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(Subject: SCIENCE)

Form : 4 Opal
Day : Wednesday
Date : 24th February 2016
Time : 7.30 a.m. to 8.40 a.m. (70 minutes)
Subject : Science
Topic : Heredity and Variation
Subtopics : 3.4 - Mutation
Main Concepts : Gene and chromosome mutation
Key Words : Mutation, albinism, colour blindness, Downs syndrome,
Klinefelters syndrome, Turners syndrome
Aim : Students are able to understand the concept of mutation.
Learning Objectives : At the end lesson, students should be able:
1. To state what mutation is
2. State the types of mutation
3. List the examples of mutation
4. Identify cause of mutation
5. State the advantages and disadvantages of mutations

Noble Values : Realising that science is a mean to understand natural processes

Thinking Skills : Relating, analysing, predicting
Teaching Methods : 1. Discussion with students
Teaching Aids : 1. Slide of gene and chromosome mutation
2. Science Process Skills, Form 4
Hypothesis : Mutation is a spontaneous change to the structure of genes or
chromosomes of an organism
Previous Knowledge: Students know the function of chromosomes and genes
1. Yeap Tok Heng. 2015. eNotes Science SPM. Petaling Jaya: Sasbadi Sdn. Bhd
2. Hayati et al. 2005. Science Form 4. Bangi: Pustaka Alhas (M) Sdn. Bhd.

Content Procedure Teachers Classroom Material/Notes

1. A short 1. On Monday 1. Slide
Introduction discussion is we discussed 2. Textbook
(15 minutes) held on the the
contents of mechanism of
1. Previous the previous inheritance
lesson lesson. proposed by
2. What are the
definitions of
genotype and
3. What is a
4. Who
the sex of a
5. How do we
identical and

1. The 1. Can anyone 1. Slide

Development hypothesis is state what 2. Textbook
(45 minutes) asked. mutation is?
1. Definition of 2. The slide for 2. A mutation is
mutation the mutation ______.
2. Types of of genes is 3. Mutations are
mutation shown caused by
3. Factors that 3. Teacher asks ______.
cause questions to 4. There are two
mutation each group types of
which are
1. Conclusion is 1. Lets make a 1. Repetition of
Closure made conclusion of lesson
(10 minutes) 2. Homework is todays learned
1. Summary of assignment lesson. 2. Exercise is
lesson 2. Are all given for
2. Homework mutations bad students to
for living consolidate
organisms? concept
Why? learned
3. For more
about this
topic, please
complete the
exercises on
Pages 33-35
from your
Process Skills
4. We will
review the
answers on
5. Thank you

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