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Maude, She Oaks, Steiglitz Community Planning Group

Facilitator and Coordinators

Tuesday 10/10/2017 Maude Tennis Pavilion

Summary of Meeting

Welcome: Murray Satchell opened meeting at 7:15pm

Attendees: Carissah Cain-Sultana Military Historian, Jack Boardman, Alex Hyatt, Graham & Elaine Johns, Murray
Satchell, John Tantau, Alan & Pauline Tournier
Apology: Sue Higgs

1. WW1 Honour Roll History:

Presentation by Carissah Cain Sultana, Military Historian
Carissah has been working on a research project to compile stories of soldiers whose names are listed on the
Bannockburn State School WW1 Honour Board.
She tabled a sample published booklet, the Magpie State School Honour Board Booklet, which is one of over 40
Honour Roll story booklets researched and published by Carissah.
Carissah offered to research and publish stories of soldiers listed on the Roll of Honour Old Boys Maude,
Sutherlands Creek and She Oaks State Schools. She presented us with a folder listing a basic summary of these
soldiers enlistment and service records, which she had prepared overnight!!
Action: Motion to order 40 story booklets from Carissah, moved by John Tantau, seconded by Alex Hyatt and
passed unanimously.

2. WW1 Honour Board and WW2 Wooden Plaque Conservation Work

This work has been completed and the two boards were delivered today.
As a result, the boards were mounted on the wall tonight by Alan Tournier, assisted by Graham Johns and John
Tantau complemented by a round of applause.

3. Minutes of last meeting 08/08/2017

3.1 Business arising:
Item 2. Re: Trucks and Roads issues
Perdrisat Road: 60kmh road signage has been installed from the intersection with Robertson Road to the
intersection with Steiglitz Road. An extra detour sign has been installed at Robertson Road.
Thompson Road: new 80kmh road signage has been installed but there is a lack of road safety signage.
Roadworks are currently underway near Thompsons Bridge.
She Oaks
Sharps Crossing Bridge: Concerns were expressed over large trucks constantly using Sharp Road as a detour
and lack of road safety signage on both approaches to bridge.
Steiglitz She Oaks Road is too narrow to allow for safe passing of large oncoming vehicles.
Action: Sub-committee Sue Higgs, Alex Hyatt and John Tantau to submit a letter to Council RE: She Oaks Traffic
Management Report - Issues & Recommendations.

4. Maude Recreation Reserve

4.1 Mowing Roster: Murray has the contact details for Steve Cart Golden Plains Shire Council.
4.2 Seed Funding Allocation: A motion to allocate funding for information and historical signage within the Reserve
was moved by John Tantau, seconded by Graham Johns and passed unanimously.

Meeting closed at 8:50pm

* Next Meeting: 7:00pm Tuesday December 12, 2017

Maude Tennis Pavilion

Pauline Tournier