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June 2010

Inside This Issue Expanding Services to Meet the Need
Kalamazoo Kings Partner to Fight
Childhood Hunger 2
You’ve heard a lot about food security from Kalamazoo Loaves & Fishes
in recent years. We’ve talked about how food is basic and essential and that
Recent Grant Announcements 2
without it people have difficulty contributing fully at work, home and school.
Empty Bowls: Successful Mix KLF, through our Grocery Pantry Program (GPP), has worked to respond to
of Art and Advocacy 2 the growing demand for emergency food assistance. What we’ve discovered in
Letter Carrier Drive Falls Short 2 the past year is that our current efforts are simply not enough.
KLF Elects New Board Members 3 As a result of outreach to local human service agencies and discussions
Orientation for New Volunteers 3 with our Feeding America partner the Food Bank of South Central Michigan,
we have learned that the Grocery Pantry Program though essential is simply
Patrick Ogrin’s Birthday Food Drive 3
not sufficient alone to meet the emergency food needs in our community. In
addition, we have been introduced to new methods that monitor our efforts.
Fast Facts: The metric – Pounds Per Person in Poverty – which factors in the poverty rate,
food stamp participation and unemployment rates – helps to assess local hunger
In April 2010, KLF served relief efforts and to help us focus future actions.
This summer, Kalamazoo Loaves & Fishes will be actively growing our service
6,761 individuals – 2,455 menu in an effort to better meet the needs of hungry people in Kalamazoo
more people than in April County. To that end, we will be looking to:
2007. • Increase and access and use of the GPP through targeted expansion;
• Increase the availability of the Weekend Food Pack Program to local
Over 56,000 pounds of children
food were donated to KLF • Expand agency-to-agency support providing emergency food support for
throughout March and vulnerable populations served through nonprofit agencies
• Extend support to our Community Supplemental Program by providing
April 2010.
direct access to places where senior citizens and low-income individuals
and families are served; and
Remember: • Embrace the Mobile Food Initiative, a neighborhood based distribution of
fresh and perishable foods.
Your donation could We believe that these efforts will take us several steps closer to the day when
we can say – we live in a food secure community. Happy summer to all!
be stretched further by – Anne Wend Lipsey, Executive Director
applying for a matching
gift from your employer. Sue VanderMeer Retires on June 2
Talk to your After 20 years of service, Sue VanderMeer is retiring from Kalamazoo Loaves
& Fishes.
HR representative Throughout her tenure she has held many titles, including Program
Coordinator and, long-time, Volunteer Coordinator. And most recently she
today! has served as the Call Center Coordinator, linking families in need with food
at a KLF Grocery Pantry site.
“I have so enjoyed working with the staff and volunteers,” said Sue, “and
Kalamazoo Loaves & Fishes seeing the different personalities and strengths of each person, working for a
913 E Alcott Street, Kalamazoo, MI 49001 common cause.”
Business: 269.488.2617 / Fax: 269.343.3669 Sue will be leaving her position on June 2 but will return as a volunteer –
Food: 269.343•3663 / Email: staying connected to staff and volunteers, and continuing to help hungry people.
Thank you, Sue, for your passion and dedication, and most of all for the
Website: indelible friendship that you’ve shown all of us here at KLF. You have changed
KLF for the better and you will be missed.
Kalamazoo Loaves & Fishes: FoodforThought–June 2010 Page 2

Kalamazoo Kings Partner Recent Grant

to Fight Childhood Hunger Announcements
July 2 marks the 4th annual
Independence From Hunger event, where
baseball fans can enjoy the game and
can help feed hungry people all in • Grainger $10,000 in support of
one night. See the St. Joseph Catholic the summer Weekend Backpack
Church Children’s Choir sing the Program
National Anthem and enjoy watching
the Kalamazoo Kings battle the River
City Rascals at Homer Stryker Field at
7 pm. • Eaton $5,000 in support of milk
Tickets – good for any regular voucher purchases for Grocery
season home game – are available Pantry Program
NOW at our main office for only raise for important programming this
$5, half of which comes right back summer. For more information about
to Kalamazoo Loaves & Fishes. The this unique event, call Jennifer at 488-
more KLF sells, the more we can 2617 ext. 213.

Empty Bowls: • Kalamazoo Community

Foundation/WMUK Partnership
Successful Mix of Art and Advocacy for Hunger Relief $20,000
The 2010 Empty Bowls Project successfully merged creativity and nutrition
education, all while helping feed hungry people in Kalamazoo County. Through
partnerships with six Kalamazoo Public Schools, students learned about hunger
and proper nutrition while creating handmade ceramic bowls and woven paper
“The KLF staff and volunteers really made this year’s event easy and
successful,” said Doug Duncan, Prairie Ridge Elementary art teacher.
Each event culminated with a simple community meal, courtesy of Panera
Bread, who donated bread for all six school sites; Sodexo Healthcare Services in
cooperation with Borgess Medical Center, whose chefs and staff provided soup
and served it to teachers, staff, parents and kids at Spring Valley and Prairie Ridge
Elementary Schools; and Senior Services who supplied soup for King-Westwood,
Indian Prairie, Edison and Maple Street Elementary Schools.
All in all, about 1,100 children and their families participated and over $3,500 Anne Lipsey, 4th Grade Teacher Shirley
was raised to go towards KLF programs. Thank you to all who helped highlight Schostarez, KPS Superintendent Dr. Michael
F. Rice at Spring Valley Elementary
hunger by filling an empty bowl.

Letter Carrier Drive Falls Short

Early indications are that this year’s National Association of Letter Carriers’ Food
Drive saw a 30% decline from record levels last year. At press time, totals were at
62,090 pounds. Exact totals will be posted to our website at a later date.
“While we’re very grateful to all those who participated, the reduction in donated
food from this year’s drive makes a challenging year even more so,” said KLF
Executive Director, Anne Lipsey.
Kudos to the letter carriers and volunteers alike, who worked tirelessly throughout
the day in what was likely the worst weather of any Letter Carrier Food Drive. It
never dampened their spirits, and the food collected will be put to use immediately.
As KLF steps up to meet the growing need for emergency food assistance,
distributing more than 147,000 pounds in April 2010, food collections like this
become even more important.
Volunteer at Westwood Site

913 E Alcott, Kalamazoo, Michigan 49001 / P: 269.488.2617 / F: 269.343.3669 / E: / W:

Page 3 Kalamazoo Loaves & Fishes: FoodforThought–June 2010

KLF Elects New Board Members

Newly elected members include Members elected to a 2nd term are Returning board members include,
Stacey Randolph, from the Kalamazoo Bob Ezelle, Boys & Girls Club; Bruce Patricia Carlin, KPS teacher; Alan
Department of Public Safety, Elizabeth Gelbaugh, Gelbaugh CPA; Cheryl Harbaugh, attorney (elected February
Reece, an attorney with Legal Aid of Knapp, Bronson Health System; Harvey 2010); Lynn Jessel, Morris, Carl, and
West Michigan, and Jan Tiderington of Myers, Pfizer-retired (President); and Jessel PC (Treasurer); Donna McClurkan,
Western Michigan University, a former Helen Norris, Kalamazoo Radiology- community volunteer; Maija Petersons,
Kalamazoo Loaves & Fishes’ board retired. Western Michigan University – retired
member. (Secretary); Martha Simpson, Pfizer –
retired (Vice-president).
Patrick Ogrin
recently celebrated The KLF
his 5th birthday, and
instead of gifts from
friends, asked that Department
food donations for
Interested in helping out in
hungry local people
the warehouse or at special
were provided instead. events? Help KLF spread
In total, he collected the word by becoming a
162 lbs of food that knowledgeable volunteer.
have already been
distributed to local Orientation dates are:
children and their
Wednesday, June 9th
Thank you, Patrick, for Saturday, June 12th
making a difference!
Saturday, July 10th

KLF June Giving Coupon Wednesday, July 14th

913 E. Alcott, Kalamazoo, MI 49001
June 2010 – Coupon #83 Sign up with Seema
Jolly by calling
Amount $ 269-488-2617 ext. 209 or
When school is not in session, many kids email at
don’t have access to breakfast or lunch foods.
Your donation can ensure we get food to those who need it most.

Please send your contribution by June 26

As you are filling your shopping cart,
please consider shopping for and
KLF July Giving Coupon donating these high demand items:
913 E. Alcott, Kalamazoo, MI 49001
June: 100% fruit juice
July 2010 – Coupon #84
Amount $
July: Spaghetti
Fresh fruits and vegetables are an important part of a daily diet! Due to the high Remember that fresh produce
cost of produce, many people in Kalamazoo County cannot afford to purchase these donations are always accepted at the
items. Help us give them the fruits of the season today. KLF warehouse as well. Call 488-2617
Please send your contribution by July 20 for more information.

913 E Alcott, Kalamazoo, Michigan 49001 / P: 269.488.2617 / F: 269.343.3669 / E: / W:

FoodforThought–June 2010 Page 4

U.S. Postage
Kalamazoo, MI
Permit No. 1693
913 E Alcott
Kalamazoo, Michigan 49001

Business Phone: 269.488.2617

Food Request Line: 269.343.3663
Fax: 269.343.3669

To expand the availability of
emergency food resources and
promote the ability of hungry
people to feed themselves.

l Compassion l Respect
l Justice l Integrity
l Advocacy

The following gifts were received between March 1 and April 30.
If your gift was received after April 30, it will be included in the next newsletter.

Gifts in honor of:

Robert & Nina Baker/Cynthia Bewick/Louelle Bing/Nancy Borgacz/Tina Brad & Keegan Dennis/Joyce Drapper/Catherine Ann Dunning’s birthday
Eaters Guild CSA/Eleanore Flowers/Orion Flowers/Orion Flowers Jr./ Dr. Rich Fowler/Martin Glista/Don & Susan Graham and family
Keith & Shannon Graham and family/Charlie Grdina’s birthday/Bronwyn Harper/George Herzog/Dick Jackson’s 75th birthday/Jillie & Brad’s wedding
Daniel Koleda/David Koleda/Kenneth Koleda/Paul & Dolores Koleda/Paul C. Koleda/Michael J. Kudlas D.C./ Abbey Larner/Becky & Greg Larner
Anne Wend Lipsey/Lisa Lutz/Lori Moore/Stephanie Moore & Terrence Bell’s wedding/Mr. & Mrs. T L Swiat/Heike O’Boyl/President & Mrs. Barack Obama
Louis & Wallene Poteau’s 55th wedding anniversary/Gene & Mary Prouty’s 50th wedding anniversary/Janet Pulver/Amber & Cortny Robison
Mrs. Deb Search-Willoughby MSW/The Segerdahl Family/Eric Selner/Judi Silverman/Liz Thall/Jennifer Whistler

Gifts in memory of:

Robert Amrhein/Patricia Jean Anderson/Sally Appleyard/Helen Austin/Harold Bahlke/Alex Beauchamp/Charles (Sonny) Bellomy/Ray Boughton/James Brady I
Thomas N. Brucks/Richard Burlington/Raymond Chamness/Diane Churchill/Dooley/Dr. John J. Clark/June Cochran/George Commissaris/Harry Contos Jr.
Raymond Dannenberg/Richard Dekema/Dennis Deneau/Dr. David Essar/Alan Glendening’s brother/Mrs. Helen Graham/Bertha Green/Richard Harring
Thelma Heeptek/Henry Heimstra/Loring Janes/Sam King/Judith L. Koboski/Marguerite Kolb/Linda Renauld Lutz/ Marie Renauld Lutz/Margaret Manske
David Marker/Mary Melzer/Mrs. Elizabeth Middleton/Kathy Mizeur/Ardath Montague/Betty Nanninga/Clarence B. Nyce/Frank Ossiff Jr./ Warren R. Paff
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Eunice VanHaften/Emil Vekich/Clarence F. White/Clarice White/John “Scott” Whitman

Board of Directors Staff/Business Office 269.488.2617 ext.

Patricia Carlin Donna McClurkan Dick Anson, Warehouse Assistant 211 Mary Hutchins, Warehouse Assistant 211
Robert Ezelle Harvey Myers Joan Atwell, Call Center Lead 201 Jennifer Johnson, Public Relations/Dev. Director 213
Bruce Gelbaugh Helen Norris Melissa Burel, Data Entry Gift Processor 206 Seema Jolly, Volunteer Coordinator 209
Alan Harbaugh Maija Petersons Art Cole, Services Director 207 Deb Josephson, Services Coordinator 214
Lynn Jessel Stacey Randolph Ferron Foisy, Call Center Lead 201 Marv King, Food Director 211
Cheryl Knapp Martha Simpson George Geissel, Bookkeeper 206 Anne Wend Lipsey, Executive Director 208
Elizabeth Makohn Jan Tiderington Kathy Gernaat, Operations Director 212 Kimberly Schoetzow, Comm. Coordinator 218
Phyllis Hepp, Director of Organizational Development 210 Sue VanderMeer, Call Center Team Leader 201