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February 2009

Inside This Issue A Balancing Act
Kids Giving to Kids

Local Companies Lend a Hand

You Can Make A Difference


K alamazoo Loaves & Fishes
grew out of challenging
economic times. We have
a long history of adjusting and
rebalancing limited resources within
Show where a man spun a table full
of plates at the end of tall sticks? It
was a balancing act—where if a plate
stopped spinning before the fellow
got back it crashed dramatically to
the context of a solid commitment    
Coming Events 3
to promoting food security through many plates were spinning, but I do
The 2009 Feinstein Challenge 3 our emergency food assistance remember thinking that if I were
programs. It’s always been a doing the spinning, there would be
KLF Annual Report Insert balancing act and a lot of smashed
Celebrations Tributes and Memorials Insert
we’ve always needed From hundreds china. Those plates
to adjust matching could be a metaphor
the particular mix of pounds of food for the myriad of
of resources with providing emergency efforts that together
Fast Facts: the emergency make KLF and the
needs that food assistance to a Grocery Pantry
KLF served 68,261 people in confronted us. Program work.
handful of people
2008, 29,000 of whom were At the beginning, Today, that standard
children. the work we were
to tens of thousands of of stewardship has
KLF can provide 5 days worth
doing was often pounds of food serving positioned KLF to

 adjust yet again to
of meals for an individual for And since the thousands of people, meet today’s reality.
every $5 donated. beginning, it was KLF has adjusted to That standard
the combination of requires putting
Find out more about the the changing economic
donations – both no- and low-cost
Michigan Food Bank Tax Credit food and time – 

for 2009. Go to mixed with dollars gaps by searching
for more information that made things work. for the best, low-cost alternative.
That standard of stewardship relies
From hundreds of pounds of
on keeping overhead costs low. And,
food providing emergency food
OUR GOAL: that standard of stewardship has
assistance to a handful of people to
Food Security— the tens of thousands of pounds of
helped staff and volunteers reframe
Access by all people the Grocery Pantry Program in a way
food serving thousands of people,
that will contain costs while allowing
to enough food for an KLF has adjusted to the changing
us to address growing need. We’re
active, healthy life— economic realities developing a
stepping up to the current challenge
every day. standard of stewardship that the
and we’re able to do that because you
community can rely on.
know that you can rely on KLF to
Today, KLF works through a simple steward the resources – food, time,
Kalamazoo Loaves & Fishes recipe of volunteer time, donations dollars – to meet real-time needs of
913 E Alcott Street, Kalamazoo, MI 49001
of food, and the funding necessary real people in our community. Not
Business: 269.488.2617 / Fax: 269.343.3669
to support staff, supplement food surprisingly, your support is more
Food: 269.343-3663 / Email:
resources, ensure safety, and support important today than ever before.
service delivery. How many of us Thank you all.
Website: remember the act on The Ed Sullivan – Anne Wend Lipsey
Kalamazoo Loaves & Fishes: FoodforThought–February 2009 Page 2

Kids Giving to Kids Local Companies Lend

T he holidays are always a

difficult time for families that
don’t have the resources to
provide meals for their children. In
December, KLF received a number
a Helping Hand
A number of companies with local
stores extended a helping hand this
holiday season. We are very grateful
of important donations from school for the local support of these
groups that conducted food and organizations at a time when retailers
fund drives so that children and their are also “feeling the pinch.”
families in our community would have Meijer, on Westnedge, donated $1000
food for the holidays. Here are some 4th & 5th Graders at Ryan Intermediate School
for food needs during the holiday
of the amazing results: season.
Kalamazoo West Christian Elementary
collected 1701 pounds, bringing their 5 Target Distribution Center, provided
year total to more than 10,000 pounds a $2000 Community Grant to support
during their holiday collections. the KLF Grocery Pantry Program
Ryan Intermediate School raised Local Hardings Market sites once
$2006.14 and collected 694 pounds of again helped KLF by donating
food. time and money in December. The
Kalamazoo Central High School West Main Hardings donated their
student leadership organized and held a Kalamazoo Central High School “Stuff the Bus” Food Drive parking lot and collected food for
“Stuff the Bus” food drive during their the Kalamazoo Central High School’s
“Week of Caring” in December. In “Stuff the Bus” food drive supporting
total, students and teachers collected a Loaves & Fishes. They also hosted
whopping 4087 pounds of food during the final Lori Moore Cookbook sale
the event, which was held at the West of 2008 and contributed $600 in
Main Harding’s Marketplace. employee donations. The Woodbridge
location developed a canned food
Gobles High School student, Kurtis drive where they matched each can
Dickerson, planned and held (with that was donated. They collected 576
the help of students and faculty) a Kalamazoo West Christian Elementary Food Drive pounds of food.
“Concert 4 Life” on December 20.
The event, which developed out of Walmart Corporation, through its local
his Senior Project, raised $495.00 to Gull Road store, donated $1000 to
be used to purchase food for hungry KLF for support of food programs.
people. Sam’s Club, contributed a $1000

  community grant to help feed hungry
meaning of school spirit and giving. people in our community.

You Can Make A Difference

z Buy: The holidays are over but the need continues to grow. Help KLF keep our shelves stocked this winter by staying tuned to
our monthly “wish list,” listed both in our newsletter and online at
Monthly Wish List: February: Hearty Soups, March: Canned Fruit

z Save: Ever have left over diapers after your child or grandchild has grown out of a particular size? KLF can use those unused
leftovers. Please drop them off at our warehouse or call for more information – 488-2617 ext. 213

z Do: Would you like to volunteer but cannot because of your work schedule? KLF is open the 2nd Saturday of every month and
would love to see you there. Bring a loved one, too. For more information, call Phyllis Hepp, 488-2617 ext. 210.

913 E Alcott, Kalamazoo, Michigan 49001 / P: 269.488.2617 / F: 269.343.3669 / E: / W:

Page 3 Kalamazoo Loaves & Fishes: FoodforThought–February 2009

Add Your Dollars to the Feinstein Challenge

Letter Carrier
Food Drive
stein Fou ndation 37 Alhambra Circle
Volunteer The Fein
Hunger in Am
erica Cranston, RI 02905
Help End (401) 467-5155

May 9th l grassroots
of the most successfu
Be a partner in one om March 1
hunger in history. Fr
Call 488-2617 ext. 213 campaigns to fight the Feinstein
F will participate in
for more information. through April 30, KL G iveaway.”
Annual $1 Million
Foundation’s “12th d ring March
ch donation receive
That means that ea ge.
t toward this challen
and April will coun
, check, or
Volunteer Orientation na tio ns ca n be in the form of cash
The do and should
will be held on fo od ite m (valu ed at $1.00 per item)
off to the
February 10 be sent or dropped
e Office
and KLF Administrativ
913 E. Alcott
March 10 Kalamazoo, MI 49
to fight hunger
million challenges
call 488-2617 ext. 210 Feinstein’s past $1 encies
$940 million for ag
for more information. have raised a record ost successful
ake this year the m
nationwide. Help m
please contact
ns or information,
The KLF For further questio
488-2617 ext. 213.
Annual Meeting Jennifer Johnson, at

will be held
on April 21
(details to follow) KLF February Giving Coupon
913 E. Alcott, Kalamazoo, MI 49001
February 2009 – Coupon #67
What is Honor a loved one this month by donating to Loaves & Fishes in their name.
Household Food Fill out and return to KLF: Amount:
Your Name:
Food security—Access by
In Honor/Memory of:
all people at all times
to enough food for an Their address or address of their family:
active, healthy life.
Food security includes at Please send your contribution by February 23
a minimum

z The ready availability of KLF March Giving Coupon

nutritionally adequate 913 E. Alcott, Kalamazoo, MI 49001
and safe foods. March 2009 – Coupon #68

z An assured ability to Amount $

acquire acceptable foods Help extend KLF’s buying power by including a contribution this month to go toward
in socially acceptable purchasing low cost foods for the Grocery Pantry Program.
ways. Please send your contribution by March 23

913 E Alcott, Kalamazoo, Michigan 49001 / P: 269.488.2617 / F: 269.343.3669 / E: / W:

FoodforThought–February 2009 Page 4

U.S. Postage
Kalamazoo, MI
Permit No. 1693
913 E Alcott
Kalamazoo, Michigan 49001

Business Phone: 269.488.2617

Food Request Line: 269.343.3663
Fax: 269.343.3669

To expand the availability of
emergency food resources and
promote the ability of hungry
people to feed themselves.

z Compassion z Respect
z Justice z Integrity
z Advocacy

Thanks to
Lori Moore
for dedicating seven of the
Lori Moore Cookbook sale dates
to Kalamazoo Loaves & Fishes,
and raising more than $25,000
for hungry people
in this community!
Lori Moore at a “Dish to Pass” cookbook signing event.

Board of Directors Staff/Business Office 269.488.2617 ext.

Jan Brown Chris Kenney Dick Anson, Warehouse Assistant 211 Jennifer Johnson, Com/Volunteer Coordinator 213
Leatta Byrd Cheryl Knapp Art Cole, Services Director 207 Deb Josephson, Services Coordinator 214
Patricia Carlin Sam Lealofi George Geissel, Bookkeeper 206 Marv King, Food Director 211
George Erickcek Donna McClurkan Kathy Gernaat, Operations Director 212 Anne Wend Lipsey, Executive Director 208
Robert Ezelle Harvey Myers Phyllis Hepp, Project Planner 210 Shelley Markle, Warehouse Assistant 211
Bruce Gelbaugh Helen Norris Lou Hoekstra, Warehouse Assistant 211 Sue VanderMeer, Call Center Team Leader 209
Martin Glista Maija Petersons
Lynn Jessel Martha Simpson
Tributes and Memorials Kalamazoo Loaves & Fishes: FoodforThought–February 2009
Celebrations Between 11/4/2008 and 1/9/2009, 2009, gifts were received in honor of those listed below.
If your gift arrived after 1/9/2009, 2009, it will appear in the next newsletter.
Gifts to KLF were made in honor of:
Karen Adams Karis Consolatti & Mark Robbins John & Kay Haas Valery & Kimberly Lane Dr. Roy & Priscilla Olton
Irma Aivars Roark Consolatti Ruth & Richard Harring Al & Rita LaReau Miss Carly Orosz
Ann & Jollie Allen Gloria Copeland’s Dan Harrison Dale Latulippe’s Retirement Mrs. Florence Orosz
Mayor & Mrs. Gary Allen Faithful Volunteer Work Nathan Hartmann John R. Lawlor MD Sally Ossewaarde
Jan Andersen Norm Copeland Msnr. Michael Hazard Sam Lealofi Oyelaran Children
Marc Anderson Asher Cornelius Chuck & Sue Hefner Roy & Delores Leftwich Stefan Ozminski
Frank Arcangeli DDS Pat & Kevin Cornell Mike & Sherri Henderson Kristy Lepley & Judy Whitman Ann Parfet
Lora Armstrong Cox Family Ray and Sue Hendriksma Mike & Aja Levine Jim & Pat Park
Paul Asmus’ 60th Birthday Phil Crawford Cindy Herzberg Alvera Lewis & John Banner Bill Parker
John Austin & Allison Downey Ron & Nancy Crowell Dianna Hoogerheide Anne Wend Lipsey Gordon & Judy Parker
Robert & Loree Bagley Shirley Cudjoe Connie & John Houts Denise Lisiecki Richard J. Parker
Marie Bahlke Barb Culver Dorothy Howard’s Birthday Paul & Mary Lokar Gwen Pearson
Barb Baker Corinne Cummins Roy & Sandy Howard Keith & Marilyn Louwenaar The Peoples Food Co-Op
Richard Baker Laurie DeHaven Richard & Melissa Hubbard Janell Lovan Karen Perrine
Brian & Claudia Barden Donna Desmond Shirley & Theron Huffman Luce & Dannenhauer Families Kate & Michael Pifer
Phil Barry Andy & Alyce DeVolder Peter Hughes Karyl & Bill Lueck Ava Plaszczak
Lynwood & Chris Bartley Lynn Jones & Thomas Dewhirst Becky Hughson & Andy Price Charles & Marcia Luken’s John Post Landscaping
Norma Beatriz’ Birthday James and Lucille Dillon, Sr. Bob Hunt & Jan Kline-Hunt 40th Anniversary Ann O. Pratt
Bethany Pantry Volunteers Diane Downing Tim & Chris Hunt Dave & Georgia Lundquist The Staff of
The Clients of Beyond Words Ed & Karen Dzailowski Iraq Veterans Linda Renauld Lutz & Lisa Lutz First Presbyterian Churh
Jess Black Tom & Nancy Edmonds Marcia & Dick Jackson Phil Lyon Robert J. Priest
Joe Black Tucky Elliott Sharon Jackson Mary Marshall Judy & John Provancher
Linda Black Tom & Bea Ellis James Jasiak & Staff Dave & Ann Martin Laurie & Larry Pruitt
Karen & Mike Bonn Joe & Nancy Engemann Kirsten Jennings Fran Mason Ruth Pushie
Carol Bradley Mark Entenman & Family Arnie & Debby Johnston Mrs. Elizabeth U. Mason Sally and Tim Putney
Jane Brady-Erty Robin Entenman Mike & Sheri Jones Gregory Mates Bob Ream
Kathy Breese’ Birthday Scott Entenman & Family Sylvia Jones Michael & Nicholas Mates Martha A. Ream
Margaret Brigman Juanita Erdos Josephson’ Parents & Children Dave Matyas Gerald & Diane Reau
Art & Mary Brill Aimee Eubank Jeanette Jupp Julie Mavis DDS Catherine Reed
Bronson Burn & Wound Jeffrey Evergreen Kalamazoo Businesses Donna & Larry Maycock’s Reynolds Family
& Hyperbaric Staff Molly Fairbanks & Dick Pulaski Anniversary Richland Marriage Encounter Core
Kat Kalan
Bronson Family Medicine Lucy Fleckenstein Ed & Becky Mayo Aaron Riker
Rebecca Boase and Conrad
Providers Tom & Jean Foghino Kaufman Cathy & Mike McCarthy Lorie, Koby & Chase Roe
Bronson Park Pantry and KIA Beverly & John Folz Tom & Susan Kavanaugh Jim & Ellen McDonald Tom & Elisa Roe & Family
Jan Brown Gagie Preschool’s Rob & Donna Keller Gil McWethy Hank & Joan Rohs
Leighton Brown Caring Teachers Robert Keller Juan Mendez Randy Rose and his sales team
Jean & John Buchin Family Rosemary & David Gardiner Robert & Raenell Kent Mike & Kerry Metzelaars Bill & Jane Ryan
Shirley Buege Mr. & Mrs. Mike Garrett Hildy Kerney Peter & Barbara Metzelaars Susan & Jeff Sackett
Jan & Don Bundy General Surgery Attending Father Don KIingler Bettina Meyer Friends at
Mary Ann Bush & Resident Staff MSU/KCMS Marilee Miller & Robert Yoder St. Patrick’s Angelican Church
Kathy & Rick Kinas
Bill & Laura Byce General Surgery Clinic Staff Sue & Bill Mooseker Sally Shaw
MSU/KCMS Mr. & Mrs. John Kittredge
Linda Byce-Winklemann & Family Sandy Morton Jack & Parker Schassberger
General Surgery Office Staff
Ann Cameron MSU/KCMS Rob Kittredge & Family Mr. & Mrs. Hugh J. Moser Daniel Schiedel
Chris & Christie Campbell Richard Glass Sallie Kittredge’ 80th Birthday Lauren & Kathryn Murphy The 7 Schmidt Children
Craig & Mindy Campbell Liz & Karl Glenn Kathy Klaasen’s 60th Birthday Alan A. Nathan Joe & Becky Schmitt Family
Mark & Kevin Campbell John Gorentz Dort Klepper’s 80th Birthday Mr. & Mrs. A.W. Neff Andy, Katrina & Micha Schreider
Missy Capron Mr. & Mrs. Holt B. Grace Ann Kneas Bill Nichols Carol Schreiner
Cavanaugh Family Randy & Polly Graham Evan Kokales Rick & Karen Nichols Grace Ann Schreuder
Sharon Cerovski Donna Grath Pastor Suzanne Kornowski Dick & Pam Nivala Kathy Schultz & Family
Micheal & Natalie Chiles and Anna Elizabeth Griff Joan Kramer Helen Norris David & Alicia Segula
Jayne Clement Kay Gross Bob & Maryhelen Kreidler McKenna Northrop Dylan and Maddison
Rev. Robert Cole Scott & Debbie Grosse Patricia & Gerald Kroehn Susan & Craig Norton Jack & Gloria Shearer
Andrea Consolatti Gryphon Place Help-Line Ladies Library Association The Nykaza Family Christmas and Lee Ann Shearer
Jesse Consolatti & Family Volunteers Tema Lando Hanukkah Barb & Dave Sheldon

913 E Alcott, Kalamazoo, Michigan 49001 / P: 269.488.2617 / F: 269.343.3669 / E: / W:

Kalamazoo Loaves & Fishes: FoodforThought–February 2009 Tributes and Memorials

…Gifts in honor of, continued

Abbey & Andrew Sherfick Jenny Smith Clinton & Etta Teachout Wagstaff Grandchildren Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Wood
Mr. & Mrs. Foster Sherwood Scott Smith The Tuesday Bridge Group Msgr. Jess Wald Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Wood
Jim, Joanne, Alex & Evan Shinar Sean Smith Corky Thomas Janay & Brent Warner Mr. Chris Wood
Judy Shrimplin aRoger Snow Marilyn Thornburg Helen and Jack Wattles Bill & Nancy Woods
Bruce & Kathy Shurtz Marianne Speck Evelyn & Art Thurston Mike & Stephanie White Brian Woodward
Dolly Sielatycki Maggie Sperry Elizabeth Tompkins and Paul Mrs. Jacqueline Wylie
Mr. & Mrs. Philip Siemion Mr. & Mrs. Sid Stockdale Alizabeth Fritz Towery Dick & Judy Whitman Sammi Xu
& Family & Family Kay Van Dis Jane Williams Liz Yoon & Lys Buck
Judy Sivak The Strzyzewski Family Chuck & Jo Van Zoeren Mr. & Mrs. Charles Wilson Melissa Yost
Ed Siwik Sister Marilyn Sullivan Ken & Kathy VanderBroek Rene Wilson and to all the families
Pam Siwik Brian M. & Michelle Taylor Terry & Laura Vandermeer Marc Wiltse & Kathy Sly waiting for their soldiers
Tom & Nancy Small Chris & Julie Taylor Ellen Winter to come home
Kim & Margie VanderVelde
Frieda Smith’s mom Creighten Taylor John & Mary Veld Donald Wisser
Jan & John Smith Jody Taylor and Mary’s Birthday Tim Wjotynak

Celebrations Between 11/4/2008 and 1/9/2009, 2009, gifts were received in memory of those listed below.
If your gift arrived after 1/9/2009, 2009, it will appear in the next newsletter.
Gifts to KLF were made in memory of:
Yetta Ackerson Eugene Erdos Bronislaw Kochanczyk Helen Nederhoed Frank & Thelma Stafinski
Robert Amrhein Robert Ewert Marguerite Kolb Verne Nelson James M. Stephenson
Jim & Kay Baker Jeanne Maltby Fahrenbach Henry & Virginia Korinek Tom Nie John Steurer
The Barinka Family Jerald Finnegan Lois Marion Kowalczyk Charles Northrop Jim Sullivan
Ana Resseguie Barnes Forest N. Fisch John R. Kubla Richard (Dick) L. Olvitt Donald Swanson
Janice Barry Herman & Rose Fisher Charles & Myrtle Lachstadter Jaime Oorbeck Jim Swanson
Alex Beauchamp Jack H. Fisher Gabrielle Lambert Richard Painton Anne Oas Szalkowski
Doug Bigelow John P. Flynn Lance Lambert Clara Maxine Patterson Paul & June Tackaberry
Morris & Wilma Bos Carilee Galligan Vernon Lambert Gene Paulson Evelyn Tasker
Jim Bowen Fred Gay Brenda Lancaster Stanley G. Peck Georgia Taylor
Bruno Bragagnini Esther Geissel Siuleo Lealofi Michael J. Phillips Frances “Pauline” Terrell
Dr. John Brown Michael Gibert’s Father Donald F. Lemons Nancy Popke Paul Todd
Kathy Brusach Jack Gibson Laura Lemons Anna & Wolfgang Raith Andrew & Winnie Truax
August & Mina Bubser Hugh Gilligan Dominic (Dic) & Nadia Leonardelli Beverly Rambert Sandy VanderBor
Florence & Harold Bulger Jim Glidden Elizabeth A. Lewis Catherine Reed Adrian (Ad) VanKesteren
Floyd & Helen Burkey Norma Greenawalt William Lucas Tom Rich Ruth Vavra
Richard Burlington Lucille Gruizenga Ann Mall Kirk Richert John & Jo Veld
Bruce L. Burrows Arthur & Helen Hopfinger Etrole “Jackie” Marcon Tom Rix James L. Vernia
Donald W. Bussler Marge Hosner Bob Martin Arlene Robinson Mr. Jan Visser
Patty “Pumpkin” Buzich John C. & Mary Jane Howard Louis Marvin Bonny L. Roe Roon Visser
Phyllis Carpenter Vera M. Hughes Paul & Mildred Matyas Frances Russell Jim Voissem
Duane Chambers, Jr. Valerie Humpley Earl May Pat Russell Carl Vonnegut
Audrey Cole Phyllis Hunter Donna L. Maycock Pat & Jeane Ryan Emil Vos
Ann E. Corrigan Emmett & Maureen Hurst Helen McCartney Kirk Ryder Ralph R. Webster
Beverly Corstange Marjorie Johnson Melissa McDonald Marsha Scheiber Liz Wedel
Terri Craft Larry Jolliffe Phyllis McGuire Will Schmidgall Sean Wilcox
George Craven, Jr. Sylvia Jones Mona McKinstry Roger Bruce Schultz Christopher Wloch
Tom Crooks Tony Kancauski Joseph Metzelaars Robert Sechler Larry Jay Wright
Cliff Cunningham Otto Kean Betty M. Miller Helen Sellers James Daniel Wrinkle
Christine Dales Paul Kean Colleen Pennington Miller James & Esther Shiley Henry Yzenbaard
David Davidoff Su Kehres Robert A. Miller John Sielatycki Karolyn G. Zook
Ann Dean Paul E. & Helen G. Kelly Kathy Mizeur Joani Siwik
Veronica (Ronnie) DeBack R.L. Ketelaar Joyce Mohberg Marshall Skinner
Jerry Diment Ed Klem Carol Moore Erma Nell Smart
Evan Ebling Gerrit Kloosterman Terry Mosher Julie Speese

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