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Salad Street Wraps

tandoori lamb kebab 13.95

Flavorful, street-inspired Grilled roti, dipped in egg with your choice of fillings.
Wraps are topped with pickled red onion, cucumber,
free-range, organic greens, red onion, cherry
tomato, cucumber, warm rice pulao, dill raita Indian food created with tomato and cilantro.

ginger chicken 6.95 healthy, local ingredients. bombay potato

whole-spices, tomato, ginger, chile, garlic,
organic greens, red beet poriyal, black caramelized onion
channa, radish, spiced lime dressing
butter chicken 11.95
coconut kale mung 12.95 all-natural, tomato, ginger, garlic, chile, yogurt
sprouted mung, cucumber, ginger, red onion,
cilantro, jalapeo, orange cumin dressing
tamil lamb 12.95
grass-fed, coconut milk, cinnamon, cloves,
add a slice of freshly baked tandoori naan 2
chiles, poppy seeds

Dosas prawn masala 12.95

South Indian savory rice and lentil crepe, served with fresh coconut and tomato chutneys and sambar, a flavorful lentil and tomato, onion, coconut milk, chile,

Small Plates vegetable dipping soup. Dip each bite of dosa or uttapam in the sambar and chutneysand feel free to use your hands!
Many dosas can be made vegan ( ), please inform us about your dietary preferences.
fresh curry leaves

Order a few of these small dishes, tapas-style! paneer 11.95

fresh farmers cheese, caramelized onion
masala potato 8.50 habanero mango 9.50 masala, cilantro
tandoori naan 2 classic, spiced potato, caramelized onions, masala potato, habanero-mango chutney
baked-to-order, soft, wheat flatbread
cashew nuts; add truffle oil for 0.50 (warning SPICY!)
channa fried chicken 6.95
butter chicken 12.95 roasted chile garlic 8.95
boneless, spicy, raita (yogurt) dipping sauce
all-natural chicken, tomato, ginger, masala potato, spicy, roasted chile
garlic chutney
Rice Bowls
idli fries 4.95 garlic, spices
Homestyle Indian curries garnished with a wedge of
south indian french fry sliced rice and lentil lime and fresh cilantro.
patties, roasted chile-garlic chutney tamil lamb 13.95 paneer 12.95
grass-fed lamb, coconut milk, spices spiced, shredded, fresh farmers cheese add chiles, roasted cashews & red onion .50
vada pav 4.95
spiced potato slider, caramelized onions, seasonal 10.95 egg 7.95 choose your rice:
peppers, soft bun, gunpowder chutney fresh seasonal vegetables, lightly sauted thin layer of cage-free egg, gunpowder sprinkle

samosa 2.50 coconut lemon

paper masala 9.95 cheese 9.95
choose sweet potato or classic masala potato shredded, melted, cheddar, mozzarella
brown white
extra large, crispy, spiced potato masala
savory pastry, potato, pea, cilantro, mint chutney
on the side (for here, only!)

additional chutney .50 choose your curry base:

tomato coconut tamarind tamil lamb 13.95

sambar 2 chutneys spicy lamb, fennel, tomato, onion, poppy
a hot, lentil-based add an extra side of cilantro mango spicy habanero seed, coconut milk
vegetable dipping soup chutney .50 mint fennel mango

Sweets chicken tikka masala

tomato, cream, sweet masala spices

Desserts are house made, daily. 12 oz. 16 oz.

saag paneer 13.95
chocolate chunk chai tea cookie 2.95 Drinks freshly squeezed
sugarcane juice
6.50 hot masala chai
authentic blend of black tea
3.50 4.50 spinach, fresh farmers cheese,
cream, spices
oversized, baked fresh daily made with fresh ginger and lemon made with indian spices; brewed
with lowfat milk or almond milk
butternut squash dal 9.50
vegan cardamom kheer 2.95 lassi shikanji lemonade 4.95 lentils, ginger, garlic, onion, tomato, turmeric
creamy tapioca pudding, coconut milk,
traditional, refreshing yogurt drink fresh lemon, sparkling water, espresso & coffee
saffron, toasted, slivered almond black pepper, honey, turmeric
8 oz. 16 oz. sub almond milk .50
mango cardamom 3.95 7.50 12 oz. 16 oz. add a side:
hazelnut fudge 2.95 mixed berry 3.95 7.50 bottled soda 4
cashew milk, dark chocolate ganache, latte 3.50 3.95 tandoori naan, made hot to order! 2
spicy tamarind 3.95 mexican coke / diet coke cappuccino 3.50 3.95
hibiscus flower petal banana turmeric 3.95 cool side of raita (yogurt dipping sauce) .75
ginger beer espresso 1.95 3.50
sweet 3.95 fresh chutney .50
sprite macchiato 2.95 3.50