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Colonel Richardson High School Curriculum Chart

English 9 English 10 English 11 English 12 AP English Language, Read 180 Creative Writing Speech & Presentation
Literature & Composition
Romeo & Juliet To Kill a Mockingbird Poetry American Lit Post 1920 Rhetorical Devices Vocabulary in Context Poetry Debate
The Odyssey Night American Lit. Pre-1920 Death of a Salesman Nonfiction Comprehension Fiction Impromptu Speaking
OF Mice & Men Fahrenheit 457 Brave New World The Things They Carried Classic Novels Text Connections Nonfiction Persuasive Speaking
Discrete Math Algebra I Algebra II Geometry Pre-Calculus Calculus Statistics AP Statistics
Investing Systems of Equations Polynomial Functions Theorems Function Properties Limits Data Collection Probability
Retirement Savings Slopes & Intercepts Rational Functions Construction of Triangles & Trigonometry Derivatives Data Analysis Data Collection
Budgeting Functions Graphing Circles Conic Sections Integration Technical Writing Data Analysis
Environmental Science Biology AP Biology Anatomy & Physiology Physical Science Physics Chemistry AP Chemistry
Ecological Systems Cycles of Life Environmental and Social Vertebrate Anatomy Composition of Matter Conservation Laws Acids & Bases Acids & Bases
Ecological Issues Organisms Concerns Dissection Forces of Motion Electromagnetic Fields Chemical Reactions Chemical Reactions
Cycles of Life Molecular Structure Genetics Human Anatomy Energy Light Properties of Elements Mathematical/Theoretical
Energy and Matter Molecular Function Unicellular and Skeletal System Magnetism Wave Mechanics Atomic Structure Knowledge of Structures
Biosphere Genetics Multicellular Organisms Muscular System Electricity Induction Matter Periodic Groups/Trends
Social Studies
US History & AP US History American Government AP United States World History & AP World Psychology & AP Sociology Business Law Economics
Government & Politics History Psychology
Colonization Legislative Branch Interest Groups The Renaissance Personality Cultural & Societal Values, US Legal System Supply and Demand
Cultures/Beliefs Judicial Branch Government Institutions Nationalism 1700-1800s Mental Illness Norms & Mores Contracts Consumerism
War of 1812 Executive Branch Bureaucracy Industrialism 1700-1800s Motivation Human Relationships Property Global Economic Systems
Civil War Laws & Regulations Trade Agreements Imperialism Ethics Dynamics of Society in Business Organization Monetary Systems
World War I & II Types of Governments Civil Rights & Liberties World War I & II Psychologists Schools, Work, Family Consumer Relations Markets
Art Project Lead the Way: Biomedical
Foundations of Art Drawing I-ll Color l-ll 3-D l-ll Principles of Biomedical Human Body Systems Biomedical Innovation Medical Interventions
Art History Masters Artwork Color Theory Functional Art Diabetes Nervous System Skin Cancer Gene Therapy
Elements of Design Cartooning Printmaking High and Low Relief Sickle Cell Anemia Respiratory System Vaccines Genetic Engineering
Sculpture Portraiture Dyes Weight and Balance Heart Disease Muscular System Diabetes Cancer
Drawing Lettering/Typography Mixed Media Mold construction Infectious Disease Immune System Genetics Infectious Diseases
Project Lead the Way: Pre-Engineering Technology
Principles of Engineering Introduction to Aerospace Engineering Digital Electronics Engineering Design & Technology Education Advanced Technology Technological Design
Engineering Design Development
Electrical Circuits Computer Modeling Aerodynamics Logic/Truth Tables Innovations Simple Machines Blueprints Flight
Renewable Energy Sources Physical Modeling Rockets Electrical Circuits Data Interpretation Electricity Scale Models Space
Collaborative Work Statistics/Data Analysis Orbital Mechanics Computer Simulations Technical Writing Manufacturing Construction Materials Urbanization
Presentations Presentations Presentations Presentations Presentations Transportation Powered Cars Sorting Devices
Business Management & Finance Physical Education & Health
Principles of Business Computer Applications ll Accounting l Marketing l Financial Literacy Physical Education l-lV Strength & Conditioning Health
Ethics Business Documents Accounting Cycle Ethics Investing Lifetime Fitness Running Nutrition
Entrepreneurship Presentations Accounting Equation Consumer Behavior Budgeting Team Sports Lifting Techniques Alcohol/Drug Addiction
International Business Spreadsheets Financial Statements Marketing Plans Depository Institutions Dancing Goal Setting Sexually Transmitted
Management Web 2.0 Tools Debits/Credits Strategies Credit Cards and Fraud Tennis Stretching/Flexibility Diseases
Marketing Google Docs General Journal Market Research Insurance Jogging Nutrition Safe Sexual Behavior
Music World Languages For Future Use For Future Use
Marching Band Concert Band Chorus General Music String Orchestra Spanish l-lV
Pop Music Show Style Pieces Diction Rhythm Bow Usage Physical Descriptions
Classical Music Classical Music Breath Support Genre Research Articulation Food & Activities
Marching Band DVD/Audio Concert Group DVD/Audio Tone Quality Electronic Music Tone Quality Don Quixote
Kim Leverage, October 27, 2015

Data collected from Caroline Count Public Schools High School Course Catalog and the following Colonel Richardson High School Teachers: Amy Anderson, Rhiannon Burkett, Tom Cheezum, Kevin Corwin, Colleen Costagliola,
Robert Davis, Allen Dixon, Stephanie Garey, Jamie Garrett, Alyssa Haldeman, Jane LaBrie, Mark Robuck, Marjorie Scott, Chad Shelly, Jared Sherman, and Liz Tumpa.