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1- Where do you live?

I live in Madinah, very close to the college. I am lucky because I can walk to college everyday. Other
students have to take the bus or come by car.

2- Do you live in a town or a village?

I live in a city. A city is bigger than a village. My city has about 4 million people. I have lived here for my
whole live.

3- Do you like living there?

I really love my city. There is so much to do. There are many parks. My favourite park is Al-Malik Fahad. I
go there with my friends. Also, there are many shopping malls. I like Al-noor mall much.

4- Is it better to live in a city or a village?

I think that some people will say its better to live in a city because there are many places to visit like
shopping malls and parks where they can have fun. But other people would say it is better to live in a
village because there is no noise. Also, there is more nature and maybe mountains.

5- Do you live in a house or a flat?

I live in a flat. It is near the city center. It has 3 bed rooms, a living room, a kitchen and two bathrooms.

6- How many people are there in your family?

In my family, there are 6 people: my father, mother, sister, 2 brothers and myself. But my sister is now
married and has 2 children.

7- Is your family important to you?

Yes, of course, my family is important to me. I often visit my grandmother every weekend. Sometimes
my mother make me clean my room or wash the dishes because she wants me to help around the
house. But I know that she loves me.

8- Whats your best friends name?

My best friends name is Hala. I have known Hala for many years. We met when we were in the fifth
grade, around 11 years old. Ever since then we have been best friends. Hala is like my sister. Now she is
married and lives in Jeddah, but we still try to see each other during holidays.

9- What do you like to do in your spare time?

In my spare time, I like to do many things. I enjoy watching TV. My favourite type of movies are comedy
and adventure. Sometimes at the weekend, especially when it is cold outside, it is very nice to stay
inside, watch movies and relax on the sofa. Also, in my spare time, I like meeting with friends and going
to a restaurant with them. We eat together and go shopping after that.
10- What do you usually do at the weekends?

I usually like to travel at the weekends. I often visit my grandmother in Jeddah. I sometimes go to Mecca
for Umrah. If Im not travelling, I like to go to a restaurant with my friends.

11- Do you work?

Right now, I do not work. I study at college, but I will try to find a job after my graduation.

12- What sports do you like? Why?

My favorite sport is football. I love watching football matches, especially Real Madrid and Barcelona.
Football is a popular sport around the world. Recently Saudi Arabia achieved success. We will play in the
World Cup matches. Im excited to watch these matches.

13- Are you keen on doing exercise?

Yes, I am very keen on doing exercise. I am a fitness freak. I like to play sports, especially tennis. Tennis is
a good exercise because you never stop running. It is important to do exercise to stay healthy and keep

14- What did you do last summer? Did you go on holiday?

Last summer, I went to Jeddah to visit my family. We took a plane and arrive there. It was so nice to see
my family, like my grandmother, grandfather and cousins. We also went to Mecca and did Umrah.

15- Have you got any pet?

I havent got any pets, but I would love to have a cat. I know pets can be a big responsibility because you
have to feed them and take them for a walk. My favourite type of pet is Shirazi cats

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