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David M.

Cox Elementary
Minutes of the Monthly Meeting of the School Organizational Team (SOT)
November 14, 2017
7:00 PM

Location of the Meeting

David M. Cox Library
280 Clark Drive
Henderson, NV 89074

Present at the meeting

Ryoko Ball-Aguilar
Ana Pisano
Anna Sowell
Jill Stackel
Tara Imboden
Todd Nash
Rich Friesz

The meeting was called to order by SOT team member Rich Friesz at 7:04 PM. It was seconded by Ana

Approval of the Agenda

The agenda for the meeting was distributed and unanimously approved.

Review of Previous Meetings

The SOT Committee reviewed and unanimously approved the notes from the last meeting. Kristy
Jensen-Coleman motioned for the minutes to be approved; Ana Pisano seconded the motion.

Issues That Were Discussed This Meeting

Our Budget Situation
Our budget has not changed
The spending freeze has been removed
We will receive our second allocation at the end of November

We analyzed the Transfer of Responsibilities packet as a team. Below are some things that
were noted:
It was motioned to take all administrators to an 11 month salary scheduled but motion
was denied
Magnet school transportation was approved
We are a school that will take over the responsibility of paying for utilities
Eleven schools (that are supported by casinos) will be cutting custodians next year (This
is on page 15 of 19 on the Transfer of Responsibilities document
Anna Sowell had pointed out that the School Board meeting rejected the plan to
outsource custodial staff.
Further Examination of the CCSD Utility Costs by School
Our school spends an average of $124,142.51 in utilities
Our discussion focused on whether these costs will go up in the future
If so, recycling will be one of the services that we will look at more closely
Our phone and internet cost $8000 and yet we dont know who our carrier is
Gas cost $7,624.54
If we are to take over responsibility for these costs, can we choose our carriers? Can we
go with solar panels?
We will be paying for these costs in the next fiscal year
We also know that Henderson schools receives funds from the Pot Bill.
Reviewing our School Performance Plan:
Our goal is to increase the proficiency rate for our IEP and ELL population
Our goal is to increase the proficiency in the area of math school wide
Our goal is to show growth for our African American and Hispanic groups
Our goal is to ensure that we have a staff that is culturally competent
On page 10 of the document, it was noted that PTA funding will help with the CCSD
Project Allocation of the ELL Department
We are scheduled to receive new computers by the end of November
Surveys for the district need to be done by December

Agenda and Time of Next Meeting

The next meeting date will be December 12, 2017 at 5:00 P.M.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:39 PM by SOT member Ana Pisano. It was seconded by Anna Sowell.

Minutes were submitted by Ryoko Ball-Aguilar

Minutes to be approved by the SOT Committee