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Participating Trusts
Great Western Ambulance Service NHS Trust
London Ambulance Service NHS Trust
North East Ambulance Service
South Central Ambulance Service
South East Coast Ambulance Service NHS Trust
South Western Ambulance Service NHS Trust

Great Western Ambulance Service NHS Trust

Jenner House
Langley Park Estate
SN15 1GG

Tel: 01249 858000

Fax: 01249 850091

Contact name: Tracy Heath

Our urgent care and out-of-hours services work closely with GPs and social services
to find the right solutions for patients. At the AMBEX Conference this year we are
showcasing our Hub for Health and Social Care which is run in partnership by GWAS
and Gloucestershire PCT, and involves working closely with Gloucestershire County
Council Community and Adult Care Services. Last year the ‘Hub’ took 108,500 calls
‘out-of-hours’. Making full use of emergency care practitioners, district nursing
services, domiciliary care services, the emergency duty social work team and directly
employed doctors, the “Hub” is preventing inappropriate admission to hospital.

HALL B – Exhibitor Presentation Theatre

Wed 25 June, 15.30 -16.00
Partnership in action - Hub for Health and Social Care

London Ambulance Service NHS Trust

220 Waterloo Road

Tel : 0207 463 2577


Contact: Steve Irving

The London Ambulance Service opened its Urgent Operations Centre in November
2005 to co-ordinate our response to those patients who are assessed as being in
neither a serious nor life-threatening condition.

Located within this second control room are our Clinical Telephone Advice team,
Urgent Care Desk, Patient Transport Service Central Services, Emergency Care
Practitioners and the Emergency Bed Service.

By working alongside each other, they have been able to help reduce the number of
Category C and non-urgent calls responded to by A&E ambulances and also better
match the clinical skills of staff with the needs of the patients they are being sent to

HALL B – Exhibitor Presentation Theatre

Wed 25 June, 15.00 -15.30
Thurs 26 June, 13.30 -14.00
The Urgent Operations Centre

North East Ambulance Service

Ambulance HQ, Bernicia House
Waterfront 3, Goldcrest Way
Newburn Riverside
Newcastle Upon Tyne
NE15 8NY

Tel : 0191 4302000

Fax : 0191 4302086

Contact: Colin Cessford

This showcase will describe how ambulance services have developed over time from
being simple ambulance dispatch hubs to become complex clinical assessment
centres capable of reducing hospital accident and emergency department attendance
rates. In the North East of England this has been achieved by applying two separate
innovative strategies, euphemistically badged as: ‘See and Treat’ and ‘Hear and
Treat’. The NHS Pathways clinical assessment tool embedded into our Contact
Centre software acts as the first-line filter ensuring where appropriate, patients are
referred to alternative pathways of care. Attending ambulance crews provide a
second such filter.

South Central Ambulance Service

Unit 4 Berrywood Business Village
Tollbar Way
Hedge End
SO40 4XX

Tel : 02380 988 262

Fax : 01489 798591
E –mail:
Web :

Contact : Dave Sherwood

The Clinical Audit Report System used by SCAS greatly increases the efficiency of
the Trust in its ability to audit, monitor, manage and report clinical effectiveness.
Clinicians compile electronic portfolios for professional registration; while clinical
records can be referenced for governance issues highlighting clinical risks
automatically; reporting to national and localized targets is achievable within minutes
rather than weeks of data collection. Clinical management of frequent callers
represents a first for the ambulance community showing in detail, individual patients
and locations, enabling targeted investigations to make better use of the Trust’s

HALL B – Exhibitor Presentation Theatre

Thurs 26 June, 10.00 – 10.30
CARS Demonstration

South East Coast Ambulance Service NHS Trust

The Horseshoe
Bolters Lane

Tel : 07810 657 060

e-mail :

Contact : Amy Day

The needs of patients are changing; the range of conditions that the ambulance
service now treats is more diverse and complex than ever before. The service must
therefore adapt to meet these changing needs and developing complexities. One of
the ways in which South East Coast Ambulance Service NHS Trust is doing this is
through the development of new clinical roles in line with the AHP career framework.
• Paramedic practitioners have undergone further education and training
providing them with advanced assessment skills meaning they can
diagnose and treat minor illness and injury at home or in the community;
• Critical care paramedics have undergone further education and training
equipping them with the specialist skills needed to safely treat and
transport severely ill and injured patients.

South Western Ambulance Service NHS Trust

C/O PA to Director of Clinical Services & Urgent Care
Ambulance Headquarters
Unit 3, Abbey Court Eagle Way
Sowton Industrial Estate

Tel: 01392 261637

Fax: 01392 261510

Contact : Andy Perris

We have recently introduced a Clinical Supervisor team into our Clinical Hubs. This
presentation provides a discussion of the benefits we have found, including:

• Average of 850 999 calls transferred to other health care pathways per month
in 2007/2008.
• 90% of calls sent to the clinical supervisor group went to other health care
• Model for the training of clinical supervisors in collaboration with Plymouth
• Utilisation of a multidisciplinary team concept (paramedics, nurses, ECP’s) as
opposed to many other single discipline models.
• Advice to crews including access to TOXBASE.
• ‘Saved’ approx £2 million of ambulance utilisation.

HALL B – Exhibitor Presentation Theatre

Wed 25 June, 13.30 – 14.00
SWAST Clinical Supervisors and the benefits which have been achieved.