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Sri Venkateswara Maha Mantra :

Om Namo Venkatesaaya Kaamita-artha Pradhaayine Pranatah Klesa Naasaaya Govindaaya

Namo Namaha.

Chapter 20 & 21

Fate Erased

Sriguru Lord Narasinha Saraswati (Second incarnation of Lord Dattatrey in Kali


Sriguru had promised his devotees that he would divinely reside at the Audumbar
tree in the place now called as Narsobachi wadi. Devotees even now experience his
divine presence and miracles.

A Brahmin named Gangadhar lived in Shirol village near Narsobachi wadi. His wife
was very virtuous. She gave birth to five children, but each one died within a few
days of birth. They didnt even survive until their naming ceremony. The Brahmin
couple was very unhappy. They prayed to all deities with earnestness to seek a
child, but all efforts went in vain. Once they both approached a well-known
astrologer. He told them that, in the past life, the Brahmani had borrowed gold
coins from a Brahmin of Shonak gotra, but never returned it back. Therefore the
Brahmin belonging to the Shonan gotra gave up and committed suicide. After the
suicide, he became a ghost and destroys all her children. Since the Brahmin was
childless, no one carried out his funeral rites after death. Therefore, the
astrologer suggested that they complete all funeral rites of the ghost, donate the
loan amount to a Brahmin of same gotra and offer services to Sriguru in order to
wipe out the effects of their sins.

The Brahmani said, I do not have wealth equal to a hundred gold coins. I am even
unable to perform all the funeral rites of the Brahmin. However, I will complete
the funeral rites as much as possible. For a month I will stay at the confluence of
Krishna-Panchganga Rivers and offer my devotional services to Sriguru. The very
next day she reached Narsobachi wadi. Everyday she would bathe in the Teerth and
devotionally worship the Padukas of Sriguru and the Audumber tree. While carrying
out the Parikrama around the Audumber tree, she would continuously chant
Digambara, Digambara, Sripad Vallabh Digambara.

On the third night she had a dream with the ghost demanding his money. He
threatened the brahmani, If you dont return my money, I shall eliminate all
members of your family. Saying that, the ghost raised a weapon and came to attack
her. Fear gripped the Brahmin lady and she started running towards the Audumbar
tree. At that very moment, she saw the compassionate Sriguru personally standing in
front of her. She went and laid herself down at the lotus feet of Sriguru. Sriguru
assured her of protection. He asked the ghost, Why do you want to kill this poor
lady?. The ghost replied Oh Lord! This lady had borrowed a hundred gold coins in
my past birth. She did not return the money in that birth. I died out of grief and
became a ghost. If she returns my money, I would silently leave without harassing
her anymore. Then Sriguru replied, This lady is my devotee. You cannot harass her
anymore. Whatever little amount she can manage to give you, take that and go away
silently. Only then you will be liberated from this state and the lady would also
become happy. If you get entangled in this web of money, you will never be
liberated from this state of being a ghost.

The ghost accepted his suggestion. Then Sriguru told the Brahmin lady You should
perform the Dashapindi funeral rites of this ghost. It will not only liberate the
ghost from its origin, but it will also make you happy. Take bath in the holy water
here and then perform the funeral rites. For seven days you bath the Audumbar tree
with this holy water. Then all your sins would be washed away.

After saying so, Sriguru disappeared. The ghost also vanished. Then the Brahmin
lady awakened from her dream. She narrated the entire conversation to her husband;
and as per Srigurus orders performed the Dashpindi funeral rites of the ghost,
took the blessings of Lord Amareshwar and then stayed at Narasinhawadi for the
night. That night Sriguru again appeared in her dream and offered her two coconuts.
She ate those coconuts and returned home. In due time, she gave birth to two sons
with the kind blessings of Sriguru.

After a few years, they decided to perform the thread ceremony of their elder son
who was five years old and the tonsure ceremony of their three-year-old.
Unfortunately, just a day before the ceremony, the younger son died due to a
tetanus infection. With the untimely death of their younger son, his parents were
struck by grief and was completely heart broken. The Brahmin lady started beating
her head. The villagers came to collect the body for the funeral rites, but she
did not allow them to touch the dead body. An entire day passed, but she remained
adamant.At this time a celibate boy arrived from nowhere. He tried his best to
convince the Brahmin lady, but in vain. The grief-stricken mother could not grasp
the higher principles of the Vedas. The lady said, I dont want to listen to
anybody. Sriguru had promised me in front of the Audumbar tree at the confluence of
Krishna-Panchganga Rivers, that both my sons would have long life. Then the
celibate boy, who was none other than Sriguru himself in that form said, If your
devotion is really true, then Sriguru himself would show you the right path. You
should go back to that Audumbar tree.

Accordingly the Brahmin lady took her dead son to the Audumbar tree. She laid down
the dead body in front of the Padukas of Sriguru and then in an afflicted tone
started chanting loudly the name of Sriguru for help. In that state of grief, she
dozed off and had a dream. In the dream, Lord Narasinha Saraswati appeared before
her and said, My words were true. Do not blame me. As per your sons fate, he had
to live up to a hundred years. However, in your fate there is separation from your
son. But, I shall wipe out this aspect of your fate and make your son alive. After
saying so, he puffed out holy ash from his mouth.

Soon the lady woke up from her slumber and to her surprise saw her son crying.
There was happiness all over. The villagers gathered and bowed before the
Padukas with great devotion. Then they gave holy bath to the Padukas as well as
to the Audumbar tree and worshipped the same with great devotion. They all offered
their prayers to Lord Narsinha Sarswati for pardoning them and sang in praise of
the Lord. Everyone realised that even after his departure from this place, he still
divinely manifests there. If one worships him with true devotion, Sriguru certainly
changes the fate of the person for the better. Even today, lakhs of devotees come
to Narasinhawadi to seek the blessings of Sriguru and get their desires fulfilled.
Depending on their devotional service and faith, their wishes do get fulfilled.