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More power

from your wind farm
/ assessment and efficient turbine operations
A doorway to efficient wind power

Wind, snow, rain, light, air particles... Vaisala can help you Efficiency
measure it all by equipping your wind turbines and farms with You can minimize downtime by knowing
in advance about the wind conditions and
proven technology. Whether you are in a phase of planning you can plan the maintenance of the wind
turbines. You can also get total life cycle
a wind farm site and assessing resources or operating an support of wind farm operations.
existing one, Vaisala can offer you relevant data for your
decision making. Good range of parameters
Be it visibility, barometric pressure, wind
speed and direction, moisture in oil or
humidity - with Vaisala sensors it will be
easier to run your wind farm.
Accuracy Optimization
Our equipment is easy to use and provides When planning for wind farms, you can Flexibility
exact measurements. Vaisala offers ensure your wind turbines and other facilities
Our products have several installation
maintenance support for the product lifetime will be built to optimal locations for your
possibilities and the outputs can be
and ensures continuous reliable operation for operations.
calculated in many different forms.
all its delivered systems.
Eco friendliness Reliability
Compliance Empowered by Vaisala’s environmental
All of our products undergo vast testing
Laws and regulations set the framework measurement products, you can reduce
procedures by leading experts, to ensure
within which your wind farm is to operate; the environmental load caused by energy
faultless operation, which also contribute to
we help you to do so. With Vaisala you consumption. Join us in establishing a
safety of your workforce.
can prepare your wind farm for upcoming sound foundation for an improved quality in
regulatory compliance in advance. living, environmental protection, safety and
Visibility measurement — eyes for your wind farm

A customer who operates wind farms in We can offer our customers a well-proven
Germany tells about their experience with measuring instrument, which can be fitted
Vaisala: to our equipment for lighting the turbines
“We use the Vaisala Present Weather Detector at the best possible price by the plug-and-
PWD20W for visibility measurement at our play method. In the last resort, the customer
wind energy farm installations. We install has the advantage of being able to run the
the measuring instrument in our obstruction obstruction lighting with the least possible
lighting equipment for wind turbines on light intensity emissions and without
wind energy installations. Dependent on endangering military and civil aviation air
the meteorological visibility, the intensity traffic. This provides an additional benefit for
of obstruction light for the turbines can be the public acceptance of newly erected wind
reduced on such projects in Germany. farm projects.
We decided for the products of Vaisala Vaisala has up to the present time, kept to
because Vaisala had the best price the short delivery time periods usual within
performance ratio of all the calibrated and the industry. All the measuring equipment
tested measuring instruments and appliances installed by ourselves has functioned
that we considered. Because of the many reliably and without defects. The after sales’
interface possibilities, we also obtained a service provided by the Vaisala personnel in
variety of design possibilities for installation Hamburg is exemplary.”
in our equipment. Thomas Herrholz
Product Manager, ENERTRAG Windfeld
Systemtechnik GmbHw

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