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Official Guidelines and Mechanics

Digital Storytelling using Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2010
Theme: Advantages and Disadvantages of Having Advanced Technology Today

Contestants will create a PowerPoint presentation about the Advantages and Disadvantages of
Having Advanced Technology Today. Contestants must show their skills in proper use of animations
and transitions to effectively tell a story using a PowerPoint presentation. Images to be used will be
provided to the contestants.


1. The information collected and presented in the entire presentation should be based on the
prescribed theme above.
2. Contestants will only use Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2010 to create their presentation.
Any other presentation platform will not be considered.
3. The story script, images, and other materials to be used are all provided to the contestants.
4. The presentation should have at least 12 slides.
a. Allocate the first slide for the title.
b. Presentations must have at least 2 pictures or clip art that support the idea of

5. Contestants can use any design templates and layouts they prefer.
6. Proper usage of animation will be observed. These may be applied to text, pictures, AutoShapes,
and other embedded objects.
7. Applying Transitions between each slide of the presentation is optional.
8. Contestants may use sound clips to enhance their presentations.
9. The slideshow must have a rehearsed timing for automatic navigation.
10. Contestants will save their final output in the desktop using the filename according to their
corresponding PC number (e.g. 23.pptx).

1. Each school is represented by one (1) student from any grade level.
2. Use of the Internet for the duration of the contest proper is strictly prohibited.
3. Coaches are given a specific area where they can observe the contest and are not allowed to go
near within the contestants seats.
4. No bags, cellular phones, notepads, or books are allowed within the contest area. Personal
belongings of the contestants should be given to their coaches/companions for safekeeping. CAL
representatives shall NOT look after these belongings.
5. Contestants caught in an act of cheating or any form of dishonesty shall be automatically

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Official Guidelines and Mechanics

6. In case of power interruption, file corruption and/or system crashes, the contestants time will be
paused to retrieve their last saved file. Failure to save their progress prior to the interruption will
not subject to reset their timer. ALWAYS SAVE YOUR PROGRESS.
6.1. If technical problem occurs, the contestant should immediately ask for assistance to the
contest facilitators for a prompt response because their time could be temporarily put on hold
to be fair with the other contestants.
7. Questions/comments regarding the contest proper or by participating students/contestants will
be addressed by the CAL Competition Team.
8. The decision of the CAL Competition Team is FINAL.

One (1) hour. Timer starts and stops upon the signal of the contest facilitator.


Layout Design 20
Effective Use and Selection of Images 10
Effective Use and Selection of Animation 10
Final Output 30
Slide Content 20
Effects and Timings

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