Hurricane Katrina: Five Years Later

The Soul and the heart keenly are in the realm of human existence. Mankind’s power to overcome challenges is great blessing. Suddenly, it’s has been 5 years after the incident of Hurricane Katrina. Katrina hit the Gulf Coast in August 29, 2005 (26 days later or 13 X 2=26, Hurricane Rita hit the deep South as well). Katrina was the 11th named storm of the season in 2005 and its was the 6th hurricane that strike Florida in that year. The following words is my opinion. Some of my words aren’t politically correct and I’m not politically correct at all. I’ve got to think how I want and write what I think without obfuscation of my true feelings. I remember it just like it was yesterday. I saw the news clips back then and witness folks being rescued from flooded homes. I can’t forget the imagery as long as I live. THIS DISASTER WAS WORSE THAN ANDREWS OF ‘92 AND CAMELLE OF 1969. The landing of Hurricane Katrina occurred in late August of 2005 when I was almost 22 years old. People anticipated that the storm would cause damage in the Gulf Coast region, but no one imaged the massive scale of damage that the storm would result in. Hurricane Katrina changed the paradigm of many human beings and it marked the beginning of the end of the George W. Bush Presidency in a way. Even ex-President George W. Bush knew that it was over for his Presidency by the end of 2005. Thousands of people died form the turmoil. At least 1,836 people died form the event. Katrina fully opened the cover among a lot of human beings in dealing with the issues of race, class, and infrastructure. The Hurricane

negatively affected Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and even some parts of Florida. New Orleans was nearly totally demolished completely, especially in the lower lying regions within the confines of poorer communities. In that time, all levels of government made critical errors. FEMA had a terrible job in its response to those people stranded in the New Orleans area. FEMA sold people toxic, dangerous camps to live in. Some extremists have used these facts as an excuse to want to ban government completely. People died unnecessarily in New Orleans. Also, dedicated people from across backgrounds immediately came into the Gulf Coast region to assist human beings that were suffering. Some of the helpers were poor, some were college kids, and some were other ordinary regular people. Numerous folks have stayed in the region to this day in late 2010. Many of these workers built schools, gave aid to those suffering from economic displacement, and used their time wisely to show concern toward their fellow human beings. These people and the victims of that disaster should remind us completely that regardless of who we are, sending help to another individual is an awe inspiring deed.
Katrina was the most destructive hurricane in American history. More of the truth is being known about this tragedy. The truth is that the majority of the responsibility lies with FEMA and the federal government. I know that we can't totally rely on the federal government to save us, but the government committed crimes that must be exposed. Some authorities have confiscated guns from innocent citizens in New Orleans, Louisiana. FEMA is not even an elected body and it wasn’t even created under Constitutional law by Congress. FEMA have been given the unjust power to suspend laws, move entire populations, create transportation control, and suspend the Constitution during times of an emergency.

The truth is that the New Orleans district of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers had a $17.2 million reduction in federal funding for fiscal year 2006. The Army Corps sought $105 million for hurricane and flood programs in New Orleans, while the White House cut the request to $40 million (the Congress only approved $42.2 million less than half of the agency’s request). Bush cut funding for federal disaster relief funds. FEMA reported that a hurricane was one of the 3 most likely disasters in the U.S. at early 2001 including a terror attack inside New York City. Walter Maestri, emergency management chief for Jefferson Parish, LA, said that the money was moved unto the President’s budget to handle Homeland SS Security and the war on terror (New Orleans TimesPicaynue reported this in June 8, 2004). FEMA ran the Army Corps of Engineers and 15 other agencies (confirmed by Lt. General Carl A. Strock, commander of the corps). William Jefferson Clinton cut 98 flood control projects and he cut a $120 million hurricane project approved by the Army Corps of Engineers. Bob Sheets, a

meteorologists warned of a catastrophic storm sent to New Orleans since the 1970’s. When the hurricane hit, FEMA made tons of mistakes. FEMA cut communication lines, restricted food and aid, didn’t activate their Hurricane Plan when Katrina struck, had inspectors who had poor training (reported by the Florida Sun Sentinel), had criminals on its staff, and other problems. With adequate funding and a more stable levee system, the tragedy can be averted. Locals and other witnesses report that a barge broke the levee or even explosives destroyed the levees on purpose (as was done in the 1927 Mississippi disaster). National Guard troops are in Louisiana and martial law was declared in New Orleans at August 30, 2005, Tuesday. The troops were given shoot to kill orders against those deemed “criminals” when most of the people there weren’t looting (Col. David Hunt confirmed that a lot of the looting was done by out of state agent provocateur street gangs). Even some police were looting proven by MSNBC. Some police officers from New Orleans have been accused of murdering innocent human beings. The former Mayor of New Orleans Ray Nagin has been reelected as mayor and was defeated to. The levees were weak when Hurricane Katrina washed on shore. Then, the poor and minority residents were forced out of the city in high number. Later, corporate elites came into New Orleans to control the public areas. Corporations buying up lands is apart of a feudal action. Mickey Arison, the head of Carnival Cruise lines, is mentioned as a pioneer of the rebirth of New Orleans, with his wealth of foreign workers. People like Arison and Judah Hertz (who brought a large part of New Orleans prime office space via his firm Hertz Investment Group) are people to watch for. Hertz has been accused of being a front for gangsters. His license was once revoked. Some believe that these interests were Las Vegas/Atlantic city financial interests that benefited form the destruction that Katrina caused the area. The poor were sent token money when they were displaced nationwide. FEMA destroyed building all over New Orleans under the guise of “health concerns.” Nagin made errors including allow mercenary Blackwater people to run around in New Orleans. The fascist SMOM-inspired Blackwater mercenaries roamed the streets of New Orleans with machine guns. Even the government in Louisiana blessed these Blackwater pieces of work. There were Israeli contractors and Mexican contractors as well in the area. These people from Blackwater killed people in questionable circumstances. For numerous days in the aftermath, exPresident George W. Bush didn’t enact anything to help people that were stranded and suffering in flooded locations (Lake Pontchartrain, a 40-mile-wide shallow reservoir whose waters are already above the city. So, New Orleans is between Mississippi and Lake Pontchartrain). The Levee were broken in 3 places and the water surrounding the area. Billions of dollars were sent to the Middle East in that time of 2005, yet numerous Katrina victims were only given a bottle of water, an Army MRE, and a bus ride to a Texas Stadium. These rotten, lying neo cons then lecture on personal responsibility tripe when people died back then. Michael Parker, revealed that The Army Corps. of Engineers needed $62.5 million to fix the levee, but Bush only approved $10.5 million. When people were just desperately trying to get food (and starving half to death), the mainstream news media called them rioters & insurrectionists when they weren’t.

Most people don’t want huge private banking institutions to inherit the nation’s public housing properties. Some people are protesting the Department of Housing’s plan to demolish all public housing units in New Orleans without salvaging some of the buildings for constructive uses. There is corporate greed involved as well. This demolition is done without much compensation sent to the residents of those locations. It’s occurring nationwide too. Warren Buffet is using Columbia Parc to promote a new class of residents to replace the previous occupants of those locations in New Orleans. He’s a multibillionaire hedge fund baron. Housing for the poor is an important human principle. Now, Citigroup bankers own today a piece of the 13 public housing projects in New York City alone.

*Katrina proved that the real elite don’t care about especially the poor of any race. We know that they don’t care of minorities. They only use minorities for cultural exploitation, amusement, sexual lust, and social/political manipulation. That’s historical. Tons of minorities and people of every race are waking up about this stuff.

The immoral militarization of New Orleans is the sign of the times. The Gestapo mentality indeed didn’t die when World War II ended. Militarized state police thugs don’t move me to confirm with their agenda. The establishment wants us to praise God for burning people with D.U., allowing rendition or torture in the world, the damage to habeas corpus & the Geneva Convention, or blowing up civilian infrastructure in foreign lands. I will never do that. I will praise God for waking me about the truth and not bowing under the weight of political expediency. That’s real.

Advanced technology like unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) have thermal imaging technology to detect the body heat of storm survivors. New Orleans also allowed gun confiscation of even law-abiding citizens in the first time of American history. This is violation of the Second Amendment and the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878 forbidding the military to engage in civilian activity unto American citizens. Some troops forced people out of their homes and this anti-Bill of Rights atmosphere is treason. The mayor and governor have made mistakes (i.e. buses, etc.), but they can’t be totally blamed. Even the governor asked the National Guard to be activated before Katrina hit landfall. New Orleans was already a federalized city, so the buck stops at FEMA and the feds. Some police back then in 2005 (existing in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina) had a shirt with a flaming skull, representing death. Some of the military treat the citizens as “insurgents” and “refuges” not citizens, which is immoral. The first 3 organizations on the government recommended donation list were the American Red Cross, Pat Robertson, and the B’nai B’rith. FEMA treat the evacuees negativity in terms of by registering them, giving them ID cards, and preventing them from leaving internment camps. As for race, we need to be careful to embrace extremists. One set of extremists want to lie and blame black people totally for all of the looting and rioting occurring in New Orleans (not all black people were looting in N.O.). The other set of extremists want to blame white people for everything in the form of vitriolic hatred. As Malcolm X said in 1965 just before he was unjustly murdered: “…So we're not against people because they're white. But we're against those

who practice racism. We're against those who drop bombs on people because their color happens to be of a different shade than yours. And because we're against it, the press says we're violent. We're not for violence. We're for peace. But the people that we're up against are for violence. You can't be peaceful when you're dealing with them. [Applause] They accuse us of what they themselves are guilty of. This is what the criminal always does. They'll bomb you, then accuse you of bombing yourself. They'll crush your skull, then accuse you of attacking him. This is what the racists have always done -- the criminal, the one who has criminal processes developed to a science. Their practice is criminal action. And then use the press to make you victim -- look like the victim is the criminal, and the criminal is the victim. This is how they do it. [Applause]…” Malcolm also said that: “…I think all of us should be critics of each other. Whenever you can't stand criticism you can never grow. I don't think that it serves any purpose for the leaders of our people to waste their time fighting each other needlessly. I think that we accomplish more when we sit down in private and iron out whatever differences that may exist and try and then do something constructive for the benefit of our people. But on the other hand, I don't think that we should be above criticism. I don't think that anyone should be above criticism…My belief in brotherhood would never restrain me in any way from protecting myself in a society from a people whose disrespect for brotherhood makes them feel inclined to put my neck on a tree at the end of a rope. [Applause]…I'm not advocating the breaking of any laws. But I say that our people will never be respected as human beings until we react as other normal, intelligent human beings do. And this country came into existence by people who were tired of tyranny and oppression and exploitation and the brutality that was being inflicted upon them by powers higher than they, and I think that it is only fair to expect us, sooner or later, to do likewise…”

I’m not sucking up to anybody in a disgraceful way, but I don’t hate a person because of their background. It's obvious that Bush and his cronies back then could care less about the poor in a real fashion. They are supportive of the Elite and most of the real Elite consider the poor as "useless eaters” or the stereotypical lying belief of lusting after entitlements.

I've thought about Kanye West's comments for a while (that occurred many years ago) and I agree with some of what he had to say. Many in the CFR dominated media never made a distinction between a few rioting people (some were black and some were not black) and the majority of black people not being involved in that madness. The Bush family tree is known to have collaborated with the Rockefellers, Harrimans, DuPonts, Fords, etc. for decades (all known for their racist pro- population control, prosegregation, and pro-eugenics policies. Many folks in those families aided the Nazis. Prescott Bush was a member of Planned Parenthood, which is a murderous & deceptive

organization). It was these same fascists via Wall Street and corporate America that built up Hitler’s war machine.

Even in the 1940’s, corporate people use sit down strikes in trying to attack labor. On March 26, 1942, Senator Truman accused Standard Oil of treason. Standard had delivered the new tetraethyl lead gas additive to both Germany and Japan. Standard was the major supplier of oil to both the Nazis and Japan. These are traitors. Now, fascists like Merwin Hart has the American Union for nationalistic Spain. Hart opposed the 44 hour week, he wanted people not on relief to vote, he disagreed with the Unemployment Act & the Child Labor Act. That’s the fascist line. Hart even compared democracy to communism. Even 33rd Degree Scottish Rite Freemason Henry Ford covertly paid his workers less wages than wages paid by Chrysler and Briggs (or General Motors). Henry Ford even fired workers who took part in the 1932 Ford hunger march. Even the religious fake Lutheran minister Dr. Frank Buchman praised Hitler as apart of the Moral Re-Armament Movement. Even fascist Lewis Ulrey wanted a 12 hour work day. So, the heart of reactionaries is corporate rule of society. Even the mainstream media is pro-corporate. That is why these usual use pro-business organization’s stats like the Chamber of Commerce and rarely talk about health risk from certain substances. Less than 10 corporations own the majority of the mainstream media. Anti-labor tactics is common in American history. Ronald Reagan didn’t want to prosecute union busters. He didn’t want to raise the minimum wage once even though inflation raged in the early 1980’s. In spite of this, many human beings have tried to go the right things centuries. Their names include Lewis and Arthur Tappan, Jessie Daniel Ames, and others.

As for George W. Bush not caring for black people, Bush certainly cares for black people that agree with him like Condoleezza Rice and many others. Bush is not too

sympathetic toward black people (or any people) that disagrees with him. The establishment uses token people of many colors in order to pacify masses of people in society. Yet, more and more younger people aren’t buying tokenism. We reject Africom. We reject hatred of people. We certainly reject unwarranted spying and the dropping of cluster bombs in Afghanistan too. The cries certainly for liberty and rejecting economic exploitation are reading loud and clear. Today, Barack Obama is the President of the United States of America. Ex-President George W. Bush certainly doesn't agree or could care less about real black interests in general. Take a look at the 2000 election where 58,000 votes were cancelled out in Florida. Greg Palast in his research has proven that and the Bush/bin Laden family connection, so that isn't a conspiracy theory. It is a conspiracy fact indeed. Henry Kissinger support a document in the 1970's in support of eliminating populations in the Third World and the PNAC document list the use of biological/chemical weapons against genotypes (which can be interpreted as races). It's no secret that the real Elite hates the black race (plus most of humanity) and wants us dead literally. This is why Prince Philip and others desire a radical decrease of the world’s population. Even the George Guidestones wants most of the world’s people to die into the realm of only 500,000,000 human beings. Not all black people or all white people are racists and we need to love one another. We need to develop new, real solutions to solve the continual racial problems in this country. Prescott Bush aided the Nazis during WWII. These wicked eugenicists acting like savage beasts are so tricky. Now, on October 20 1942 the alien property custodian seized the assets of the UBC, of which Prescott Bush was a director. Having gone through the books of the bank, further seizures were made against two affiliates, the Holland-American Trading Corporation and the Seamless Steel Equipment Corporation. By November, the Silesian-American Company, another of Prescott Bush's ventures, had also been seized. Prescott Bush aided Planned Parenthood when he lived in Connecticut.

Bush Sr. prides himself as giving money to the UNCF (or the United Negro College Fund). Although, most people don't realize that in 1969, George H. W. Bush was on a panel in support of the decrease of the black population when the black population never grew into high levels in the 20th-21st centuries at all. As far back as 1967, George H. W. Bush called for “having the government agencies work even more closely with going private agencies such as Planned Parenthood.” A year later, he urged those interested in “advancing the cause of family planning,” to “call your local Planned Parenthood Center” to offer “help and support.” He said of black people that: “…that they cannot hope to acquire a larger share of American prosperity without cutting down on births….” This man is something else. This liar forgotten that strong population growth among black people is conducive to prosperity black American population. He want forced to work policies for those on welfare. The problem with this policy is the covert end result of this action.

This policy covertly set wage standards low, because the welfare recipients are forced typically in low wage jobs. These jobs can break unions and create scabs. Today, the Tea Party has been infiltrated by militarists. They include Sarah Palin and the bigot Tom Tancredo. Today, the elite wants drastic austeriy, huge cuts in social services, union busting, and unequal tax policies. The Republicans can give billions of dollars sent to foreign places, but they don’t want that same amount to be spent domestic to help out deserving America. On the flip side of the coin, there are those who don’t want any legitimate dissent about President Barack Obama’s policies to come out publicly. MSNBC even is run by the military industrial complex & FOX News is a war mongering network. The Republicans can yell “let them eat cake,” but the truth dictates that we let the people embrace love and compassion. . The reality is that the universality of the human personality exist among all peoples. Each human individual worldwide are created equal and precisely are made in God’s image. There should be no hereditary aristocracy for humanity is beyond class (or unnecessary divisions or cliques). Humanity shouldn’t be oppressed by Oligarchy, but exist in an egalitarian framework. Sometimes, we aren‘t perfect. We have hurts and bitterness. Yet, if we go on and learn our past, pray to the Father God for strength, and live our lives courageously, then we can live more victoriously in our lives than the past. What is past is prologue. What is present and the future are not a prescription for failure, but improvement. Bush is apart of the Skulls and bones Secret Society. That order has been complicit in drug running, occult oaths, and other evils in its history. Barbara Bush yet again is bashed the poor back in 2005 by saying that they are better off after the storm than before when people drown and disease were infested in the waters (with many toxic chemicals). What planet is she from? To CNN’s, they have shown a lot of in depth coverage about Hurricane Katrina. Its coverage isn’t just an old stories, but follow up news reports that detail what progress have occurred in the Gulf region (along with the long way to go in manufacturing a better situation among the citizens in the Deep South). I’m starting to understand the mentality of these corporatists. They don’t want the poor nor the disadvantaged to receive the same privilege that they possess. They want the status quo and wish by using some laissez fair mythical formula to envision poverty radically decreasing. The reality is that sometimes intervention is necessary to fight against the evil of poverty in America plus the world. The reactionaries forgot that people like me haven’t relinquished our will. People like us honor economic justice, the end to the war on terror, and compassion sent toward all of humanity (with promoting the stripping our social services that are a bulwark to legitimate give true hope). True hope is spiritually acknowledging God’s grace and doing deeds that express the unique value of mankind. The tactics of these reactionaries today is to ignore the past or try to promote the lie that past evils have no impact today. These deceivers promote a criminal, vulture capitalist system today (that benefits them not us) in the West knowing full that it

doesn’t totally benefit the common people. Therefore, these reactionaries use false arguments, faulty statistics, and even blatant lies to engineer some love affair with the status-quo. There are trillions of dollars stolen by the elite to fund immoral wars overseas. We don‘t need a private gold standard currency. Some like Ron Paul don‘t want people to know that you can have a fiat economic system that carries no debt. Our problem deals with fractional reserve banking, usury, unnecessary debt being formed not debt-free currency. Paul‘s views are from Ayn Rand, Ludwig von Mises, and Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi (he worked for the creation of an European Union. His allies were the Rothschilds and the Warburgs). Some of these reactionaries believe in 0 taxes for certain corporations. That’s radical & extreme. Even Pat Toomey voted against Pell Grants in Pennsylvania. Ironically Reagan raised taxes 11 times and he allowed troops to leave Lebanon in the 1980’s. Even if Ronald Reagan was around today, even he would criticized by the radical Republican people. People like SMOM-William F. Buckley inspired Rush Limbaugh represents Wall Street. He doesn’t mention about the $10 trillion sent to the big banks.

In the 21st century, the Club for Growth is one agency promoting the austerity agenda. They are found promoting their views on CNN, FOX, MSNBC, etc. The head of the Club for Growth is the famous Stephen Moore. Moore is rather overt in his intention to advance the goal of the privatization of Social Security. The good news is that the vast majority of senior citizens oppose such an agenda. People like Moore are from the fruit of the Mont Pelerin Society. It is the same network that ran the Pinochet dictatorship, and the 1970s-80s Chilean model of privatization, through individuals such as George Shultz. As Milton Friedman acknowledged then, such plans don't work in democracies. The Cato Institute wants monetarism to spread worldwide as well. It promoted the destructive deregulation of the airline and rail industries. The Cato Institute have been funded by the rich Charles G. and David H. Koch brothers. For decades, Charles G. Koch has been a leading member of the Mont Pelerin Society. Freedom Works leader and CNP member Jack Kemp passed the Kemp-Roth Act in 1981. This allowed supply side economic to cause record Federal budget deficits and harmed the U.S. economy. He also founded Empower America. Even Arnold Schwarzenegger as Governor of California tried to replace the $177-billion California Public Employees Retirement System (CalPERS) by private 401(k) accounts. Decades ago, Brüning (he was the Chancellor in the beginning of the '30s) implemented brutal austerity. Later, this policy created the conditions which made the taking of power by Hitler possible. In 2007, the top 1% of the richest people in America

own about 23.5% of total income. Some want a payroll tax holiday for lower income people, so spending can increase in developing jobs, etc. There should be a restructuring of the tax system to benefit all of income bracelets, so the income can’t be static.

The Left gatekeepers are slick also. The liberal establishment ignores real environmental issues, but they go about and promote extreme population control. What I mean is people like Prince Philip and Ted Turner want the majority of the human population gone. Prince Philip said that we shouldn’t be allowed to wash our clothes. Even Al Gore is using corporate money to promote carbon credits. Even Ken Lay is a proponent of the carbon credit system including Enron back years ago. Today, Lehman Brothers are promoting caps on carbon emissions. Cap and trade is a Malthusian corporate enterprise that prevent independent development of American resources. You need technological innovation to grow the economy and at the same time legitimately handle environmental concerns. The corporatists use fear mongering as an excuse to promote the lie that the Earth is somehow overpopulated and soon to die off. So, the elite are ignoring real environmental issues (like toxic waste dumping, sodium fluoride, GMO crops that can cause less fertility, endangered species, people getting Parkinson’s in their 20s, people getting high level diabetes in their 20s, H1N1 shot harming kids, and aspartame harming people, etc. The Nuremberg trials exposed how the Nazis used sodium fluoride to make victims of the Holocaust to become more mentally docile while the victims resided in concentration camps. Sodium fluoride can decrease human IQ and increase the risk of a lack of fertility. There are GM salmon that researchers believe that can make

wild fish extinct in 40 generations [if 60 transgenic fish bred in a population of 60,000 wild fish] if nothing is done. THAT IS WHY POISONS IN OUR WATER SUPPLY SHOULD BE BANNED BY A FEDERAL LAW IN MY OPINION) in order to obsess with global warming. There is climate change, but permanent man-made global warming has never totally existed in the history of the Earth at all. In other words, we do need alternative energy, clean energy technology, and other solutions to help the environment. Yet, a radical carbon tax policy isn’t one of them. The elite desire to control public services and public lands. The Club of Rome had a document calling humanity the enemy back in 1991. The IMF and the World Bank advance similar dehumanization policies as well. Humanity have great value and great worth. They or the corporate use global warming as distraction in order for us to not expose aspartame and other dangerous chemicals. Aspartame can cause miscarriages via aspartame filled soft drinks from Coke zero. Aspartame has many bad health effects like risks to the brain, leukemia, ear damage, birth defects, seizures, etc. Some GM crops have ruin much of the ecosystem by killing bees and monarch butterflies. MSG can damage the brain as an excitotoxins and it can damage the liver. Monsanto and others supporting this evil want to control genetic footprints worldwide. So, the elite can never con me since the Rockefeller Foundation promote antihuman policies for decades. Humans have the right to promote their lives and stand up against corruption. Hence, using paranoia or fear mongering about Nature is a way that they want to get that agenda accomplished. For decades, people even like Holdren wants chemicals in our food and forced abortion under a planetary state (as found in his book called “Ecoscience”). Today, forced abortion is a reality in China and other countries worldwide. I know my stuff as they say.

20 states are now pushing similar Arizona laws in dealing with the issue of immigration. Also, they embrace contradictions. They hate big government except when it’s the military. They claim to fight for freedom, but they desire to deny basic human civil liberties in America via the Patriot Act, etc. Our job is to refute these neo cons and show the truth about the past and the present. I do believe in caring for all of humanity. Yet, it is evil to sugarcoat the history of the world. Ironically, Hurricane Earl is threatened to go where I live at. Back in 2003, I’ve experienced parts of Hurricane Isabel that affected North East Carolina and Southeastern Virginia (where I live at). Experiencing Isabel was wild. Power was out for a week in my vicinity. Other folks had their power out for a month. People had to go into long lines just to receive water. I ate cold cuts and keep my mind occupied by communicating with my family. The cable was out and it was an interesting time. North Carolina experienced the worst damage from Isabel. I have suffered nothing compared to the victims of Katrina and other Hurricanes. So, we should do our best to help those who are disadvantaged. This action shouldn’t be nothing more than a tax write off. It should be apart of a sincere heart to express compassion and altruism. It’s apart of the expression human justice amidst a natural disaster. Still, there are health problems in New Orleans, which is why people have to go into free clinics to receive assistance. GOVERNMENT IS MEANT TO BE OF BY AND FOR THE PEOPLE. WE SHOULD CONTROL IT AND NOT

SPECIAL INTERESTS AT ALL. EXTREMISTS WANT TO ABOLISH ALMOST ALL OF THE GOVERNMENT (AND UNFAIRLY SCAPEGOAT GROUPS OF PEOPLE VIA A DIVIDE & CONQUER STRATEGY. WHY DO YOU THINK THERE IS A NEW WAR ON US LABOR AND UNIONS IN AMERICA? THE NAZIS HATED THE UNIONS). ON THE OTHER HAND, WHEN THE GOVERNMENT IS UTILIZED IN THE RIGHT WAY, IT CAN IMPROVE THE STANDARD OF LIVING AMONG ALL PEOPLES. Doing nothing in trying to solve financial problems don’t work. Doing nothing only increases unemployment and decreases of wage levels. Public investments ought to be done in the way to create employment and income, while neo liberal economics desire to have no governmental intervention (when such intervention allowed us to escape recession). Neo-liberalism accepts the discredited notion of trickle down economics. (including lax regulation, the distribution of income worsen, and imbalance of trade policies). This view beliefs that the owner of capital can trickle down wealth to grow the economic. For over 3 decades, the gap between the rich and the poor have only increased. It haven’t decreased at all. During this period, income inequality has deteriorated significantly as is measured by the Gini coefficient. More jobs in America are now service jobs when the jobs we once had were shipped overseas. Neo-liberalism is a recipe for oligarchy and the failure of the allocation of domestic services to benefit the people. Finally the free market failure to deal with externalities and providing public goods is a well known concept in economics. For example, market cannot adequately curb air pollution and does not have the ability to produce "public goods" such as mass transits and some social needs. The results are evident as the United Sates produces 25% of the world air pollution while it has only 5% of the world population. Also, the US has not developed essential mass transit system as compared to other advanced countries. Today, the Republican Party supports the non-effective neo-liberalism policies. That is why economic populists want our infrastructure to be rebuilt, our health care really reformed, and a fairer tax system to benefit all Americans (not just the top wealthy elite).

Katrina opened the eyes of many people of the defunct nature of unregulated capitalism. Katrina burned into the social consciousness of people that didn’t experience extreme poverty. Other similar Katrinas are happening in the BP oil disaster, the collapse of Detroit, and other occurrences. Katrina was facilitated by the negligence of the government in not trying to built up the infrastructure of the levee system (despite for decades, scientists and engineers warning about these incidents). The Claiborne Avenue Bridge (or the Judge William Seeber bridge) had Lower 9th Ward residents stranded in the wake of the storm. The consequences of this evil events has been the corporate ruling class promotion of privatization, gentrification, and other deeds that widened the social inequality in the region. Even the suburban parishes have the poor living in them. This is why money is benefiting the casino industry, luxury hotel chains, yacht clubs, and the oil industry. People know the real deal. The deal is that the elite is using New Orleans as an sick social experiment to get rid of public housing and have a city

conducive to the interests of the elite. That is why HUD got rid of 4,500 housing units and displaced about 3,000 families who lived there before Katrina. Public schools are shifted more into charter schools. Three weeks after the disaster, then Louisiana Governor Kathleen Blanco ordered Charity Hospital permanently closed, despite the tremendous social need for medical care by hurricane victims and the fact that it was structurally intact. In fact, the building had been fully cleaned by the military and was ready for use. Today, the small Louisiana State University hospitals services the whole city. There are lax of medical services in that location. That is why populists want a real emergency public works programs to rebuild the Gulf Coast region not just in New Orleans.

After 5 years as the saying goes, some improvements have transpired in the urban center of New Orleans, yet there is more to go in developing the city of New Orleans. There are massive improvements in the Gulf Coast too. There is still the BP crisis and our economic crisis. In these times, it’s certainly vital to have our sense of humor and sense of hope intact. Express yourself to the world is a great motto to live by. The poor are always oppressed in human history (via the Oligarchy). Certainly, more ought to be done to fight against poverty. The media once called the displaced victims of Hurricane Katrina "refugees" when they were American citizens in the USA. That was of course offensive. Sometimes, a man or a woman can’t be in the middle. We can’t neither hot nor cold. In many events of our lives, we have no other option but to take a stand on an issue. So, we should be motivated to take a stand. So, this evil by the elite isn’t just a racial deal. It’s a class deal since the poorer class are going through injustice. Take a stand for truth, justice, non-conformity, and wisdom. We have every right to stand up against tyranny and have confidence to fight for the truth.

By Timothy

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