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Professional Development Plan

I. Goals for the next 6 months:

a. Graduate from nursing school
b. Pass the NCLEX and receive my RN license
c. Start working and gathering experience as an RN
d. Start my bachelors program for nursing
II. Plans to achieve goals for the next 6 months:
a. By passing all my nursing classes and the HESI exit exam to earn Associates in
Science of Nursing (ASN) degree from Miami Dade College
b. Study for the NCLEX using Saunders book, UWorld, Kaplan, and other sources of
study material
c. Apply to various RN positions in different hospitals including Baptist, Jackson,
Kendall Regional, and UM
d. Apply to Miami Dade College Bachelors program for Nursing before deadline
May 1st and will start in the Fall 2018
III. Goals for the next 3 years:
a. Gather enough work experience of 2 years
b. Go to graduate school and get masters degree
IV. Plans to achieve goals for the next 3 years:
a. Apply to RN position preferably medical surgical floor and work for 2 years of
gaining experience and saving enough money for grad school
b. Apply to different graduate schools for Nurse Practitioner, most likely applying to
V. In 10 years:
a. I see myself in a stable work position as a nurse practitioner, preferably at a
b. Also as a clinical instructor teaching new oncoming nursing students
VI. Professional organizations I belong to:
a. I currently do not pertain to any professional organizations
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b. In the future, I plan on being a part of Florida Nurse Association

VII. Presently belong to an organization related to future nursing career:
a. I currently do not belong to any organization related to future nursing career,
however I am interested in becoming a part of Academy of Medical-Surgical
Nurses and Nurse Practitioner Council of Miami-Dade
VIII. Standards and Scope of Practice of the Nurses in future career:
a. Competent level of nursing care demonstrated by critical thinking and use of
nursing process
b. Carry out nursing responsibilities while providing quality care and meeting
ethical obligations
IX. Requirements to be certified in future career:
a. Certified Medical-Surgical Registered Nurse
i. RN with current US license
ii. Practiced 2 years as an RN in a medical-surgical setting
iii. Submit application and receive exam permit
X. Plans to achieve this certification:
a. Work as an RN in a medical-surgical floor with 2 years of experience
b. Apply for certification and take exam permit
XI. Professional competencies:
a. I currently hold a Basic Life Support- CPR (BLS) certification
XII. Professional competencies plan to obtain in the next 6 months:
a. In the next 6 months as an RN, I plan to obtain an Advanced Cardiovascular Life
Support (ACLS) certification
XIII. Participation in any professional activity:
a. I participated in Verde Gardens health science fair, which is hosted annually, by
community nurses
i. I witnessed nurses taking vital signs, blood glucose checks, checking BMI,
and offering free consultation.
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ii. I was a part of the nutritious cooking class they offered and we handed
fresh fruit milkshakes and yogurt with fruit; we also discussed the
importance of high fiber foods such as fresh fruit and vegetables.