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Overall Desc
The lube oil unloading pump enables the transfer of fuel oil from a bulk fuel oil carrier to the
storage tank. The unloading pumps, namely 00-LVC104-KP001 shall pump the fuel oil from
supply to lube oil tank 00-LVC203 KD001. The unloading pumps will be running intermittent,
only for filling lube tank for 2 hours. The auxiliary lube oil pump is equipped with a discharge
check valve. The check valve prevents backflow during normal operation of the engine-driven
fuel pump. Inservice testing can be performed on the discharge check valve. When pump in
maintenance, unloading lube oil will be used hand+electric pump 00-MJV503 KP 004. The lube
oil will be deliver to sump tank 01-MJV405 KD001 and 02-MJV406 KD002 with lube oil transfer
pump 00-LVC105 KP001/002. Before engine started, the prelubrication pump (01-MJV405 KP001
and 02-MJV406 KP001) is switched on. The prelubrication pump shall also be used for
postlubrication when engine stop. Postlubrication shall be done for a period of 15 minutes.
There is purification system after lube oil circulation from engine to remove contaminations to
keep the lube oil performance and retention of dirt to dafe the engine. For some maintenance
works, at least a part of the lube oil in the service tank has to be drained to a storage facility.
Therefore a draining pump has to be forseen. After the maintenance the lube oil can be filled
back in the service tank again.

- Lube oil tank

Lube oil from lube oil supply is fed into main tank with pump. The lube oil storage tanks are
equipped with sample lines, level transmitters, manual level gauges and drain lines for
draining the tanks, and monitoring tank levels. This level transmitter is completed with Level
Alarm for high-high and low-low condition. When height of water at high-high level,
unloading pump will be sending signal to PLC and stop pump with hand switch. If engine
need supply and oil level at low-low, pump will running to filling main tank. Tank also
provide nozzle at upper high-high level to send fuel oil overflow to drain. For manual reading
of level at main tank, there is level gauge. The tank bottom is constructed so that a low
point sump exists for collection and drainage of any water or sediment that may be present.
Additionally, the system incorporates the pumps, the pump discharge piping, and conduits.
The tank is vented, via a bug screen, to the atmosphere outside the power house at a
location above the tank connections. Bug screen are applied to the main and daily tanks to
prevent foreign material from entering the tanks through the vent system during standby
and operating modes. The exterior surfaces of the tanks are painted for corrosion
protection. The interior surfaces of the tanks are coated with a corrosion resistant material.
Each pump is provided strainer. There is two 100% pump, one pump is designed as the
primary pump and the second pump is designed as the standby pump, the latter serving in
the event of a failure of the primary pump.

- Lubricating system
Lubricating oil will be transfer to sump tank with lube oil transfer pump (00-LVC105
KP001/002). One pump is designed as the primary pump and the second pump is designed
as the standby pump. Flow indicator (FQI 00-LVC105 FF101) will be installed at discharge
lube oil transfer pump for local indicator and also at DCS. Before engine started, lubricating
oil has to be circulated for at least 10 minutes. There is cooler installed, thus the lube oil
temperature will keep around 50degC. This cooler (01-MJV405 KC001) is completed with
pressure and temperature indicator to local monitoring. The discharge cooler is provide lube
oil auto filter (01-MJV405 KC001) and also installed pressure difference indicator switch (01-
MJV405 CP101). Sump tank have local instrumentation for monitoring tank differential level.
An alarm will alert the operator if a degraded condition exists and selection of the alternate
strainer is required. Gas phase from lube oil will be catched with oil mist eliminator.
When lube oil is already saturated and become Lubricating system for engine 2 is identically.