The Editor The Tribune Chandigarh. Dear Sir, The nation owes it to its name.

Commonwealth, and it stands for common wealth which is shareable commonly and that is exactly what our people out there doing with zeal and spirit. Distributing wealth is a noble thing. You know wealth brings capital and capital brings profit making windfall.

People don’t know much about the national flag of the country leave aside other national insignias. Normally the mention of all these symbols and insignias is made in school text books but students as soon as leave their schools, forget every thing concerning the National Symbols of pride. Resultantly not many people know with certainty the exact name of colours of the tricolor: they don’t know how many spokes make the Ashoka Chakara. They know of Gandhi, since the his face marks all the currency notes, both fake and real. So it is not a matter of surprise when you come across an incident where the tricolor is worn upside down or flown at halfmast. The nation should be obliged to Mr Naveen Jindal, who with his untiring efforts and relentless attitude made it certain to get the National Flag Code changed. Earlier, the flag used to be a most spectacular thing only on the National days, when people were allowed to fly the National Flag atop their buildings. But on the other days, it used to be a crime to hold and hoist a national flag. It used to be a privileged activity associated with a certain people of National designation. Mr Jindal pursued the matter up to the highest court of the nation to get the flag code changed. Now every citizen of the country is allowed to hoist National Flag with certain degree of dignity any where and any time. Slowly, it would dawn upon the nation to hold it forth as the representative symbol of National pride and honour. But things take time to establish. In the present circumstances, there is no wonder that the flag was got hoisted upside down at Sirsa, as reported in the media which caused embarrassment to the administration as result of which one SI got suspension. The incident could be avoided with little presence of mind of the concerned officials. Once such a thing happened on a National Day at Ludhiana, the then deputy commissioner took control over the situation when he noticed that the flag atop the mast was flown inverted. He took over the mic. and announced that by a human error, such an undignified thing had happened, for which he profusely felt sorry. To

The moral of the story is. In the next five minutes. The National pride was reinstalled. the stadium packed audience received a practical lesson in colour situation of the flag. he said. The incident was reported in media and was received with applause. the National Flag was at its new height. the flag would be brought down in public and set right while the audience was instructed to remain afoot. National Anthem was played again and the dignitary received the salute again.set things right. .

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