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June 2009

Inside This Issue Stretching into Summer
The 2009 NALC Food Drive

“Independence from Hunger”


2 W ith summer just around

the corner I’m sure your
mind, just like mine, has
begun to daydream about juicy
security of local families and on
Each summer we see a large
increase in our service numbers.
Passion for Community 2 watermelon and potato salad. As
In 2008, during the months of
the weather warms most of us
KLF Annual Meeting 2009 3 June, July and August alone our
begin to think of fresh fruits and
Grocery Pantry Program served
vegetables, picnics and outdoor
8,275 children. This year, across
barbeques – good food is an Michigan economic woes have
integral part of summer. For already led to a 30 percent spike
Fast Fact: many children, however, summer in the number of people applying
is a time of missed meals and for food assistance and seeking
Number of children served in empty bellies. Families that rely out emergency aid from food
the summer of 2008 = 8275. on receiving school meals during banks. At Loaves & Fishes we
the year to feed their child find have also seen our number grow.
Loaves and Fishes distributes their budgets stretched over the One day recently the Grocery
at least 100,000 pounds of long months of summer vacation. Pantry Program set up food for
food per month. With the kids out of school and 277 children and young people.
two extra meals to put on the table They were nearly 50% of the total
during the week – what are these people receiving groceries that day.
families to do? And, the thing is, it is only April.
One piece of good news – the This summer, due to the strain of
Federal Summer Feeding Program a struggling economy we know
there are many families who would
OUR GOAL: will again be offering 6 weeks’
worth of meals at sites across the not traditionally need help that
country. This program targets will now be turning to Loaves &
Your ongoing support is those children who receive free Fishes.
important to KLF. It’s and reduced lunch during the Eyeing these trends, we expect the
school year and will again provide customary increase in the number
never too soon to think a healthy lunch at sites across this of families and children served
about Planned Giving. community. While this program is to be even greater this year. We
essential, it does not have nearly are hard at work bolstering our
See for the impact of the school year already strained system to stretch
more information. based program. It can’t. Unlike the in to the summer months – but
school year programs, the summer we need your help. Please join us
food program isn’t available as we prepare to step in to help
through routine attendance at struggling families this summer –
school. Children and their families donate what you can today. Your
Kalamazoo Loaves & Fishes need to seek out the community- donation can ensure that even
913 E Alcott Street, Kalamazoo, MI 49001 based sites and not all have the when the shelves are bare at home,
Business: 269.488.2617 / Fax: 269.343.3669 time or information they need to those in need can always find fully
Food: 269.343-3663 / Email: take advantage of the program. stocked shelves at Kalamazoo
So even with the support of this Loaves & Fishes.
Website: program, the summer still has a
– Anne
large impact on the nutritional
Kalamazoo Loaves & Fishes: FoodforThought–June 2009 Page 2

The 2009 Letter Carrier Food Drive was a Huge Success

On May 9, people from all over this community contributed non-
perishable food donations in honor of the 17th Annual National
Association of Letter Carrier Food Drive. Bags, boxes, and individual
cans were set outside doors across the county in support of local food
banks and pantries.
More than 84,000 lbs of food was collected and delivered to
Kalamazoo Loaves & Fishes to be used to feed hungry people across
Kalamazoo County!
Thanks to volunteers, KLF board and staff, and most of all,
NALC - Local 246 for dedicating time and energy that day to helping
collect food that will benefit hungry people in Kalamazoo County.
For the follow-up to this year’s NALC Food Drive, please go to

Help Feed Hungry Children with

“Independence From Hunger”

O n July 3rd, 2009, the

Kalamazoo Kings will host the
3rd Annual “Independence
from Hunger” food and fundraiser,
during their 7 pm game against the
during the summer months. Here is
how you can help! Tickets for this
event will be sold through Kalamazoo
Loaves & Fishes for $5, with 50% of
those proceeds coming back to fund the
ticket will be FREE. It’s a great family
event to share with one another and a
great way to help kids!
If you’d like to help Loaves & Fishes
sell tickets in advance or would like to
Washington Wild Things, with benefits necessary programs that help feed kids know more about the much needed food
going to Kalamazoo Loaves & Fishes. in our community. drive items, please call 269-488-2617 ext.
This year, Kalamazoo Loaves & Fishes In addition, a food collection site will 213, or write
and the Kalamazoo Kings are focusing be set up outside the main gates prior to Come celebrate our country’s
on childhood hunger. Without access and during the first inning of the Kings’ independence by encouraging our local
to low or no-cost school-based lunches, game. If you bring 4 non-perishable children’s “independence from hunger.”
many children will go without meals food items with you that night – your We’ll see you at the ball game!

Passion for Community

T he Grainger Foundation, based upon the recommendation of the

local Grainger Branch Manager, Carol Hurley, donated $10,000 to
the Kalamazoo Loaves & Fishes in April.
“Grainger is proud to be supporting Loaves & Fishes…. Grainger, much
like Loaves & Fishes, is passionate about being ready to serve our local
community in [this] time of need,” said Carol Hurley, Branch Manager
of Grainger’s Kalamazoo facility. “Our local team wanted to make an
immediate impact in this area and we thought supporting Loaves & Fishes
food bank was the best way to do that.”
The impact will be immediately felt as the $10,000 donation will allow
Kalamazoo Loaves & Fishes to purchase the equivalent of two and a
half semi trucks worth of food that can be distributed through the KLF
Grocery Pantry Program.
Donations like these are more important than ever since rising numbers of people in our local community are struggling to make
ends meet. Students, workers seeking jobs, and senior citizens are a part of the growing number of people requesting emergency
food assistance each week.
If you would like to know how your business can contribute funds to Kalamazoo Loaves & Fishes, please contact Anne Wend
Lipsey, at 269-488-2617 ext. 208.

913 E Alcott, Kalamazoo, Michigan 49001 / P: 269.488.2617 / F: 269.343.3669 / E: / W:

Page 3 Kalamazoo Loaves & Fishes: FoodforThought–June 2009

2009 Annual Meeting

K alamazoo Loaves & Fishes

Annual Meeting was held on
April 20, at Calvary Bible Church.
It was a festive event with food, theatre,
and thank you’s for many.
All in the Family
Mary Jo Robertson
(center) is
surrounded by
After a lovely potluck-style dinner, children and
volunteers, board, and staff enjoyed a
grandchildren, all
brief skit from Kalamazoo Central High
of whom volunteer
School students, as they portrayed the
fable of Stone Soup. The story described with her at the
a community of individuals coming North Westnedge
together as one so that no one goes Church of Christ.
hungry; something that volunteers, staff,
and board members know all too well.
Time was taken during the official
“business” portion of the night to Willie Webster Volunteer Award Norman Copeland
say goodbye to two long time Board KLF FISH Award (food industry supply hero) Konos, Inc. (VandeBunte Eggs)
Members, Jan Brown (former KLF Board Marcia Jackson Hunger Advocacy Award National Association of Letter Carriers– Local 246
Chair) and George Erickcek . Both have
Golden Loaf Individual Award Jim and Heather Butcher
been an invaluable part of the overall
board “team” and will be missed greatly. Golden Loaf Group Award Amy Wright, owner and manager of Rollerworld
KLF also honored volunteers with the “Years of Service Awards,” celebrating 5, 10, 15,
In addition, outgoing Board Chair, Sam
20, 25 years of service. Details regarding all of the evening’s awards can be found on
Lealofi, was elected to a one year term.
the Kalamazoo Loaves & Fishes Web site:
Lynn Jessel (Board Treasurer) and
Maija Petersons (Board Secretary) were Congratulations to all recipients! Your time and dedication is integral to the success of
elected for an additional 3 year term on this organization.
the Board of Directors. No additional
members were nominated at this time.
We also took time that evening to KLF June Giving Coupon
recognize some very important
contributors without whom we would not 913 E. Alcott, Kalamazoo, MI 49001
be able to continue this important work. June 2009 – Coupon #71
Amount $
School is almost out and while many will be planning summer vacations - children this
summer will be experiencing a vacation from meals usually available through the school
based lunch program. Help feed children this summer by donating today.
As you are filling your Please send your contribution by June 24
shopping cart, please
consider contributing
some of these “wish
list” items: KLF July Giving Coupon
June: Main Meal Dishes 913 E. Alcott, Kalamazoo, MI 49001
July 2009 – Coupon #72
(ravioli w/cheese, spaghetti
w/meat, pork and beans, and Amount $
beef stew) By donating this month, you have connected people
to the emergency food resources they need.
July: Canned Fruit (all varieties) Thank you for making a difference!

Please send your contribution by July 22

913 E Alcott, Kalamazoo, Michigan 49001 / P: 269.488.2617 / F: 269.343.3669 / E: / W:

FoodforThought–June 2009 Page 4

U.S. Postage
Kalamazoo, MI
Permit No. 1693
913 E Alcott
Kalamazoo, Michigan 49001

Business Phone: 269.488.2617

Food Request Line: 269.343.3663
Fax: 269.343.3669

To expand the availability of
emergency food resources and
promote the ability of hungry
people to feed themselves.

l Compassion l Respect
l Justice l Integrity
l Advocacy

Celebrations The following gifts were received between March 7 through May 4, 2009. If your gift arrived after May 4, it will
appear in the next newsletter.

Gifts in honor of:

Jerry and Judy Bohl • Mark Crum • Margery K. Deruyter-Smith • Jean Flower’s Birthday • Mike Garrett’s Birthday
Josh Gies 30th Birthday • Missy, Angie, and Chase Howse-Willard • Carol and Bob Knapp’s 51st Anniversary • Ruth Lando
Bill Matthies • Nancy McCarry • Jim McDonald’s 75th Birthday • Rhonda Newman • Helen Norris • Pat Pond • Victor Semers
Judi Silverman • Peggy Strong’s Birthday • Alma and Harold VanHeuvelen’s Birthdays • Joe Walls’ Birthday

Gifts in memory of:

Robert C. Anderson • Harold Bahlke • Alex Beauchamp • Jack Brooks • Marjorie Brown • Richard Burlington • Bruce L. Burrows
Diane Churchill • Dr. Arthur Dodd Code • Melvin Deloof • Peter Dondero • Leonard Elliot • Jeanne Maltby Fahrenbach
John P. Flynn • John Foghino • Barbara Frank • Vi French • Harriet (Betty) Gilchrist • Mrs. Helen Graham • Don Janson • Sylvia Jones
Adli S. Kanaan • Vida Marie Kinner • Tom Klobucar • Wesley & Edna Marie Knapp • Marguerite Kolb • Bela Lahner • John Lindbeck
Maxine Louden • Barney J. Magerlein • Mary Jane Maher • Robert A. Matthews • Kathy Mizeur • Thomas Oorbeck • Rand Patterson
Linda Ream • Milo and Frances Rifenberg • Wayne Roe • Fred R. Russell • John Sandmeyer • Maurice Schippers • Bill Schneider
Michaela Schultz • Edward Schumann • Joani Siwik • Betty Smith • Dixie Lee Stewart • Andrew and Winnie Truax • Marta Tumm • Olin
Vanderberg • Albert E. Vickery • Geraldine Vickery • Willie Earl Webster • Wally Westra • James Daniel Wrinkle • Henry Yzenbaard
Helene Rose Zimmick • Helena Zwart

Board of Directors Staff/Business Office 269.488.2617 ext.

Leatta Byrd Sam Lealofi Dick Anson, Warehouse Assistant 211 Jennifer Johnson, Com/Dev Coordinator 213
Patricia Carlin Donna McClurkan Melissa Burel, Data Entry Gift Processor 206 Deb Josephson, Services Coordinator 214
Robert Ezelle Harvey Myers Art Cole, Services Director 207 Marv King, Food Director 211
Bruce Gelbaugh Helen Norris George Geissel, Bookkeeper 206 Anne Wend Lipsey, Executive Director 208
Martin Glista Maija Petersons Kathy Gernaat, Operations Director 212 Shelley Markle, Warehouse Assistant 211
Lynn Jessel Martha Simpson Phyllis Hepp, Project Planner 210 Sue VanderMeer, Call Center Team Leader 209
Cheryl Knapp Lou Hoekstra, Warehouse Assistant 211