Security at Work Place

Security Systems of AED
‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Physical Security Guards Force Access Control Policy IT and Communication Security

Physical Security
‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Boundary Wall Doors and Key Control Windows & Ventilators Safe Heaven Lighting Security Alarms Security Equipments


Access Control Policy

Access Control Policy
‡ Entry to the office compound of AED is subject to verification of Staff ID card ‡ It is prohibited to bring any explosive/ non explosive weapons, knives, Inflammable/ Corrosive chemical material to AED facilities. ‡ Entry to the offices of AED is subject to complete body and luggage search. All vehicles coming to AED will also be searched. ‡ All visitors, contractors and staff other than from the respective office, who are visiting the AED Islamabad office, should be notified in advance to the AED Security Staff by the hosting department/ person.

Access Control Policy
‡ It is highly desirable to preplan your meetings with outside stake holders and suppliers and intimate Security Department in Advance. ‡ This practice will save the waiting time for the visitor and give you an extra edge in security management. ‡ Any unknown visitors should be avoided to every possible extent and at no cost should be allowed unattended access to AED offices. ‡ If necessary, suppliers and unknown visitors should be entertained outside the main office compound.

IT & Communication Security

IT & Communication Security
Password Protection of Computer System: ± Your computer system is your representation and can be misused for sending undesired email or visiting unauthorized websites. ± Always protect the computer system by the use of password and ensure to lock the system before you leave your desk, even for a short break. ± Take regular backups of your Data Protection of written information ‡ Always ensure to burn/ Shred your trash documents ‡ Information in wrong hands can endanger your life and property

IT & Communication Security
Media Interaction ± No Staff member is allowed to speak with media without prior approval of respective COP/ Home office ± Staff should be extremely cautious while interacting with media during any crisis or emergency (Bombing, kidnapping etc) ± Any such act can not only seriously hamper the project activities but can also endanger the life of your colleague

Emergency Communication Tree
‡ Every information regarding security issues will be disseminated by Director Security to Key Staff of AED through cellular SMS and email. ‡ Upon receiving this information, it is the sole responsibility of Senior Supervisors to further disseminate it among their respective staff and send a confirmatory message by SMS or email to Director Security that all respective staff know about the incident.

HR Considerations for hiring Field Staff
± Explicitly local resident of the area (Not by Domicile but by present living status) ± Considerations should be given to the sex of staff for field operations ± Ethnic/ Sectarian Background of Staff should be considered in reference to his area of assignment ± Competitive Compensation Package ± Comprehensive Life/ Health Insurance

Security Trainings & Drills
± Fire SOPs & Fire Drills ± Imminent Bomb Threat Procedures ± Post explosion Instructions & Bomb Drills ± Non Imminent Bomb threat procedures ± Evacuation Drills

Security Trainings & Drills
± Medical Evacuation Plan ± Intruder and Mob Attack Procedures ± Hibernation and Evacuation Plans

Effects of Security Strategy
‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Secure Offices, Residences and missions Well prepared and trained staff Reduction in security related stress Increased productivity of project Building trust of community Gradual Increase in client satisfaction along with safety of personnel and assets of organization


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