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Rejects Lakeshore East Parcel "IJKL" Proposal

Alderman Reilly Reports

December 13, 2017

Dear Neighbor:

I am writing to provide you with an update regarding LendLease and
Magellan Development Group's proposed development of parcels "I, J, K & L"
in Planned Development #70 that governs zoning in the Lakeshore East

The initial community meeting attracted over 1,000 residents and lasted
more than three hours. In addition - to ensure every resident was aorded an
opportunity to raise concerns - I required the Developer to host individual
public meetings with every residential building in the neighborhood. Two
members of my staff attended every meeting and took very detailed notes.

My oice also received hundreds of letters, emails, and calls objecting to the
proposal. In addition, I asked every condominium association in Lakeshore
East to send me their "punch-lists" of concerns and suggestions related to
the project.

After carefully reviewing substantial neighborhood feedback; cataloguing my
own concerns regarding the proposal; and after discussions with the City
Department of Planning & Development; I have determined this project will
not move forward.

My oice has informed Magellan & LendLease that their proposal for sites "I, J,
K & L" is rejected and will not move forward in its current form.

There are a number of issues that must be resolved by a future proposal for
this development site. Some (not all) of those issues include:

Provide more usable, contiguous & active open green space that will
serve as a real public benefit to the surrounding neighborhood;

Eliminate the grand staircase & associated zigzag pedestrian path and
replace it with a more subtle, meandering path - to allow for the
addition of usable green space & reduction of hardscape/pedestrian

Relocate the proposed upper-level Harbor Drive pedestrian access point

to the new open green space to improve sight-lines: moving it further
north on Harbor & away from the Parkshore's garage and driveway

Address security concerns (especially at the lower access road level) by

proposing a staed guard station on the lower level to monitor
pedestrian traic and activity - as well as regular security patrols
throughout the site;

Better dene solutions ensuring there are no conicts between garage

access, loading and the proposed pedestrian and bicycle traic that
would occur at the lower level access road that leads toward the
Install fencing between the lower Lake Shore Drive public right-of-way
and the property line of sites "I, J, K & L" - while creating one centralized
access portal between Magellan site & Lakefront (similar to the required
improvements Wanda Vista will make to Riverwalk access at Field Drive);

Properly secure this lower-level Lakefront access portal with the

installation of way-nding signage, improved lighting and surveillance
cameras that can tie-in to the City's OEMC security camera network; and

Reassess the positioning of towers on the podium and make a greater

eort to ensure distances between newly proposed towers and existing
buildings are more consistent with setbacks that currently govern the

I have shared these concerns (and others) with the Development Team and
have explained that they must be properly addressed in any future plans for
the site. Once my oice receives an updated proposal for this site, we will
promptly notify neighborhood residents and proceed with our transparent
community process.

It is my pleasure to serve as your Alderman. If we can be of assistance,
please do not hesitate to contact us. I strongly encourage you to sign-up for
our weekly e-newsletter at: for future neighborhood


Brendan Reilly
Vice Mayor
Alderman, 42nd Ward

For more information about Lendlease and Magellan's proposal, click on the
following links to download the slideshow presentation from 7/10/17
community meeting, traffic study and upper level access route diagram.

Alderman Brendan Reilly, 42nd Ward | 325 West Huron Street | Suite 510 | Chicago | IL | 60654