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Cover Page

Alyssa Jones,
Rapid Racers
487 Ocean Drive
Orlando, FL 32789

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Business Letter.................................................................................................................................3
Executive Summary..................................................................................................................5,6
History and Background..7
Goals and Objectives...8
Products and Services..9
Form of Ownership..10, 11
Management and Staffing.12,13
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Business Letter

Alyssa Jones,
Rapid Racers
487 Ocean Drive
Orlando, FL 32789
April 28, 2017

Mr. Barwin
Vice President
Bank of Florida
28 South Park Ave,
Orlando, FL 94107

Dear Mr. Barwin:

Enclosed please find a copy of the business plan for Rapid Racers, which is a small scale art
retailer located in Florida. The aim of the store is to give to not only the people the experience to
ride the jet skis but to enjoy the ride and have fun, but make connections throughout the
community with their experience. We believe the direct contact with people will generate a
unique experience that will continually create revenue.

To successfully launch my retail outfit, I plan to put up $10,000 of my own capital. We would
also require additional financing of $15,000. Included in my financial statements, you will find
that I plan to pay off the loan within seven years.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or requests for additional information. I look
forward to hearing from you.


Alyssa Jones

Alyssa Jones
487 Ocean Drive
Orlando, FL 32789

I am a very nice friendly young woman that anything you ask me to do I will do it
without hesitation. I am also very good at helping people out if they need it.

Chambersburg Area Senior High School
High School
Chambersburg, Pennsylvania
May 2018
Employment History
Menno Haven
Chambersburg, Pennsylvania
October 2017 - Present
Hobbies & Interests
I like to run, swim and hang out with family and friends.

Professional Skills
Communication: Advanced
Teamwork: Expert
Flexible: Advanced
Time Management : Expert

English: Native
Spanish: Conversational

Micah Jones
289 Martina Drive

Executive Summary

Rapid Racers is opening a business to create relationship between the workers

and also the experience that the customers have while riding the jet skis. This business

is a place where we are trying to get customers to ride our jet skis and have a good

time. It is also to provide customers with the best experience that they have had Some

people just overlook the jet ski places because they are terrified of flipping over or even

getting stuck in the ocean that is not the case in this business. If you have any problems

while riding the jet ski we are willing to help you while you are in the ocean having a

blast with friends and family.

The service that is provided from us is to give you the opportunity to get to ride

the best jet skis in town and share the experience that you while riding the jet skis with

everyone. It is also to provide you to get the chance to post a video of you riding the jet

skis to our website so other people could see it. We could also have someone raise

money for an awareness and have an instructed time to ride the jet skis without as

many people in the ocean so that you feel comfortable and not overwhelmed but it has

to be during the business hours that we have available to the customers. The instructed

classes would be for people that are 16 years old or older

The target for these instructed class are to get people to like the jet skis and not

be afraid and terrified of them because we provide life vests for them and also it would

help them not be as scared to ride the jet skis and those people would want to invite

their family members to come back again to see if they have learned something. It

would also give them a chance to ride the jet skis without as many people. This store

would be open to anyone that is interested in having fun riding the best jet skis in town.

Rapid Racers is a sole proprietorship business. Even though I own my own

business and other people work for me the managers will still be selected to help keep

up to maintain everything that needs to be done with the jet skis or even the business

itself. The input that is given about the employees will be taken seriously to make sure

everyone is doing the same amount of work, being kind to one another, and also making

sure that the best decision is being made.

The first thing that will be made is the online website. Once the market has been

published than the community involvement will come into play. The building will then get

purchased to make sure that we are going to be in that location and also to make sure

that we can get customers to ride our jet skis. After everything is the way that it needs to

be and financially stable than we can decide on whether to do more with the events that

we have or not. Since the Rapid Racers are having instructed classes that will be

another way of having stable income. If that is a situated and figured out than the Rapid

Racers will be expanding and opening up a second business.


History and Background

I came up with this idea for a business because I am very interested in jet skis. I

have been riding jet skis all of my life and when you are out in the ocean it is amazing

and just relaxing I encourage you to get on one and just enjoy the view while you are

riding. I have a lot of fun riding the jet skis by doing flips and a bunch of circles in the

water and of course getting wet. I also like the splash the people that I go out into the

ocean with by just doing a bunch of circles and also going very fast by them. Just be

careful when you do that to not hit one another. My business with operate by having

customers come in and pay for the time that they want to rent the jet skis for and then

once their time is up those people would return them. If that person breaks something

on the Jet Ski or is driving recklessly then that person would have to pay for it, unless it

just breaks down in the ocean.


Goals and Objectives

A short term goal for this business is to make more money. If i make more

money I will be able to keep up with all of the maintenance that the jet skis need. I

would be able to hired more people. I would also be able to keep my business going. A

medium term goal is to keep the business running. I would have to get more customers

by keeping up with all of the advertisements and also keeping up with the website. A

long term goal is to keep up with the jet skis maintenance. I would have to buy better

jet skis and also buy all the supplies that I would need just encase one of the jet skis

break down.

I would also have to have more jet skis just for a backup when one of the jet

skis does break down. I would have to test run the jet skis before we opened. Also to

make sure the customers use the properly so they do not get broken or messed up.

Invest money and advertising the business. I would like my company to be expanded

and to make a lot of money and buy more jet skis. I would like my company to be

expanded and to make a lot of money and buy more jet skis. Yes the jet skis are very

unique because they are the best jet skis in the town or city. The facility requirements

are to have a lot of land for the jet skis so the people can ride in a large area instead of

a small area. No there will not be any new products.



Yes the jet skis are very unique because they are the best jet skis in the town or

city. The facility requirements are to have a lot of land for the jet skis so the people can

ride in a large area instead of a small area. No there will not be any new products.

During the opening hours there will be a test running for the people that want to ride

the jet skis only for safety. The test is basically to provide you the knowledge of how to

control the Jet Ski. It is also to provide you with the rules that need to be followed and

what not to do while riding the jet skis.

If you past the computer test you will be able to take the test on the Jet Ski.

While you are doing the test there will be someone on the Jet Ski with you telling you

what to do and what not to do. While you are on the Jet Ski with the staff member you

have to do what they tell you to do. If you fail to follow the rules you will not be able to

ride the Jet Ski. Our products are meant to be for ages 16 and up because you have to

have some sort of ID to ride the jet skis without an adult. Our goal is to make the jet

skis the best jet skis in town and to make an experience that you have never had on

any other jet ski.



The initial business purpose will be to have a lot of jet skis that are working and

available for the customers to ride. The business organization or the structure is pretty

simple but I have to have a large area for my business because I am going to be the

one in charge of my business and not someone else because i do not want to be

working for someone I want to be working for myself. Since my business is a sole

proprietorship business i would be responsible for all of the business services,

employees, financial duties and also the customer service issues. I would have to deal

with all of the maintenance that needed to be done for my business. I would also be

responsible for all of the issues that would be discussed and tried to be solved by one

of the other staff members from the front desk or another staff that is going to be in

the water helping people get on the Jet Ski.

When there is an issue I would like to have someone there just encase I need an

extra opinion on how to solve the issue because that is just as important as my own

solution. I want to avoid sourcing the work to other employees to where I have little to

no work for myself to do. If this is my business than I should be working just as hard as

my other employees and not relying on them to do all of the work that needs to be

done. I also want to make sure that all of my employees are treated equally and make

sure that everyone is doing the same amount of work and nobody is doing less work

than someone else that I hired. If that wasnt a rule than nothing would get

accomplished and some of my employees could be doing less work than the other

employees that I have hired to run my business.



For my business you need to have a lot of experience on how to hold the jet ski

in the water for the customer and also you need to know the basic thing like how to

start the jet ski and how to put gas in the jet ski etc. There are going to be some

threats to the business because it is on the boardwalk because if other people buy that

property I will have smaller area for the people to ride the jet skis instead of a larger

area. Once the employees have been there for 6 years there is going to be a selection

for two managers. Once you have been selected to be a manager the decision is

permanent as long as that employee is able to work up to the ability and also enjoy the

job. The manager has to have good working skills, have good customer skills and to be

ready to sell the participants their work and also their own work.

The managers should also have some knowledge of the jet skis to get customers

to ride the jet skis and have fun while they are riding instead of being bored. The

manager also has to make sure that all of the positions and the jet skis are ready for

the next customer to ride it. The second manager would be in charge of making sure

that the website is efficient and correct and also if there is any technical difficulties with

the jet skis. All of the employees need to be flexible and positive.

There is some educational requirements for the financial aspects of the job and

also to know some things on how to do the mechanical work on the jet skis as the

second manager. During the hours that we are open I would have one of the

employees riding a jet ski out at all times to make sure everyone is following the rules

and also to make sure nobody gets hurt while riding the jet skis and having a good



I would define the industry by watersports. The industry strengths that my

business has is that there is going to be a lot of jet skis that come from this industry

and we could make a lot more money. The weakness that Watersports has is that if the

industry runs out of products then they are going to lose their money that they just

earned from customers buying the product. The other kind of jet skis and paddle

boarding. The main influences that affect the business and industry are to get as much

technology to run the jet skis. The number and characteristics of firms in the industry

are locally because it could be advertised to anyone that would like to ride a jet ski or

even ride a jet ski for the first time. The competitors that my business will have are

different kinds of jet skis.

The strengths would be that they might have better jet skis and have more

customers. Their weakness would be if there jet skis are not very good then they will

not get any customers or business. The customers for my business could be anyone.

The amount of the market that I expect to obtain is $13 billion. I want to make sure

that I have enough customers to maintain my goal, and to have the best jet skis in

town. The product or service selling price will be determined by how many customers

that we have. I would use coupons, surveys, and ads. I would sell my product by

commercials and signs. The target customers that I have in mind are people that are

ages 16-30 but if youre older than thats okay. It doesnt matter what type of person

you are you could come and ride the jet skis.


The times that I would let people go out for a half an hour or an hour.

The price I would charge the customers for 30 minutes is $45.00 if the customer

would like to ride for an hour I would charge them $75.00 and would get a

discount if you have 4 or more people.