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Siddique 1

Maryam Siddique
English 5M
Professor Doutherd
November 18, 2017
Revision Summary
I think that writing this paper helped me gain my skills of relating to other authors. I
mainly learned the importance of authority in writing. Since high school I have observed that
many students try to write with more information, and try to focus on the organization of text,
while authority is something that is never taught in schools. I believe this assignment is one of
the most beneficial assignment if this semester, because not only my writing skills improved, but
I also learned important aspects of writing. Although, I really enjoyed writing this paper, I
encountered some weaknesses as well, for example I found it harder to discusses many more
than one author in this paper, then blend my perspectives to the authors explanation. My peers
suggested me to organize my paragraphs from most important to least important, and they
suggested me to develop my position in the text; however, I find it complicated it show authority
while I am writing about authority. Based on the feedback from my peers, I attempted to show
personal detachment in body paragraphs; however, I believe that it still need more work to be
completely effective.

Your Opinions Are Important

Writing in college is surprisingly different from high school. Many students acquire new
techniques to succeed in college writing. One of the issues many students encounter is difficulty
to build a position in the text. According to Ann Penrose, and Cheryl Geisler, students writing
without authority are less likely to show a role in the text. They clarify that writing without
authority makes it to be more informative while it does not reflect the authors perspective (513).
I believe that many students face the issue of authority in writing, because of the format students
must follow, they focus on organizing the paper with appropriate and adequate information;
however, they forget about their role in the conversation, and the text turns out to be more
informative than reflective. Additionally, Penrose and Geisler discuss writing without authority
evident the authors outsider position, because their text consists many facts, while it does not
show any impersonal detachment. Despite the importance of writing an informative and
organized essay, writing with authority is equally important.
Through authority writes can understand how to appropriately communicate in ways that
are acceptable in certain situations. Wardle discusses that an important aspect of authority is
learning involvement, he writes that [L]earning to become a legitimate participate in a
community involves learning how to talk (and be silent) in the manner of full participant
(Wardle 290). This quotes clearly points out that to show involvement in the conversations, it is
important for both the writer and the speaker to present information on certain time. I believe
many students would benefit their skills by learning the manner of appropriately introducing
facts, because many times we just through information in a conversation, or text to make it
longer or assume that it would look more organized, while extra information can completely turn
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the main point into another direction. Moreover, Wardle asserts the idea that authority is best
described to be comprehensive for both the speaker and the audience, she quotes Lincoln need
not involve argumentation and may rest on the naked assertion that the identity of the speaker
warrants acceptance of the speech (Wardle, 290). The idea of gaining knowledge to clearly
communicate situations also relates to the fact of building an identity. Undoubtedly these quotes
show the importance of authority and identity in writing. Wardle clarifies that a writer who can
speak in a certain way in different situations is more likely to obtain an identity and show
authority over the conversation. In short, a conversation is stronger when both the speaker and
the audience show authority, to build an identity in all situations.
Authority promotes new workers to adjust in an environment quickly. In Wardles
research she discusses Alan at his new job, and describes him to be an expert of conversation.
She clarifies that he considered himself to be the God of the new working place, since he could
communicate his skills clearly, and demonstrate his uniqueness from his colleagues (Wardle,
292). This leads back to the idea of speaking in the right manner in the correct situation. A
person who is new in the department usually very reserved, and prefer to stay quite than say
something irrelevant, while Alan was brave enough to present his ideas clearly a dominate his
collogues. By using the rule of speaking in right timing he developed his stronger role in the
community. Later in the article she points out that [Alan] did not feel as much authority as he
claimed to have (296, Wardle); however, he dominated in the department for the fact that he
understood the proper way of communicating in certain situations. By saying that Alan did not
feel as mush authority, I assume that Wardle is conveying that Alans skills of building a
position were strong enough that he could develop a role that he did not even aimed for. For
instance, he would share his thoughts in a conversation us to be a participant, since he has
stronger skills of authority he shows more control. Based on these examples from the research, I
believe that authority plays a key role for a newcomer to adjust in the environment. For example,
Alan was not as experts, while the way he communicated in the department developed his
identity, and allowed him to have authority over others. He claimed himself to be the most
intellectual and responsible person in the department. This shows that his speaking skills were
powerful enough to adjust in a unique environment.
Lack of authority in a text leads the paper to contain more information, while the author
does not develop a role. Penrose and Geisler discuss their research on two students: Janet and
Roger. In this research they mainly focus on the students ability to work with different articles
and authors, and write a report. Over the course of a semester, they discovered that Roger
showed more authority in his paper; whereas, Janet showed lack of impersonal detachment in her
writing. She was more likely to use examples to clarify her point, while Roger used them to
relate with his perspectives on the topic (508, Penrose & Geisler). As a result, they said Janet
stayed an outsider, she can comprehend the examples; however, relating to the text and
developing a role was difficult for her. While, Roger maintained his position in the writing and
determined his understanding. Based on the writing Roger seems to understand the topic better
than Janet (513, Penrose & Geisler). In this article the authors describe the impotence if writing
with authority. They illustrate that the students who does not develop a role in the text lacks
creativity. They provide enough information to convey their point, while their paper is not as
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attractive to the audience. Because it does not show the authors perspective, but represents other
opinions, the text seems more informative and boring to the audience. Consequently, students
must be willing to develop a position in the writing and demonstrate their understanding of the
topic as well as their stance. Penrose and Geisler illustrate that information-transfer model is
mostly used by students, it limits the use of rhetoric. Because students are very focused to follow
the rule they attempt to present many facts, while sometimes it becomes hard to use rhetoric due
to lack of encouragement of self-expression. While writing with authority would help students to
express their rhetoric more effectively.
After reading articles from Penrose and Geisler, and Wardle, I strongly believe that
authority is the key to writing effectively in college. Moreover, it supports the writers to develop
an identity in the text. It allows the speaker to show a clear understanding of the topic, and
capability of relating to other authors. For example, they discuss Janet to clarify that students
who use example only to illustrate the facts tends to write an informative paper, while the text
doesnt show impersonal detachment, while Roger used his sources to clarify his position on the
topic. Moreover, authority helps new workers to adjust in an unfamiliar environment. For
instance, Alan showed confidence of his work and communicated with authority in the
department, he could settle quickly, and show his skills that were even better than the ones
already working in the department.