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Deryan Vela


Professor Massey

December 11, 2017

Immigration in the United States and how to face it.

Legal and illegal immigration has been a problem for the United States. Every year,

thousands of immigrants, from around the world, come into the U.S. In todays world this

phenomenon isnt new and have caught the attention from many Americans. Many reports from

USCIS have told that many illegal immigrants have come into US through either the Mexico

border that are on the states of California, Arizona, New Mexico, or the Pacific Ocean, or

through many other ways. It is also known that people from other countries have entered the U.S.

legally through a visit visa, however, these people stayed illegally and are working in various

places. Americans see immigration as a double-edged sword because it can provide the local

economy with a lot of benefits nevertheless these illegal immigrants do not pay taxes sometimes

they cannot support the economy of the country. It is known that are pros and cons of illegal

immigration and it is crucial to be aware of why there is more immigration in the United States

and to spread good information of this topic to all Americans, so Americans can look for

solutions of how dealing with this big problem.

Immigration has played an important role in America in the last decade. On July 2016,

the population of the immigration was around 43.7 million (legal and illegal) making it the

highest number and percentage in 96 years. Also, it is planned that the immigrant share of the

population will pass 14.7% in 2023. (Steven A. Camarota) This quote explains how during the

year of 2016, legal and illegal immigration has been a part of America society from the last 96

years and the number of increased immigrants that will come to the country will increase up to

14.7% in the year of 2023. As Steven A. Camarota states that there are 10.9 million students

from immigrant households in public schools showing there are 64 public school students per

100 immigrant households. And the states with the largest share of public school students from

immigrant households are California with 47%, Nevada 37%, New York and New Jersey 33%,

and Texas 32% showing that immigrants are increasing its population. The states with more

than 20% of immigrant people living in there are: California, New York, New Jersey, and

Florida. Most of immigrants who came to the US are from Latin America and Mexico. (Roman)

And this quote shows that the most famous states of the United States are the ones who received

more illegal immigrants and it tells that the immigrants come from the south part of the world

such as Latin America and Mexico making the connection between two cultures where every

culture can learn about each other.

Immigrants, instead of harming the U.S. society, are largely contributing to its economy

however president Trump and opponents of immigration reveal that a major concern among U.S.

citizens is that immigrants tend to take jobs from American workers and they take those jobs to

another country and this will decrease the economy of the U.S. Even though some of these

concerns are true, immigrants come to the U.S to persuade a better life. Deporting millions of

undocumented people will make the economic worst since most immigrants are creating and

persevering American manufacturing jobs. (Martin) with this quote American can understand

that deporting the illegal immigrant can make some of these manufacturing jobs to disappear

since most of the Americans prefers to let others due the hard work. As Hernan Schwartz says

Trumps harsh assault on undocumented immigrants will damage the U.S in many key areas.

Much of the recent growth has been in service occupations like retail, hospitality, home care, and

health care. By this Hernan explains that if President Trump decides to get rid of all illegal

immigrants it can be a terrible decision to restore a good economy to the country since the Labor

Department expects

demand for home

health-care aides to rise

by 40 percent in the

next decade and by the

researchs that has been

made, over 40 percent

of undocumented

Figure 1. On the year of 2017, many rallies supporting immigration take place in the immigrants are in these
state of New York.
occupations. During

campaign President Trump has promised to create millions of good jobs to the US economy

and to raise the gross domestic product by more than 4 percent annually. However, many

economics including a New York Times economic reporter Nelson Schwartz describes Trumps 4

percent target as audacious at best and fanciful a worst. And with this people can see that some

of the numbers that the President Trump want to achieve will be very difficult if first he decides

to deport the immigrants and to get to the point of 6 percent he need more people to work on


Proposing new ways to face immigration will create reaction against the immigrant

community, but it is crucial to face the big problem about immigration, and see alternatives that

dont create fear and dont spread immigrants families since fear has been increasing during the

last 3 years when the President want to face immigration by threating this people of sending

them back to their countries where some of them dont have anything over there. Two-thirds of

the people in immigration detention (25,000 out of 37,000) do not have a final order of removal,

which means that they may ultimately be allowed to remain in the United States. Of these 25,000

individuals, approximately 15,000 have no criminal record whatsoever. (Marouf) Here the

author wants to show that most of the people that are capture on immigration detention do not

have order of removal since most of them dont have a criminal record, and by this some

American protest outside the White House, so these kinds of attack to those good people that

have families and want to persuade a better life can be left alone. Fear is now present in many

immigrant communities and professor Peter Markowitz says, I have never seen the level of

panic that is gripping our immigrant communities. This demonstrate that while President Trump

keep saying to the whole U.S that he will send all immigrants away from this country, people

will be afraid of living in this country where if they call for help of the police they also have the

chance to be ask for their status and maybe be send away.

Most Americans tend to think that eliminating illegal immigration is impossible and no

matter what the government is doing, it will not work, and the results will be the same. This is

not true. As Marouf states that Illegal immigration can be repealed if the government takes the

proper measures by facing this problem from the roots it can be reduced with effective measures.

Some of these measures require money; some require political will; many can be accomplished

by the President without new legislation. Adopted as part of a comprehensive approach, these

measures will be effective. Adopted selectively, they will fail. (Marouf) And with this Marouf

want to show that by looking from many different points of view, illegal immigration can be

solved with different ways such as using money to reinforce the security, asking help from

political people or the president himself however the people need to understand that to face this

problem threats are not the correct way to solve this.

Overall immigration continues to be the subject of intense debate between the American

people. The more than one million immigrants arriving each year have a very significant effect

on many areas of American life. We see that immigrants and their young children now account

for more than one in five public school students. The large share of immigrants who arrive as

adults with relatively few years of schooling is the primary reason so many live-in poverty, use

welfare programs, or lack health insurance, not their legal status or an unwillingness to work.

Nonetheless, there is always people such as President Trump that belief that dealing with

immigration is an easy duty but if he wants to make a different the president need to look for

good solution that tries not to harm many immigrant communities by spreading families apart. In

conclusion, immigration is in a lot of peoples minds. The thought of it being bad or being good

can cause discussion. But the United States need to tried harder to decrease illegal immigration

and reinforce border control, so this problem can be measured so in future, it will not be a chaos

of dealing with this subject. Also, if Americans get good information about this subject, many

solutions will come without sending this immigrant people back where they left everything to

persuade a dream that most of them call it The American Dream.


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