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Commission Board of Trustees

1. Secretary of Labor 1. President and General
and Employment Manager
2. SSS president; and 2. Eight (8) appointive
members by Pres.
3. Seven (7) appointive a. One (1)from teachers
members by Pres. b. Two (2) govt EE
a. Three (3) from workers c. Four (4) from the
group banking, finance,
b. Three (3) from investment, and
employers group insurance sectors
d. One (1) from legal
c. One (1) from the profession
general public
3. Term -6 years
4. Term 3 years
Function of Commission
To establish a provident fund for the
members for the payment of benefits
to such members or their beneficiaries
To settle any dispute with respect to
coverage, benefits, contributions and
Petition duly sworn
Certification against Forum Shopping
Answer within 15 days from summons
No Answer Default
Action must first be taken by SSS
Assignment to a Hearing Com/Officer
Mandatory Pre-Hearing
Submission of Position Paper (simultaneous)
Determination of Necessity of Hearing
Decision of the Commission en banc
Motion for Reconsideration 15 days
Appeal to CA 15 days
Function of BoT
Funds of the GSIS which are not
needed to meet the current
obligations may be invested
Investments shall satisfy the requirements
of liquidity, safety/security and yield in
order to ensure the actuarial solvency of
the funds of the GSIS
To settle any dispute with respect to
GSIS law
Exclusivity of Benefits
Whenever other laws provide similar
benefits for the same contingencies
covered by GSIS:
1. Member have the option to choose
2. If the benefits provided by the law are
less than the GSIS GSIS shall pay the
difference only.
Petition duly verified
Decision of the Committee on Claims
Answer within 10 days from summons
No Answer Decision
Assignment to a Hearing Officer
Preliminary Conference
Submission of Affidavits
Clarificatory Hearing if needed
Decision of the Board
Motion for Reconsideration 15 days
Appeal to CA 15 days
Prescription of Action
Ten years - SSS Office Four years
Order Number 2015-005