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3/16" sheet

F1 1/8" Liteply
C2 3/16" soft balsa f6 1/8" lITEPLY
F11 1/8" Liteply

Ridder 3/16" sheet

C3 1/16" ply

C 3/16" soft balsa

F2 1/8" Liteply

General frame from 3/16" sq.

Scrap fairing Central stringer extends to here sanded to smooth section
1/8" sq stringers

C1 C2 C3 F1 F2 F6
F3 & F4 F14 1/16" Balsa


F5 1/8" Liteply
T2 1/16" Balsa
T3 1/16" Balsa

T1 2 off 1/16" blasa

Cover this area with 1/16" sheet
after sanding 3/16 sides and chin to Laminate fin base from T1 on the outaide and T2 & T3 as cores
3s 1100
stape: Sand overall. LIPO pack Fuselage basic frame from 3/16" sq med hard sbalsa stock
F19 2 off 1/16" sheet
F5 Velcro to
F18 1/16" sheet
bulkhead Omit slot on RHS
HS55 F15 1/16" balsa
3/16" soft balsa F17 1/16" ply
.3/16" side panels

1/16" soft sheet

F20 1/8" Liteply
doubler Hatch from 3 layers of3/16" sheet F10 2 off 3/16" sheet
F3 1/8" Liteply 65mm sport wheels
F13 1/16" Balsa

F12 1/16" Balsa Tailwheel Rudder torque Rod

leg 16swg 14 SWG wire
F4 1/8" Liteply Wire Bend as shown

2 off 3/16" balsa core

F9 Hatch front 1/16" ply 3/4" 1/64" ply
F7 1/8" Liteply
3/16" dia. wing retaining dowels Tailwheel outers Rear U/C leg 12 SWG
4.5mm foam
Section through
Front U/C leg 12 SWG

Side View of Rear leg
F1 F11 Bend as shown, bind
and solder to front leg
F6 F7 HS55
after assembly
to fuselage
3s 1100
LIPO pack

Front fuselage sides

2 off 3/16" soft sheet Snakes used

for control rods

Note where outers terminate
A Vintage model freely adapted from Vic Smeeds
for electric power and 3 channel R/C

Fuselage and Fin.

F8 3/16" soft Balsa Issue 1
Hatch from 3 off 3/16" balsa sheet
November 2006

Reciever mounting bulkhead 1/8" balsa

Forward cowling sheet 2 off 1/16" balsa

1/4" x 3/16" LE

Cover top
and bottom
1/64" ply

T3 2 off 1/16" sheet

1/8" x 3/16" spars

Hole for rudder T2 4 off 1/16" sheet

torque rod

T1 2 off 1/16" sheet

3/16" sq. hard TE

Tips 1/8" med balsa

2.5mm CF or dowel
torque rod

Elevators 3/16" soft sheet

Assemble 3/16" sq. spars to dihedral brace as shown Dihedral brace 1/16" ply

4 off ea. 1/8" med balsa R3 2 off 1/16" med balsa
R2 12 off 1/16" med balsa

1/4" sq. LE
1/8" sheet tips

2 lams
3/16" sheet.

1/16" ply dihedral

brace Main spars
R3 R2 R2 R2 R2 R2 R2 R1 3/16" sq hard

All gussets 1/8" sheet Cover CS with 1/16"

Rear spar
soft balsa
1/8" x 1/4" hard
top & bottom

Crack upper spar here

Tip 1/8" 3/4 notched as shown "AESOP"

Upper spar R2 A Vintage model freely adapted from Vic Smeeds
1/4" x 3/4" TE notched as shown POPSIE.
Section through tip Lower spar for electric power and 3 channel R/C

Wing and tailplane.

Issue 1
November 2006