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Running Head: Adopt a Pet Not Buy a Pet

Yolanda Moreno

University of Texas at El Paso

Adopt a Pet Not Buy a Pet

RWS 1301

Professor Saul Hernandez

Running head: Adopt a Pet Not Buy a Pet


Did you know youll save a life, youll get a healthy pet, youll save money, youll feel

better, and you will not be supporting puppy mills when adopting a pet of your own. When

adopting a pet you are saving their life and giving them a second chance of hope. Many animals

get put down for not having enough room in shelters, of how many animals need a home. There

are 79.7 million of households with a pet in the US, according to The Humane society. Its sad

to say that many animals dont have a place to stay but with help from adopting a pet can be

easy. Plus when you dont adopt a pet you not only helping the animal but helping either you or

others. Having a pet can help with so many different ways, it can help improve someone's health,

they understand you, they may also improve your lifestyle and plus they make manies very


Plus when adopting a pet it can save you money, when you adopt an animal from the

shelter or humane society the animal gets all their vaccinations, microchipping and spaying

adoption fee, youre not supporting puppy mills, from previous owners they most likely be

housetrained, just animal have their own personality, plus many animals are waiting to be taken

home. With that being said, when these places have no more room they have to put the animals

down. But you can find all kinds of animals at these two places, such as dogs, cats, hamsters,

rabbits and more. There are a lot of animals in these 13,600 animals in these shelters according


With all these facts and information I would be explaining the ethos, pathos, and logos

about adopting a pet is better than buying a pet is a better choice. How there are many ways to

see how not only getting people to feel bad that many animals are dying but that many are doing
Running head: Adopt a Pet Not Buy a Pet

good for these animals just by adopting the animal instead of buying the animal. Plus its not

only just dogs and cats you can adopt at a shelter or your humane society, you can adopt dogs,

cats, birds, ferrets, guinea pigs, rabbits, hamsters, gerbils, mice, and rats. Which can help many

people not only adopt just dogs and cats by saving their lives but many more animals as well.

Running head: Adopt a Pet Not Buy a Pet

As my logos about adopting a pet is how many animals are put down, and how many

animals are getting put in shelters. There are 56% of dogs and 71% of cats that enter animal

shelters are euthanized. More cats are euthanize than dogs because they are more likely to enter a

shelter without any owner identification, American Humane said. There are literally being put

down, just because there are not that many room for the animals or not that many people know

that adopt can be better for the animal. These animals are 80% are healthy and treatable and

could have been adopted into a new home, said by Humane Society. Even though many people

think only about the bad stuff

when it comes to adopting a

pet, there are good stuff that

come with adopting a pet.

According to Moreno Valley

shelter, over the past five

years, Moreno Valley animal

services officials say the

number of animals

euthanized has dropped.

Meanwhile, more pets have

been adopted, returned to

owners or placed with rescue groups. Adopting a pet can also help with peoples health

benefits, just by having a pet. I would explain more the health benefits in pathos though.

Running head: Adopt a Pet Not Buy a Pet

As my pathos I would be explaining about the health benefits can help not only people

but animals as well. Ill be listing six health benefits even though there are more, ill be focusing

more on these six following.

Running head: Adopt a Pet Not Buy a Pet

The first is dogs for the aged, meaning that the older folks that may need a companion

after a loving spouse had passed away that would need a pet for them to fill their place of their

love one. Pets also help people who having illness, like people who have Alzheimers disease it

could help them remember to take the pet for a walk, or to feed them. Just by that allow is help

them to remember big things for them, which makes a good outcome to these people and

animals. The second is allergy fighters, for people who grew up with animals or who have

animals are less likely to get allergies or asthma. The third is meeting people, its a great way to

meet people at the park or a great way to get the conversation going. Who knows you can be

able to meet your future spouse or make a new friend, which could always be a good thing. The

fourth is exercise, you can get different exercises from having a pet, by walking your pet, and

also by playing with your pet as well. Which can not only help you but also the animal you have

by keeping both of you healthy. The fifth is reduce stress levels, just by petting your pet can

reduce your stress, even just seeing your pet can make you seem to relax. Just by knowing you
Running head: Adopt a Pet Not Buy a Pet

have your pet by your side, it even help the pet to know that no matter what youll always even

there for them as well. The six is boost your mood, when you come home not only pet gets

happy to you but also you. Plus having a pet, they seem to know when you're feeling upset or

down that theyll come to be next to you and

just by that, thatll cheer you up. Just these

allow explains how perise having a pet with

you can help you and the animal by being a

better person even by adopting your pet. All

these benefits are from The Humane Society

websites, explaining what its better to

adopted an animal than buying an animal.


As for my ethos I would be explaining

the did you about why its better to adopt a

pet than buying a pet. Youll save a life,

about 2.7 million dogs and cats are

euthanized each year, for not having the

room for these animals or these animals

not being able to live that long because of their condition. Youll get a healthy pet, animal

shelters are full of healthy animals, since these animals are given their vaccines that these

shelters or humane societies. Youll save money, adopting a pet is cheaper, getting these

animals at shelters or humane societies will save

you money by having already given the vaccines

Running head: Adopt a Pet Not Buy a Pet

and registered these animals to save you money by not having to pay for all those expenses.

Youll feel better, pets are proven to benefit your health, as mentioned before about the health

benefit that these animals not only help you but help them as well. Plus people knowing that they

wont have to pay that much as to rather buying a pet can be revealing to them. But you are also

feeling good because you are giving

this animal a second chance of having a

home, to having a family as well. Also You

will not be supporting puppy mills, which

puppy mills are people or stores selling bred

puppies that may be in conditions

regarded as inhumane. According to

The Humane Society, Google definition, and American Humane, can be some ways why

adopting a pet is better than buy a pet.


In conclusion, adopting a pet can come with so many

benefits not only for you but most importantly for the

animal youll adopt. That adoption can have a good

outcome or even bad, most people know more bad stuff

that come to animals not being saved, thats why I like to educate people about the good and bad

situation of adopting these animals. But it mostly good situation happen as the outcome of

adopting a pet of your own. From helping you with your health and their health, saving money,

by not supporting puppy mills, and having animals being more adopted for the pass five years.
Running head: Adopt a Pet Not Buy a Pet

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Running head: Adopt a Pet Not Buy a Pet