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0. Intro: So, my names Marek and Im going to talk 8.

With this whole convenience- especially for children, if theyre looking on the
to you for a few minutes about shopping and how Conclusion: In conclusion, I think Internet and they
find something or they want something then its very easy for
mad we are in todays society about shopping. there are many aspects to shopping and them to ask their parents to buy things for them and with the convenience of

shopping is a huge industry and I think its the Internet parents dont even have to go to the shops, they can just order it and
1. So, there are many ways that the shopping industry it comes to the house. But I dont think its a good idea for children to have so
attracts people to buy their products. The first thing
having a positive effect on our lives. We
many things, we live in a very consumerist society and I think its better to have
that comes to mind, are sales. have a lot of things that our parents never

less, but to have things that you really want. And I thinkthats why I like websites
Sales are a fantastic way, maybe twice a year or would have dreamed of, but I question like second hand websites. I like to buy a lot of second hand things. And I like to
more often, to get people to buy products at a discount, whether its making us happy as a society. sell my things. When I dont use them as much anymore I like to see them before

theyre obsolete and I have to throw them away.
for less money. Its good for the consumer

because they pay less money and they think theyre 7. I think that
the reason why we shop so much
getting a great deal but probably what we dont realise as well is because of advertising. Especially
is that the companies sell the products initially for a ADVANCED Monologue for people
who watch TV, you have fragrance
huge profit and then when they offer it to us during ads/adverts all the time. And also on the

the sales, theyre probably making a little less profit but Please introduce yourself to the examiner and other Internet, its very easy to find anything you
theyre still making a profit.
candidate. In this part of the exam you are going to give can imaging. Youre sitting there and youre
thinking how
can I solve this problem? I
2. And, you know probably because of this sales a short talk on a topic. Discuss some of the ideas given
would need a product like this. What could
culture, we have this kind of shopaholic below. The talk should last 3.30 or 4 minutes.
the name of that product be? You put it into
attitude towards consumption. Google, you
People are obsessed during the sales, its almost to the MAD ABOUT SHOPPING it immediately
find the product and you can buy
over the Internet, which is very

point where they will fight each other to get the last 1. The sales: A good deal or a commercial trick? convenient.
product that is being sold at a discount.
2. Shopaholics: A by-product of our consumerist society? 6. I know that when I was younger, shoppingwell,
3. With all these sales happening there are so man 3. Your view on the issue of plastic bags in shops.
you know I probably didnt have as much money
products being sold-They have to be contained in when I was younger but at the same time shopping
some way you have to allow the consumer to take that 4. wasnt something that was as popular as it is now.
Men and women: A different attitude to shopping?
product from the shop and that involves a lot of And thats probably because shops werent open
bags. So, with this whole consumerist lifestyle we are 5. Different kinds of shopping: Catalogue, online, teleshopping... on Sundays and bank holidays. Now especially in
having a lot more bags being produced. If you go to places like London, bank holidays and Sundays are
6. Pros and cons of department stores or malls being allowed to open like normal days, in fact with the amount of work
a simple shop like Mercadonna or Consum, you get a
very thin bag, but some of the materials that are being on Sundays and bank holidays. that people do during the week; people are working
used for bags, its like a product in itself. I think its a increasingly more in their careers, so they have very
big issue, environmentally. Some of these bags you can 7. The influence of advertising on our shopping habbits. little time during the week to shop.
reuse but really, I think we should totally eliminate the 8. And now theyre dedicating that time to weekends.
Is it a good idea for parents to buy everything their children want? And I think theres (are) a lot of advantages and
use of bags. I dont know what the other options are
but I think designers should be responsible for finding disadvantage to this obviously for people who work
an alternative. 5. But shopping doesnt really only involve going to a lot; its an advantage but for the people who work
shops. There are many different ways in in the shops, its probably a disadvantage and at the
4. But then again its difficult to decide who is responsible for most of the shopping and which you can shop. I really love shopping on same time, I dont know, theres something morally
most of the consumption. I would probably say a lot of rich people do the majority of wrong.
the Internet. Websites like Ebay are very popular
the shopping because obviously poorer people dont have money to spend on shopping Im not religious but I think there is a certain time
nowadays. And I know my mum used to do a
that we should have for ourselves and to spend with
and at the same time probably more women shop than men because women lot of shopping in (from) catalogue but I never
our families. But at the same time shopping is a
are probably more concerned about their appearances (sl). Men buy things when their reallyI dont think I have ever bought.I have
leisurely activity. Its almost something that people
old stuff is worn out, is totally destroyed. Women, if theyre going out, every time they bought a few things from catalogues but I definitely
do to relax. So its a way of relaxing now. But Im
go out they have to have a new outfit. So that involves a lot of shopping especially for prefer websites like Ebay and websites for buying
not sure whether thats a good thing or a bad thing.
shoes. my things.

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