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Elise Foskett

Mollie Morris

George Walker

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday

Week 1 The Tv The Online Using The The

Campaign Social Media Social Media Advertiseme
Begins In Accounts Accounts Give nt Is Put On
The And Discounts To In The
Evening Advertiseme Online Stores If Evening With
After The nts Are Setup They Share The The Popular
Product Is To Answer Product Shows Such
In Stores. Questions Advertisement As X-factor.
To Others.

Week 2 15 Second Daily Start Advertising 5 Second

Advert Is Aired /Weekly on Youtube on Adverts
On The Radio Eyeshadow specific beauty Become
( Which just / Discounts videos and More
consists of A Twitter youtubers. Such Frequent
Voice Over Competition as; During
About The s AlexandrasGirly Busy Tv
Product) With Talk, Periods
A Competition ByJeannine,
For Money NikkieTutorials

Week 3 A 35 The radio A 40 second The radio The TV ad

second ad is played TV ad is ad is broadcast
radio more broadcast on competitio on the BBC
advert is frequently ITV during a n slows around the
aired on from 10am- popular talent slowly time of at
nationwid 2pm. show. becomes popular
e radio less drama.
station. regular
and is
by the 3

Week 4 The Radio ad is TV advert is Tv ads

competition is played show during a played
drawn and between well know between
the winner is 9am-1pm romcom. 11am-
announced on Global 9pm.
on social radio show.
Radio ad
is plays

Week 5 The TV TV adverts-12- Posters TV adverts TV adverts TV adverts There are no

advert will 5pm which are in on at 12- being played 1- playing posters, or
now being shops and 5pm 5pm 10am-2pm billboards
shown at are on advertising
12-5pm billboards are Radio Radio adverts 3- Radio the product.
being taken adverts 5pm adverts
Radio down and being 9am-5pm TV adverts
adverts being played 1pm-3pm
being removed. 9am-2pm
played Radio Ads
9am-2pm TV adverts being played
are being 5pm-9pm.
played 1pm-
Radio ads
are being
played 5pm-

Week 6 TV TV adverts 1- TV adverts Tv adverts TV adverts 1- TV adverts Last on the

adverts 5pm 1pm-5pm 12-5pm 9pm being TV adverts
12-5pm played from are being
Radio adverts Radio Radio Radio adverts 8am-8pm played 9am-
Radio being played adverts being adverts 1am-9pm 9pm, within
adverts 9am-2pm played 5pm- being Radio these adverts
being 9pm played adverts there is a
played 9am-5pm from 5am- thank you for
9am-2pm. 5pm people who
took part in
along with
people who
have brought
the product,
and took part
in the

Last of the
ts 12-9pm,
again within
these adverts
there is a
thank you in
which states
this is the last
of the
ts of the
product and
a thank you
for people
who took part
in promotion
of the
product but
also a thank
you to