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Scholz 1

Annie Scholz


RC 2001

21 September 2017

Rhetorical Rationale

Beginning with my shitty first draft I wanted to just get my ideas into formation. I used

bullet points titled with the rhetorical features listed in the assignment prompt, and collected my

information under these bullet points. For my next draft, I narrowed down the rhetorical features

to what I wanted to talk about in my essay. I elaborated on each of these points throughout my

paper, and ended with a conclusion. When composing my final draft, I took into consideration all

of the feedback that I received from my peers, however I did not make any significant changes. I

think that I am stuck in the students method of revision and I have a difficult time using the

experienced writers holistic approach, which I would definitely like to work on throughout the


My style of writing for this assignment was analytical and straightforward. I believe that

rhetorical analyses are one of my weaknesses when it comes to writing. I know what I want to

say for my arguments but I feel like I am constantly repeating myself throughout my papers. I

did include evidence from the non-academic source regarding the audiences emotional reaction

to the forum, which may produce emotional reactions from the reader due to the current

controversial state of politics and the topic of fake news. Honestly, if I could go back and

make substantial revisions I would potentially change the articles that I used or the topic. I

thought that I could possibly want to follow a career in journalism; however, I have decided to

pursue a career as a lawyer and changed my major to Political Science with a concentration in
Scholz 2

Pre-Professional Legal Studies. If I could go back and do this assignment all over again, I would

choose articles related to an issue within the field of law and justice.