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Lopez 1

Melody Lopez

Professor Batty

English 28

13 December 2017

The Unfit Gender

In different cultures around the world women are treated differently because of their

gender. Do to this, many women growing up were not able to express their sexual identities or

desires than they would have liked to. This applies to countries like India , Dominican Republic

and China. Men were always perceived to be the stronger ones, the head of the household and

the important gender. Whereas women were just there on the sidelines. Although those cultures

believe what they are doing is correct because women are “fragile” and should only work to keep

themselves and their husbands household clean, they don’t understand that women think

otherwise. They should be able to express their identities, have the right to wear whatever they

please and the right to live their lives the way they want.

In the Indian culture, women were and are treated very poorly. In earlier times and even

modern times. They go through many challenges such as sexual discrimination, arranged

marriages, infanticide when the child is a female, etc. Women from India even had to take

precaution of what they wear and the actions they choose to take even when it comes to running

a simple errand. In the article titled “We asked you how India treats women and here’s what you

said”​ ​by Lipi Mehta’s she states “Women can be safe in public if men behave” Women

shouldn't be scared to go out in fear that men won’t “behave”. Women should be able to wear

whatever they please without having to worry for their safety, Wondering if they'd get raped that
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day or the next and so on. Due to them living in fear, this didn't let women express their sexual

identity. They had to wear what they thought would be safe for them not what they would have

liked to.

Chinese women are given the role of the house wife and men were given the role of

dominance by being able to leave the house. Able to enjoy their lives, have fun and go to their

prefered job. There were some jobs women could do outside the house but they weren't very

good. It really only consisted of either helping with farm work , teaching, or working in factories.

These were the only jobs they could have because they were the only ones that didn't require a

higher education than the one they were given. Most of these women preferred to stay at home

where they were needed the most, shaping and educating their children’s manners alongside

cooking and cleaning . They also had marriages that were arranged and that often lead to a bad

relationship, Which involved abuse and discrimination. These arranged marriages didn't allow

women to express their sexual identities . They didn't have the right to choose who to marry. If

They were homosexuals, that was another thing they couldn't express. It wasn't seen as okay to

have been attracted to the same sex. They should be able to love whom they choose and marry

who they choose.

The Dominican Republic treats its women no different than the rest of these cultures

that I have stated. Living in this type of society, these women were supposed to listen and obey

at all cost. Whatever the men wanted they had to do. In the book “How the Garcia girls lost their

accents” chapter 2 part 3 “The Human Body” by Julia Alvarez states “I lifted up my cowboy

skirt, tucked it under my chin, and yanked my panties down”(Alvarez , 235). In this quote the

narrator is talking about one of the characters named Yolanda and how she did what her cousin
Lopez 2

Mundin had asked of her. He wanted to see what she was carrying under her skirt beneath her

panties , To prove to him that she was a girl. This happened when they were both just children

and since it was a normal thing to listen to a man she complied. This is an example of how

culture affects their sexual agency, because they are used to not having a say that they just obey.

You would think after women being treated so poorly they would eventually hate their partners

but this is not the case, they still try to put their men before them. For example, chapter 1 part 3

in ‘How the Garcia girls lost their accents’ the character named Victor Hubbard states “These

Latina women, even when the bullets are flying and the bombs are falling, they want to make

sure you have a full stomach, your shirt is ironed, your handkerchief is fresh. It's what makes the

nice girls from polite society great hostesses, and the girls at Tatica's such obliging lovers.” She

expresses herself in this way because that’s how women are raised to be. Because they are

capable of doing all these things, they’re all of a sudden a “great hostess”.

India, the Dominican Republic, and China have many similarities in the way they were

treated and the way they weren't able to fully express themselves as women. Women throughout

history and cultures were always perceived to be the weak ones, Men always the important ones

and The worshiped ones . But both genders should be seen and are as equally important. Not one

more than the other. Although times have gotten better regarding female discrimination and

allowing women to express their sexual identities, we are not quite there yet. For instance, the

pay gap between the male and the female, It seems that we still need to prove that we are a fit

gender and we can conquer anything that steps in our way.
Lopez 2

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