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Curriculum Vitae

Charles Elvis Davis III

2388 Waterstone Circle, Auburn AL, 36832

Tel: 505.400.6428

Position as Political Science Faculty Academic Instructor or

Faculty Development and Pedagogy Research

PhD. student, Public Policy and Public Administration, Auburn

EDUCATION University (projected graduation 2018)

M.A. Political Science Comparative Politics, University of New

Mexico (2007)

M.M.O.A.S International Security Studies, Air Force Institute of

Technology (2000)

M.A.S. Public Administration, University of Montana (1996)

B.A. Political Science/Economics, University of Alabama-

Birmingham (1985)

Graduate Teaching Assistant, Fall 2017, POLI 1090 American

Government in a Multicultural World, Small Class (25
students), EASL-oriented facilitated discussion course for
Liberal Arts students

Graduate Research Assistant, Fall 2016 - Spring 2017,

Researching De-criminalization and Commercialization of
recreational Marijuana by the individual States

Graduate Teaching Assistant, Fall 2015 - Spring 2016, POLI

1090 American Government in a Multicultural World, Large
Class (100+ students) lecture format
Air Force Inspection Agency, Kirtland Air Force Base, New
Mexico Enterprise Support Directorate, Team Leader-
Management Inspection Programs, Inspector Training and
OTHER Certification Division (2011-2014)

Air University, Maxwell Air Force Base, Alabama Vice Dean,

Distance Learning; Course Developer, Course Director, and
Academic Instructor/Research Advisor: International Security
Studies, International Cultural Studies, Spacepower
Operations, Director of Faculty Orientation, Development, and
Certification (2004-2011)

Strategic Planning, Project and Program Direction, Iraq

Training and Advisory Mission-Ministry of Defence, United
States Forces-Iraq, Baghdad Iraq (2009-2010)

Multi-National Forces Iraq, U.S. Embassy Iraq Senior U.S.

Advisor, Coalition Liaison to Iraqi Minister of Defence,
Baghdad, Iraq (2009-2010)

Program and Curriculum Development, Air Force Inspection

Agency and Air University, Space Operations Integration,
Inspector and Faculty Certification Programs (2011-2014)

Mentor/Tutor in Adult Literacy programs, Mentor/Tutor and

Social Sciences consultant in GED Diploma program, Lee
County Literacy Coalition, a United Way Agency.

Creative Writing, Music, Triathlon, Sports Car Restoration

American Political Science Association, Air Force Association,
Lee County Literacy Coalition a United Way Agency

Upon Request