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International Contemporary Music Festival

November 14-18, Salzburg


CROSSROADS Festival aims to promote international cooperation between

composition and contemporary music performance students from different countries.
Its main goal is to create an opportunity for young artists to learn from each other, to
get to know different cultures and to build international relationships.

The program of the International Contemporary Music Festival CROSSROADS 2017

includes an open workshop on Chinese traditional instruments, lectures on the
importance of cooperation between composer and ensemble and presentations of
Baltic composers and their works. Furthermore five concerts of professional
contemporary music ensembles will take place: ENM (sterreichisches Ensemble
fr Neue Musik), NAMES (New Art and Music Ensemble Salzburg), Synaesthesis
(Lithuania), Ensemble JVLMA (Latvia) and Shanghai Autumn (China).

This years edition of the Festival will feature the music scene of Baltic countries
(Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia), aiming to draw attention to the rich and very specific
culture and history of the Baltics.

We are inviting composition students from Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Austria to
write compositions for various contemporary music ensembles, which will be
premiered during the Festival on 14th-18th of November in Salzburg, Austria.

Authors of accepted compositions will be invited to attend the Festival and its events.
Who can apply?

Composers of any age and nationality, studying in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia or Austria.

How and when?

Send us an e-mail to

introduce yourself (indicating name, age, nationality and current studies)

add a short biography in English or German
add a link to a recording of any of your recent works, if you have one
add a preference of ensemble you want to write a composition for (information below).

Applications can be sent in English, German or Lithuanian.

Deadline for applications is 30th of June 2017

(Note: deadline for scores is 18th of September 2017)

You will be provided with more detailed information if we have accepted your application.

All applicants will be informed about their participation within a week after the application deadline.

General Information

Authors of accepted compositions will be invited to attend the Festival on 14th-18th of November

The compositions will be accepted by the ensemble members.

The decision will be made upon the following criteria: originality, quality and performance specifics
of the composition, as well as pertinence to the context and idea of the Festival.

We advice selected composers to arrive in Salzburg at least two days before the concert in which
their piece is premiered. This is important for the rehearsals.
One of the Festivals main goals is live cooperation, exchanging ideas and building international
connections, so it is strongly recommended to arrive on the 13th of November and participate to all
of the events

Ensemble of Jzeps Vtols Latvian Academy of Music (Latvia)

Concert on 14th of November

Clarinet in Bb/ in A (one player)

Alto/ soprano Saxophone (one player)

NAMES - New Art and Music Ensemble Salzburg (Austria)

Concert on 15th of November

2 violins
Flute/piccolo/alto/bass flute (one player)
Clarinet in Bb/in A/Bass clarinet (one player)
Percussion (one player)
E-organ (or second keyboard-pianist)

ENM - sterreichisches Ensemble fr Neue Musik (Austria)

Concert on 17th of November


Synaesthesis - Contemporary Music Ensemble (Lithuania)

Concert on 18th of November

Clarinet/Bass clarinet (one player)

Alto Saxophone
Percussion (one player)
Composition requirements
Choose an ensemble you would like to compose for and indicate your choice in the application.
(Composing for two ensembles is also possible. If you wish to apply with two compositions, please
indicate this in your application)

The composition may be already written before, but has to match all the requirements.

Instrumentation: at least 4 instruments. We encourage you to use all of the ensembles instruments.

Suggested duration is 5-8 min.

The composition may (but does not have to) include live electronics and/or tape.

Deadline for sending complete scores and parts is 18th of September 2017
Few days can be discussed with the organizers in advance, but note, that being late might be a
reason for not accepting your piece.

Dont hesitate to contact us for any information

Director of the Festival

Silvija iuladyt