at this location within 6 months. As announced by the Shri Gadkari, the project has been speedily rebuild
on a record time of 165 days before the onset of monsoon rain with a total Cost of Rs.35.77 Cr.

he proposal for formulation of a Scheme for providing Physical Aids and

Assisted-Living Devices for Senior Citizens belonging to BPL Category was
announced in the Budget 2015-16. Pursuant to this, the Rashtriya Vayoshri
Yojana has been formulated. The Scheme aims at providing Senior Citizens,
belonging to BPL category and suffering from any of the age related
disability/infirmity viz. Low vision, Hearing impairment, Loss of teeth and
Locomotor disability, with such assisted-living devices which can restore near
normalcy in their bodily functions, overcoming the disability/infirmity
manifested. The assistive devices shall be of high quality and conforming to the
standards laid down by the Bureau of Indian Standards, wherever applicable.

Under the Scheme, the following Aids and Assisted-Living Devices will be
provided to eligible elderly beneficiary senior citizens, depending upon their
physical impairment :-

1. Walking sticks

2. Elbow crutches
3. Walkers / Crutches

4. Tripods / Quadpods

5. Hearing Aids

6. Wheelchair

7. Artificial Dentures

8. Spectacles