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Scratch vs. C
hello, C
The CS50 Library
Data Types
More C

Now that weve explored some basic programming concepts with Scratch, we can try to use the same
ideas with a more traditional language, C.

Recall that last week, to run our program in Scratch, we would begin with a block that read when
greenflagclicked .

Our example of having Scratch say hello,world can be translated to the following C:

#include <stdio.h>

int main(void)

printf is the equivalent of say in Scratch, and it will print whatever is inside the parentheses.

We notice a bit of syntax, like the double quotes and the semicolon, but we can focus on one
piece at a time.

In Scratch, say was a function that took an argument, or parameter, and the equivalent line in C is:


The \n prints a new line, like pressing enter after typing out that message.

And in the case of loops, in Scratch we might have a forever block that does something over and
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