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Friday Night Lights, Literary Analysis Essay

Instructions: you will complete an essay addressing 1 prompt below. You will have the entire
period to complete your work. Your essay should focus on the text and enhance the readers
understanding of key themes and ideas presented in the text.

1. You may use any info from your notebook and the posters around the room.
2. Share the document with me at
3. Save the document as your last name and period #
4. I strongly encourage you to create a solid outline before beginning to write.
5. This is a quiet work period. You should consider this test taking conditions. AKA NO
TALKING! (unless you are asking me for help).

Must haves:
MLA format
Typed, double spaced
2-3 pages
3 direct examples/passages from the text
A clear thesis statement

You will have an opportunity to revise your work after the break.

Essay Prompts: Pick 1

1. In what ways does race influence the attitudes and behavior of Odessas athletes,
coaches, and even fans?

2. In what ways is Brian Chavez unique among his peers at Permian?

3. Why does Boobie Miles become a main focus of this story, and how does he fall victim
to the pressures of football, attitudes about race, etc.?

4. What do the authors descriptions of classroom activity and teachers behavior at Permian
reveal about the role of education in the lives of students and adults at Permian?

5. What role does the football program in Odessa play? Provide examples that demonstrate
its importance. What might this say about how the people view the football team?