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Multicultural Issues 1

Multicultural Issues
Laila Esqueda
University of Texas at El Paso
Dr. Vierra
English 1302: Research and Critical Writing
Multicultural Issues 2

Multicultural Education Issues in Schools

All throughout the universities in the U.S there have been issues about multicultural

education. Everything in education relates to culture, as we learn and use culture in daily life, it

becomes habitual. As to say that Americans of African or European or Asian descent are just as

cultural as other people who live in other parts of the world. The media and other sources

facilitate the spread of such news, not only in campus, but all throughout other schools.

Multicultural Education has been ignored from many institutions in order to avoid beingunder

the media and news. These genres and views regarding the issue will be discussed throughout the

remainder of the analysis.

Audience and Purpose

The Audience for the two genres are different, the first genre, Multicultural Education

Issues and Perspectives is an educational monograph from 2004 by editors, James A. Banks and

Cherry A. Mcgee Banks. The purpose of this particular segment was to inform students and

teachers regarding the multicultural education issues that we deal in everyday life in campuses.

The second genre, is a video from Ted talk and Jen Holladay and Denver teachers. To understand

and embrace multiculturalism and teaching students cultural competency is critical for

competing and succeeding in our diverse democracy.

The intended audience of the segment is teachers and students in all campuses. People

that are interested in feminists, college student activists, and educators. The type of people that

make up the audience for this genre, one can infer that they are aware of the Multicultural

Education issues that are happening throughout the schools around the nation. The ted talk

audience is intended for all teachers and students of all nations which they all know that being a

multicultural person or a woman in cases they have problems with there nationality. Second, the
Multicultural Issues 3

United States has experienced tremendous growth in ethnic and racial diversity, especially

through immigration, and public debate about what that diversity should mean has become

prolific, (Pg.61). It means that most people that live in the U.S are racist to different types of

people and culture.

Each genres purpose is to inform their audiences of the subjects dealing with

Multicultural Education Issues around schools around the world: however, they each present

information differently. In the monograph segment, the purpose of the piece is to inform the

audience of the situations. That is being presented about the education issues about diversity and

racism. The purpose of the video was to inform teachers and students about situations with

racism and diversity with the students and how they could teach them about multicultural

diversity. That being from different nationalities is not a bad thing.

Rhetorical Issues

Both genres exhibit appeals, the manner in which these are implemented and enforced

differ in accordance with each genre.


Ethos is known as the characteristic spirit of a culture, era, or community as manifested

in its beliefs and aspirations. In the monograph that I chose to support my research as the leaders

that support the Multicultural education of all the schools around the world, in which are known

for racism and diversity. The segment establishes supporting data by the two editors of the

monograph. Both of them establish that diversity is known in all schools they have to accept

students as one and with different nationalitys. The credibility of the editors was established by

citing where Multicultural education issues have been issued.

Multicultural Issues 4

Pathos is the quality that evokes pity or sadness, which the presenter in Ted Talk talked

in behalf the teachers of the Denver teachers and utilized emotional appeal in an exaggerated

manner. Sates, that all teachers and students should embrace multiculturalism, and teaching

students that culture is critical for succeeding in our diverse democracy. The monograph is very

precise in what it wants to state about our succeeding students from different cultures. For

example, the video is very different from the monograph in which in the video the person that

talked talked about over all teachers and how they need to teach their students about culturialism.


Is a way of persuading an audience by reason the first genre talks about how teachers can

make students better people and racism free? But it also states not only do they get an education

at school but at home as well. Not all parents teach students how to behave or how to treat people

at home. That is why it states that culturalism n school is very important.


Overall, both genres discussed my main topic well. The first genre was more civic

than the second genre. The second genre pointed more to the other direction to the overall

teachers and students from Denver. All teachers should teach their students more about diversity

and culturialism. Each genre demonstrated a different side of the issue and both focused on the

Educational problems multicultural students have when they come from different families.
Multicultural Issues 5


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