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Draft Summary of Coalition for a Planned Reston (CPR

Reston Master Plan Change Recommendations

Planning Population Growth

1. Re-establish an overall Reston population cap.

2. Limit high-density multi-family development to 60 DUA.

3. Limit Village Center residential development to 30 DUA.

4. Reduce non-TSA allowable multi-family development density to level
consistent with suburban setting.

5. Assure that all TSA-area development meets the maximum ADU/WDU
contribution (20%).

Coordinating Infrastructure with Growth

1. Phase infrastructure availability with development through monitoring,
review, re-scheduling.

2. Place proffers from Reston development in a trust for use in Reston only.

3. Ensure that FCPS has a valid long-term forecast, supporting plan, &
sufficient land and funding to meet Reston school needs.

4. Assure that county park acreage and facilities guidelines are met by county.

5. Transportation improvements need to assure that county TDM and LOS
standards are met.

ADU: Affordable Dwelling Unit. A housing unit offered through a county program for people
earning between 30%-70% of the Area Median Income (AMI), which is about $75,000.

DU: Dwelling Unit. Any individual housing unit from single family homes (SFHs) to high-rise
multi-family apartments (MFAs). The basic metric of housing planning.

DUA: Dwelling Units per Acre. The basic metric for measuring the density of housing.

LOS: Level of Service. A measurement standard for street intersection delays, usually at peak
period, that ranges (like school grades) from A (no delay) to F (gridlock).

PRC: Planned Residential Community. This describes the zoning ordinance that guides
development and its density in most of Reston’s suburban areas. It was created when Bob
Simon created Reston.

PRM: Planned Residential Mixed Use area. This is a zoning ordinance that applies to Metro
station areas and other areas of major planned redevelopment (including Lake Anne, a
Commercial Redevelopment Area—CRA). It offers density as high as FAR 5.0 (~180 DUA)
“consistent with the plan.”

RMAG: Reston Metrorail Access Group. A 2008 community/developer group appointed by
Supervisor Hudgins to analyze transportation needs generated by the arrival of Metrorail in
Reston. Its report was completed in 2009 and accepted by the Board of Supervisors.

RNAG: Reston Network Analysis Group. A 2015 developer/community committee appointed
by Supervisor Hudgins to develop plans for street improvements and their financing in Reston
consistent with planned growth.

TDM: Transportation Demand Management. A program to encourage a shift away from the
use of cars to other transportation means—transit, bicycles, pedestrian.

TSA: Transit Station Area. The roughly ½-mile circle around a Metrorail station within which
higher density mixed-use development is desirable to encourage transit use.

WDU: Workforce Development Unit. A housing unit offered through a county program for
people earning between 70%-120% of the Area Median Income (AMI), which is $110,300 for a
family of four or $88,250 for the average two people typically living in high-rise multi-family