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DEC 4 , 2017
New links will be placed here for a while before adding them to Da Archive.


If you can't understand why you should support your game, go work at Burger King for 2 weeks for no pay and you might get a clue.
Sorry for the incomplete links and L33t gibberish.
This way seems to be a good idea, what with all the matrixbots and cyber crotchspiders out there.

ss, @SS or $$ is Send Spaace, m3g@ is Megaa, <d0t> is a period or dot as in dot com, etc.

There is a u$ercl0ud and a u$er$cl0ud, be careful to go to the correct one.

Anon Has Pointed Out That A Few Sites Used Have Unwanted Clutter That Can Be Annoying.
Be warned the site it's on is rife with malware traps.
When you figure it out make sure the file you're saving is a .PDF and not the same thing with .EXE
stuck on the end. The second one is a million bad programs that eat your compooter like I eat

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Thanks to all the anons here that provide us with their files and/or help!!!
This thread is awesomesauce3, and you're the reason!

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Fun and Educational!
What methods do people prefer to add OCR to a PDF? does a pretty good job of lossless compression
OCR shouldn't be affecting the compression of the image in the PDF by default. Unless you are setting the OCR to
downsample a 300dpi page to 150dpi while performing the OCR. In which case you should set the OCR downsample to
match the actual page dpi.

But honestly if the PDF consists pages that are just images, you should extract them in Photoshop, and reduce the
resolution to 150dpi with the bicubic sharper option (Does a better job of downsampling than Acrobat), save to PNG,
and recreate the PDF, then OCR @ 150dpi.

0\/3 O!
A Hard To Find Game
www an onfi les cc/file/3afdbf1484a673a0e5a0c9a2e32c0d3b
files dot c4tb0x dot moe /

Recent Shares Collection

Archive of what gets shared in each of these threads. Hopefully that will give people another chance to grab them.
You'll need Resilio Sync to access them, this link will take you where you need to go.
if you don't have pro, you can't choose individual files but you can try Pro for 2 weeks, so for that time you'll be able to
cherry pick. Otherwise you can have the lot, if you need something that's in there then this will be one more way to get it.


REVOLVING COLLECTIONS! Get Them While They're Hot!! (47 hours 59 minutes - or less!)

The GraveYard

Jovial Hades
volafile org/r/edynhkzr

Re-Host if you Want

v0la /r/eewq9ttw

Mystical Secrets
vola file org /r/db91awem

Nergal's Underworld
https ://volafile. org/r/e6a7x4gw

Public Vola
v0laf1le <dot> 0rg /r/db91awem

--- --- ---

Black Hat Magic

SS /file/x9qjd0

Beneath the Inverted Church

A Fabled City of Brass
SS /filegroup/oudiyWdCVx5SuBN%2FtR0TRMyFKur5t9JSUFMyGHcTq143J4NdpuG3kpec%2BTUf99lU
Furies of the Barrens
SS /file/xtzfst

Ashen Stars - Accretion Disk

Ashen Stars - All We Have Forgotten
Ashen Stars - The Justice Trade
TimeWatch - The Valkyrie Gambit
SS /file/0twvm3

SS /file/32jmlo

witch hunter 2e books

SS /file/9scvsk

Spectrum Games - RPZ - A Universal Zombie RPG Add-On

SS /file/6qdtf2

Spectrum Games - Tacky Tawdry and Tasteless the Reality Show RPG
SS /file/urc0ks

Spectrum Games - Urban Manhunt Rulebook

SS /file//73yvge

Savage Worlds:
Mystical Throne - Ultimate Knights Templar Guide
SS /file/sgymq1

Mystical Throne - Ultimate Mongol Empire Guide

SS /file/84mtv2

Mystical Throne - Ultimate Pirates Privateers and Plunder Guide

SS /file/fanocw

Mystical Throne - Ultimate Celts Guide

SS /file/zlvyv

Mystical Throne - Ultimate Characters Guide Psionics

SS /file/44a0rt

Terror Network:
Average Joes - A Whole New Take on Terror Network
SS /file/mf9zzu

Crime Network
SS /file/r4v5jy

Old Country
SS /file/sffvyk

Operation Hydra Den

SS /file/oi1q9c

Operation Hydra
SS /file/876wtc

Orlandos Guide to Organized Crime

SS /file/05hzv7

The Agency Resource Guide

SS /file/kd168a

The Patriot Incident

SS /file/vqg0b4

R. Taslorian - Teenagers from Outerspace (3rd Edition)

SS /file/f88tsr

Eden Odyssey - Secrets of the Ancients (d20)

SS /file/lo5qoz

Eden Odyssey - Wonders Out of Time (d20)

SS /file/ea5exb

Epic Level NPC - Epic Races Adapticons

SS /file/llaax2

Epic Level NPC - Epic Races Synthetics

SS /file/apda9z

Weekly Wonders - Archetypes of the Ancients Volume I - Atlantis

SS /file/nt69bz

Weekly Wonders - Archetypes of the Ancients Volume II - El Dorado

SS /file/e0fa4x

Weekly Wonders - Archetypes of the Ancients Volume V - Lemuria

SS /file/wf9xgx

Weekly Wonders - Archetypes of the Ancients Volume VI - Hyperborea

SS /file/qgctgb

Weekly Wonders - Archetypes of the Ancients Volume VII - Shambhala

SS /file/imah6s

EOS Press - Nobilis - The Essentials

SS /file/bpvs3f

EOS Press - Weapons of the Gods - Auspicious Beginnings

SS /file/yp5dsw

50 Modern Magic Items

SS /file/ykcvje

Dark Hold Goblin Adventures" for Savage Worlds

SS /file/drsrvm

Purple Worm Graveyard (Labyrinth Lord)

B/X Monster Reference Index
SS /filegroup/6Bht2s9Q%2F6hkYxcPr6XWpw

Sly Flourish's Fantastic Locations

SS /file/2o6p1p
SS /file/h1ioi8
Secret Societies
m3g4 /#F!sZEBSAQL!JkJhvfJE9rw-jz5zMEq5dA

Fragged Empire
u$er$cl0ud /l31t38bqfwio

Blades in the Dark Core

u$er$cl0ud /kheukr7eby1l

Blades in the Dark Playsheets

u$er$cl0ud /1tj935yy75ue

Dust & Mirrors

SS /file/ugs0ei

Degenesis: Rebirth
SS /file/k9z8vw

More jobs for Dusk City Outlaws

SS /file/wfpnl8

Jurassic Faux
SS /file/bm1cwh

Wizard-Spawned Insanities and Great Monstyers Of Crime

SS /file/zumcmq

SS /file/hbpuvw

Kid World zip

SS /file/hejtpj

Marauder 2107 zip

SS /file/j1635d

Other Suns - Ice World

SS /file/cav9qe

Road to Armageddon - multiple files

SS /filegroup/s6nyIr86iCFjGgqbsAd2qmVZOb6pu%2Bev8sJAPY99g72JfTlKvI7CZhwubtSot8sd

Adventures Unlimited magazine #1-6

SS /filegroup/49Gy0m83kxVtprFJIhDIQ5QTREHnvXom%2B2xGtEYvrpCsic%2FyoNaEVw

d-Infinity magazine #0, 1, 2, and 7 zip

SS /file/6ekvgj

Bureau 13 novels by Nick Polotta zip

SS /file/esn11f

And here's Terror Network core

SS /file/guhpmk

Jayne's Intelligence Review: The Royal Manticoran Navy

SS /file/2sp2tx

Achtung and Mansions of Madness tiles - labels in French

SS /filegroup/1BQ8fjmDxuAzMg9wZRzx%2Bg

Dragon Warriors - multiple files

MF /folder/38ucbenn3tc25

Cogs, Cakes & Swordsticks - In the Bleak Midsummer

Victoriana - The Devil in the Dark
SS /file/fj00q5
Make you Kingdom!! English translated version
www53<dot>z!ppy$h@re /v/YzqiQ5Ep/file.html

Dragon Warrior -
The Reeve's Tale, The Miller's Tale, and Map of Jibs Hollow
SS /filegroup/6higtjdH91o0Ss20SQ%2FVanuG4GgalBB4

Dust Warfare - Konflict 47 and more

SS /filegroup/6higtjdH91o0Ss20SQ%2FVanuG4GgalBB4

GURPS Classic: Fantasy Bestiary (COMPLETE VERSION)

GURPS Classic: Alternate Earths 2 (COMPLETE VERSION)
Both OEFs:
SS /file/52k5t8

Index Card RPG

SS /filegroup/VAaG1Z7mfvDMKl26Kr5uuHRafIDNkDfRqNbj%2FxpOZa4gmPhwpRBDHUqli8lKR4on%20%2BA

Technically IA skirmish mats - I believe they are 1" squares


4 editions of Space Hulk, Galaxy tiles,

Marines tiles, and a map from the SW miniatures game
$nip /ZWVMe

Rise of the Dragon Master eBook

SS /file/ofrm9h

Conan the Mercenary

SS /file/fb5mcl s3ndsp4c3

Genies Great and Small, The Ultimate Fantasy Collection, including 9 adventures all compatible with 5e
m3g4 /#F!DIITWT4Q!t6iFL39CA0ztSjAyDc3MQg

Fields of Silver, The Dying Earth Revivification Folio,

Alls Fair At Azenomei, Strangers in Saskervoy, The Lords of Cil
SS /file/rdekdm

Grimworld for Dungeon World

MF/ folder/xt8lpco2pdp39/RP

Wyrd Chronicles 31 & 32, Umerican Survival Guide both Chase and Delve covers, Children of the Sun, Shattered Dawn,
Wild Skies, Against the Dark Yogi, Atlantis Bestiary, Incorporated Vol 2, Lone Wolf Terror of the Darklords, Questers of the
Middle Realms, Cold Shadows, Cold Fury, Wise & the Wicked revised for PF, Road Warriors, and Unmasked Day One
m3g4 /#F!eJhQxDhJ!ByuWib-BLEzs-5hZHx7KTg

Dungeon floor Plans 1-4

MF /file/o13p1s0x005z7kk/Dungeon+Floor+Plans.rar

Unknown Armies 3e - all five books

SS /file/0y9541

Magical Bears in the Context of Contemporary Political Theory

SS /file/gls9my

Stars Without Number - Sixteen Stars

SS /file/cc2apz

Godlike Core
m3g4 /#F!oYFlUByZ!u4pCIXgoHg5GOKRhPE9aZg

Dark Terrors plot sourcebook

SS /file/g2g0dj

BASH - Ion God and Awesome Powers Vol. 8-10

m3g4 /#F!SNAlEZAQ!bdhSNdGF31olYDTyB200CQ

Chuubo Halloween Special

SS /file/atadiy

Fursona stuff and Monkey1e

SS /filegroup/rwGF%2FKck25Dfdq2KD81B8lgjnRRA4KT5

Dusk City Outlaws by Scratchpad Publishing

SS /file/jwop5v

Itras By and Menagerie

SS /file/7a75ui

www6<dot>z!ppy$h@re<dot>com /v/izjkOuvo/file.html

A Touch of Class

"3.Y" alternate supplement to 3.5 by Blacky the Blackball

m3g4 /#!udYgTDiQ!q1v3V9ZWGjDqZgQIB5-v3h-KZDcUIkYkejPKj4o7V70

Aigyptos - a 5e Setting Book

A few new Heroes Wear Masks supplements
Sword of Kos - Kos City and Map
Cthulhu Live 3rd Edition
Arduin Eternal Bestiary
Arduin Eternal Cultures & Index
C&C Codex Slavorum
The Sarmatian Bestiary for 7th Sea 2nd Ed (Explorer's Society)
Valdorian Age setting for Fantasy Hero
m3g4 /#F!LdZlRZIB!YlWKDPOTFcSOok8tofPj-w

City Builder series including the Compilation of all the individual volumes 1 through 11
meg4 /#F!XcpijZYJ!EDx88wSNeOfERGZq0MXNRQ

Cublicle 7's Wilderland Adventures book for Adventures in Middle Earth 5E

SS /file/hrpmxu

TSR Amazing Enigine and Alterninty - multiple files

m3g4 /#F!LJoXhSIa!cDf_37sD1g0TZTQPIxXYMw

Kobold Guides to -
u$er$cl0ud /x3u35rwdb9os

Plots and Campaigns

u$er$cl0ud /5z2kldna2zrk



Game Design
u$er$cl0ud /xpxsy675vooz

u$er$cl0ud /e8y1gldxih3h

Mythic Britain: Logres book? Or the Mythic rome

SS /yZAkqBLAurpMEm9nTaF0LUzyo7yTbjsA

The Secret of ZirAn Core Rulebook

The Secret of ZirAn Hand of Fate Book
SS /file/26y6fj

In Dark Alleys
SS /filegroup/chGVaXXGHCm%2FVj7CbzT4qA

ACE Agents and supers supplement

SS /file/kcpban

The Armory - RPG DATA CON

SS /file/z8n81l

Mercenaries, Spies, and Private Eyes - Stormhaven

m3g4 /#!vcZGkBST!4K2Mwseea9-GDuK5EldJ5-_9hHMs1v5U6SsvOYJXr10

SS /file/jsqai6

Shatterzone (reprints)
Rulebook, Brain Burn
Shadow of a Black Sun, Zeenarchs
Supplemental Materials
SS /folder/z4sgje

Red Markets
SS /file/y9raw5

New God's of Mankind: New God's Guidebook

SS /file/3huyq4

Pantheon by Hogshead Publishing

SS /file/aivv68

En5ider 125 keep your powder dry

En5ider 129 keep your powder dry 2
SS /filegroup/6EEfR7SU1XpZUlWRKvOSXg

OEFs of Apocalypse and Gehenna from the Time Of Judgment series

SS /file/q5n7rf

All the latest CoC

SS /file/bpox9h

Lands of Lunacy
Winter Eternal
SS /filegroup/UJJfvMw3GCiRaWo80ekRRoYjjNDXbVyp
Starfinder - Core Rules
Stars Without Number - Core Edition
SS /filegroup/fklOGAlnyq5fb%2FrBXJrNeQ

All things Tephra

m3g4 /#F!6MAWmISR!D8u4aeMFiOV-IcmeDSrNJA

Unbound by Grant Howitt

SS /file/nc0e6r

Adventurer Conqueror King System: Lairs & Encounters

SS /file/v74eqy

Delta Green Handler's Guide and Screen

SS /file/t0g20y

Paradox Novel
SS /file/0wcb3o

Night Owl Workshop - Freebooters

SS /file/j230y8

Night Owl Workshop - Raiders of The Lost Artifacts

SS /file/9xya3h

Night of the Slashers

SS /file/bf9zmr

Mercenaries, Spies & Private Eyes - Mugshots 1: Case of the Pacific Clipper
meg4 /#!SAIygQxA!c2E-fPoE-bARiWDENRwXyIRxVdbJU_CVP3gNk1gplwQ

MBMP adventure log, character record sheet, and spell sheet

SS /filegroup/nhhHzCqkigFCnhFwCnTFzF43V2oKboXncjSAg23kGUZknWWCz%2B0OjxHoYCdf%2BbF

Usherwood Publishing - BHS00 - The Bone-Hilt Sword - Complete Campaign (OSRIC)

SS /file/3ti3un

Dungeon Planner Set 2: Nightmare in Blackmarsh from Games Workshop

m3g4 /#!CNhCQbwI!FR3DMS6DO8Zd2fsLIhxp3M0SWww3oAo3-dJd-RMmyN0

Random tile goodness
GURPS Rogues
SS file/22akx1

Seven Wonders by Pelgrane Press

SS /file/ayp7zi

StarsWithoutNumberRevised Release Cadidate Beta-RC3

m3g4 /#!AFsyzbgK!lQ4KVbKtsJsOEmIuO4LWMOLC4HYVeKuPM7F_FE2j-RI

Lairs & Encounters

The Sinister Stone of Sakkara
Domains At War - Troops and Terrain
Countersheets for Domains At War
SS /file/n08zw5

All I have for Metamorphosis Alpha

SS /file/5lr7q4
SS /file/i0qhds

La grenouille qui voulait les DK System2, voici ce j'ai

SS /file/fi76xi

DK2 Sys
SS /filegroup/dShwBeNILHmkt4fYm5FUjOrPGTbVzc8o

Haven - City of Violence

SS /file/yzjp0c

Dave Arneson - Dungeonmaster Index (OD&D)

SS /file/hat54s

Blood and Bone by Arcana Games

SS /filegroup/xSzyZ4xkb5KVxhpsujGyJkjBce8hKmRl

Blood & Bronze

SS /folder/vqwg62

Veins of the Earth

m3g4 /#!EIcTEZIK!Z1CZUOfXwQ-ZKtaRqm34A9l2uQvqvG24WCnKW8o1bWU

Glow in the Dark (Blades in the Dark hack)

SS /file/6bc256

Metabarons main book and character sheet

SS /filegroup/FNnRnitXrt3jSZualmHNew

The Metabarons Core Rules & Character Sheets

m3g4 /#F!HY0mRKoL!vq6wZRygBF3FYZmbaC3ulQ

Adventures in Middle-Earth: Mirkwood Campaign By C7

SS /file/8krqmo

Tephra - Pets & Predators-op


Tephra - Kickstarter Adversary Book-op


Monster Alphabet by Goodman Games

SS /file/a0e5hs

SS /file/1poh8f


Ancient Odysseys - More Treasure Awaits


Castle Falkenstein - The Memoirs of Auberon of Faerie


Cyberpunk 2013 - Solo of Fortune 1*

Cyberpunk 2020 - Listen Up You Primitive Screwheads*

Cyberpunk 2020 - Rough Guide to the U.K.*


Cyberpunk 2020 - Wild Side*


Eden Studios - Fields of Blood The Book of War (d20)


The Primal Order - Chessboards The Planes of Possibility


Ultima Forsan - Core Rulebook (SW)


*Offical R.Taslorian releases

Atarashi Games - B x B

Atarashi Games - G x B

Dungeon World - The Princess FAE Version


Dungeon World - The Princess


Malachi Sharlow - [%]


Malachi Sharlow - Hand-Head-Heart - Hobgoblin Extra H


Terror Thirteen - Core Rulebook


Terror Thirteen - Quick Play Guide


Terror Thirteen - Bloodletters


Terror Thirteen - The Grimoire of Abu Simbal


FGG - Masters Minions - Cult of the Mirrored King


FGG - Travel Guide to Epiphany s Wayside Inn


Kobold - Deep Magic 14 Elemental Magic


Legendary - Mythic Monsters 42 Halloween

Tattered Banners - Bandit Lords and Mercenary Captains (SW)

Ultimate Dark Ages Guide - Vikings (SW)


Ultimate Game Mechanics Guide - Ground Warfare (SW)


Ultimate Iron Age Guide - Three Kingdoms China (SW)


Ultimate Medieval Guide - Feudal Japan (SW)


3rd Party Starfinder compatible adventure from d20pfsrd

Station on the Borderworlds
snip <dot> li /98ugr
mega <dot> nz /#!LF4BlIaI!N9FgkBSL1fLBSHUiPaQyfk5irMFNRWGtYarFKxULnHk

competition scenarios for Gamma World 2e - apparently from Massconfusion 1984.

Water Rights
SS /file/f9p0is

Mudflat Walker
SS /file/9g8y0r

Bladestorm core and world tree

ss /filegroup/pIvII%2B5rGeoJ1DzlRFw9wzeSAj0qMcdX

zip with three files: Farscape Core Rules, New Ships Feats and Record Sheets
sssends paces /file/jf60vi

All the Silent Death Next Millennium PDF's

mega nz /#F!cZkX1QDK!UXySifdWszb35nBMY0eDaA

Trans-Dimensional Turtles for the TMNT RPG

ss file/bgz4is

Cthulhu Dark Zero

Blood & Water

Planetary Mercenary
Planet Mercenary Errata
Planet Mercenary Character Sheet

The original 1987 version of Robert J Kuntzs Garden of the Plantmaster!

$nip <dot> li /0Fg4

Silent Death goodie.. rules for Star Wars

m3diafir3 /folder/dnh302cpzen0y/Iron%20Crown%20Enterprises

Heroines of the First Age

huge collection of Black Hack goodies, Cthulhu Hack included...

new Star Trek RPG by Modiphius And then some...

TNMT Revised
ss /file/kumkdo

Spycraft World on Fire

ss /file/w8kyg0

Strange Aeons - Poster Map Folio

$nip<dot>li /8896

Incorporated Vol. 1
SS /file/6fovng

Mutant Year Zero: Genlab Alpha.

ZYM - eneG baL ahplA

Mecha 2e, Mecha Vs. Kaiju, Mecha And Monsters, G-Core Mecha, BRP Mecha, Mecha And Manga, Mechagenesis, and
M20 Mecha...

New World backer preview

For all your Schwarze Auge needs (registering required):

$nip <dot> li
Colonial Battlefleet - Core Rules
Colonial Battlefleet - Battlestar Galactica

Stars of Empire: A Scientific Romance Set During the Victorian Conquest of Space - core book plus all supplements

Iron Crown Enterprises folders for: Rolemaster, Space Master, and Cyberspace.
m3diafir3 <dot> com /folder/dnh302cpzen0y/Iron%20Crown%20Enterprises

Wild Talents 2e. Not the 6mb essential edition, the much bigger full-sized one
m3g4 /#F!YYNVBLbJ!_gBDgzNquYC6hrLwDIGRAQ

Phoenix Dawn Command

Exalted 3e - Arms of the Chosen

$nip<dot>li /89402

Night Wolf Inn complete

mega <dot> nz /#!qUQh3RZb!kRpNNZ4zPuz57o5qjdMx5ZqbK3eRQfqd7DEK4H9vy2c

Hubris: A World of Visceral Adventure

Midgard Campaign Setting
/\/\3ga dot NZ /#!tZESFAIJ!jYz583u4i5ZfeXm3gJgDxCLlfJpShyyVBP7teQAMQTI

The Mighty Six (for Mini Six), the final version

m3g4 /#F!yIMhCK5A!ynaVdXPiscZ5J8y98-ny0A

Godsfall worldbook
m3ga <dot> nz /#F!GYQhFDQb!kj6mFvLwMUyd09WrljOyhQ

Mage, the Ascension and Wraith, the Oblivion






/#!zF9ygb4R!foWq9pEdu3 YWl7Oh3GJj1oPQteaip1whSqGmAo3f0








@ Mega dot en zee #F!FfREAZqY!4RkbsogVVcnRg8h_My32lA!QCxXSJAK
Devin's Tokens. Also, some other stuff.
medi@fire .com /folder/vkz89gzcdbj3l/RPG_safe#h1tqz6zikhhsh

13th Age Bestiary 2 PDF

Immortality campaign and Urban Adventures for Iron Kingdoms

mgA nz /#F!ACJWkaaJ!5EcKcjNZ_3VaY8ru-UMJyQ

STALKER Homebrew RPG that uses the Savage Worlds system.

Karvosti - The Witch Hammer for Symbaroum

Veil on m3g4

Iron Kingdoms - Five Fingers

Encounters in The Savage Cities

ZYM - kooBeroC

T'as trouv a o
ultimate-warez d0t eu

Unbound plus two genre packs...

Hurt Locker Better version

SS /file/fovzlh

Xanathar's Guide to Everything (Regular Edition)

$nip<dot>li /18152

Xanathars Guide To Everything Deluxe (FIXED & OCR CoC-MG)

$nip<dot>li /829830

m3ga d0t nz

Post Mortem-Livre de Rgles.pdf

Post Mortem-Asylum.pdf


Post Mortem-Boogey Land.pdf


Sword Reforged
sS /file/mwvvsu
Chronicles of the Awakening
SS /file/1s4vig
Marvel Superheroes
TSR - These are all new HQ scans that are complete with all content, bookmarks etc. These are more
up to date than the prior trove that was posted in the last thread.
Also included Marvel Universe, Saga, and Heroic systems.
$nip<dot>li /HeroTrove
snip / EPT.
Laughing Lip and Swycaffer novels
$nip <dot> li /mjMpm
The first titles from Pathfinder Journals

All links snip <dot> li

Hunters Mark 5E Adventure
Guardians Original Edition Rules for Superhero Play Night Owl Workshop
Guardians Power of Fear Night Owl Workshop
ICONS 5 Character Sheets
ICONS Space Supers 01
ICONS Space Supers 12
ICONS Space Supers 13
(and other ICONS material)
Mystery Men 2nd Edition
Power Legion Superpowered Miniatures Rules
Fantasy Novels
m3g@ <dot> eN Ze /#F!hi4GSCrL!nv9paINMkV421khukl-mSw

Eden Studios Presents- Volume 3
Fight! - Unlockables Arenas
NeoPlastic - Wake the Second Creed of Pandemonium
Better Angels - GM Screen
Buffy the Vampire Slayer- Slayer's Handbook
Buffy the Vampire Slayer- The Magic Box
Chaosium - Nephilim
Conspiracy X 2.0 - GM Screen
Teenagers from Outer Space - Field Trip
Teenagers from Outer Space - Star Riders
Theatrix Presents - Ironwood
Tianxia - Arcana for the Deck of Fate (Blue)
Tianxia - Arcana for the Deck of Fate (Red)
Trail of Cthulhu - Cthulhu City
Trail of Cthulhu - Mythos Expeditions
Super Gacahpon Fighter Omega Infinity (Print)
Super Gacahpon Fighter Omega Infinity (Screen)

magazines(Crusader 9-12)
$nip <dot> li /KNsb
Alas for the Awful Sea just released a 28 page scenario "The Wind and the Waves"
SS /file/8ix0f3

Interjection Games - Runesmithing Expanded The Animator Archetype
Interjection Games - Ultimate Runesmithing
Jet Pack 7 - Gods and Goddesses (5e)

Planetary Mercenary
Planet Mercenary Errata
Planet Mercenary Character Sheet
Mercenary Breed 3E

All links at $nip <dot> li

The Scavenged Code (Starfinder) Legendary Games


The Scavenged Codex Map & Picture Folio Legendary Games


Starlog EM-011 Arcane Artillerist Everyman Gaming


ICONS - Stark City Campaign Setting and City Building Toolset

(From Fainting Goat Games)

Wargames I: Superhuman threats of the Cold War

Wargames II: Superspies and Commandoes of the Cold War
Wargames III: Sentinels of Berlin
snip <dot> li


Bedlam City Campaign for Savage Worlds and Progenitor + Progenitor Woodstock for Wild Talents
m3g@ /#F!OVNTHRrJ!3ZRQSrBX0HviRURuV2B6ww

Earthdawn 3rd
m3g4 #F!9I9TlBCY!YjRo9FQlOEPCmmqUsiAAmg
& the previously posted 4th ed
mega #F!gY92wKZL!dZTQw_Zmcp1St2wv8x8qrw

The Weird That Befell Drigbolton


Bliss Stage
m3ga: /#!YJl2VLKS!Hh66Zrxg-a9i0IMvJp18Npsnxjkpeq8TRcVN7Z5KvBA

SS file/1wccoo

The metamorphica revised

mega nz/#!aQ5wlIQJ!YQ9kbmuxToX28efGh7RlTE2keGkyugavWbtAQizIdyM

Dreamscarred press highlord

mega nz/#!Tdw2WYKL!g4Ytr1f2UQz1LPwUVSlwUZTegXP6UvfwxOGnayFcAws

Odins Eye and more

$nip /yDW2

Panty Explosion Perfect and 2 more

ss /filegroup/u0cszLunY6vHKcee%2BT%2BKaIXfafyoNA%2BK

m3g4 /#F!MQEBiLCR!iuKW7mkfkxg7Tp8pA38DyA
Judges Guild JG0160 Journal 19. This and other Judges Guild projects can be found here:
$nip <dot> li JGuild

Leagues of Gothic Horror Trove

snipli /djZ

ToA folder with everything, plus some other Chult-y goodies:

snipli /VeO6b

A Dirty World
SS /file/znyr3q

The One Ring Oaths of the Riddermark

ss /file/y73a8a

Bloodlust 2e trove
/\/\3g4 dot NZ /#F!tQ800LSB!g33KsTpKEdH9z3TyjrHfXQ

unknown army 1 2 3
sendspace com/filegroup/Pa7pwEO36ebZzuu2Hxq0t8oLYX5Wkhe3YMyR45TTSGUPetBOuQXbquTzenKiN8CE

Bloodlust 2nd ed (1995):

/\/\3g dot NZ /#!UU9nmARY!dIyrXZZdqYGg_YVdeFEBCU0IL5X9WMGtraf0625JEHc

Stars Without Number Revised

/\/\3g4 dot NZ /#!cdli0CBb!IJzuxmG88gCty7RsTQaBym4Vdngke9Rwkbj6xfCRWys

Blue Planet Trove

m3g4 /#F!8RcwkZYR!vM6z7GHNV14sVNnoA6nxEw

story engine, now playing, the unexplained and primetime adventures

SS /filegroup/p02P4jJWVgpOkH1OPOfhEFJTGIOpzYXGBbTcAJawVB%2B9PSqy77V2k72AsyIhxHKI

ss /filegroup/B6NIOzEUyS19p4MBNn%2Bj8sC49VsVRJyO4FHIe4pHzJyI0HiD7fa4Jg

most of spectrum

baker street and screenplay

SS filegroup/qww8pQmeLN%2FKcSJMKuhHB8muj8eidx2Odon8HdDNxP4HMTEs8cNiFmihg2kS8l1u

Belly of the Beast

SS /file/5vdimu

king for a day setting

mega nz/#!zMoWCaxD!4UTvUl5TWeWox32AuckTH2foMj1KFs0tp42AaSvFNPg

HARP and Psi Punk

SS /filegroup/taAExzGV8kyrat%2BqoOuj86wcmgdy6xzrkHWYlA9XLg%2BIfvs670PJ0w

STA TNG tiles

SS /file/319uhz

sendspace com/filegroup/tN7Jyc1Pr%2FSXBRKiItCydKPe88PqAzxZZdVBZM%2Fj5m8

SS /filegroup/i5JXy4zs5Hrv5tNA6Rr%2Bq6UJVLfEQQQDGA%2FqTJwv8d0

ss /filegroup/VLncA4bKfoOjfG1m2uFWgU16l3GKQoGC

Trauma 2e on
SS /file/4werew

Delta Green - Music From a Darkened Room

SS /file/na3obx

unknown armies 4 & 5

SS /filegroup/qvEHD8%2FCgWE2MY4NAbf4Kg

Furies of the Barrens

sendspace com/file/xfyhp6

Delta green handler's guide
DG Agent's Handbook
m3g@ /#!8c5kFbJL!bAYHcyWX_RUbvoAMWI63E7XLUdfU19APQnWIv5tzamk

Ravenloft book (OEF). First book of the Dominion Series:

He is here, here to freeze and us ! (and in his moods, destroy some pyramids)
mega /#!mNJnSDRS!NbrRuVtjpshsWJ9Op7QIAuA9-7OFyzSDl8G4PyohJTo

Infinity lounge
ss file/efka1z infinity lounge

Oil pressure
ss file/zjw9dl oil pressure

Extremophilia - DG
ss /file/qj0qvw

3rd edition Scarred Lands books

ss /filegroup/Z6%2FYGaFJKLLeBMmep12yZDwullzMpTJ%2F5k8SoZxeK9sEygfFxOvonPwbN40vZREu

unpublished Ravenloft Covenant novel Black Crusade on mobi

Chaosium printing of City of Carse - Complete.

all pages including covers, the color pull-out map, and divided black & white portions of the map.
$nip <dot> li /qzWV

Dead Teenager RPG

TSR -> Original D&D -> Rules. m3g4/#F!FfREAZqY!4RkbsogVVcnRg8h_My32lA!


complete Shadowrun 1~40 (FASA) + 1~6 (WizKids) novels

ss /file/3fq4om

Alas, Vegas

Sunken City Omnibus
volafile <dot> org /r/e9d7hdjm

Attitudes 1.1
ss /file/9odlx5

concise DCC Trove

mega nz /#F!sdVl1KDC!6Fn9RdwDaxjGOkzENIEJ2w

m3g4 /#F!XRcGmC5K!PtzX5_j_fSUX5B-N_BDvNQ

solo gamebooks

Anomalous Subsurface Environment 2-3

NOD magazine trove

DCC modules
m3g@ sheep /#F!od80EITQ!SVdV--v5IsyvXKgxkwv36w

supers, horror, fantasy, and so forth - Random Carse Collection

Lots of 1-offs, Artificial Exotics, East Texas University fills, ICONS, Supers, Hypercorps 2099, BASH, Better Angels, City
of Mist Halloween Kickstarter Special, Fudge, Phase Four, M&M, Final Girl, Dancing Lights Press and much more.
Again, a lot of this may already be available. As like the other random folders, these will be available until the end of the
snip <dot> li /0SXul

original Caverns Of Thracia

snip <dot> li /guQmg

newest In Nomine Satanis edition (in french likely)

/\/\3g4 dot NZ /#!Md1ywBIY!3exWQedlvXuEc9AFbfsJg9llR836JWWyJS55iORiTlw

Bucket full of delicious Snippets


All of Their Strength


All of Their Strengths - Character Sheets


All of Their Strengths - Halloween


Breachworld - Character Folio 2 Elak the Junker


D101 Games - Fate - Hunters of Alexandria


DIY - Gathox Vertical Slum

Exilium - The Pit Bunker of Unknown Origin

Glimpse the Beyond 2e Guides Screen


Glimpse the Beyond 2e


Monkey Fun Studios - Gruel Truck


Mutant Chiron - Resurrection of the King


Steamscapes - Singapore Shuffle (SW)


We Hunt Bugs - Below Deck Blues


Wyrd Chronicles Ezine Issue 32



Shattered Moon collection

Shattered Moon

Troll Bruggan and Blooded


Players pack

Ogre Pledged and Devout


Goblin Kobold and Spriggan


Elf Aesir and Vex


Dwarf Heldane and Uithtan


Dark Places & Demogorgons


Broken Earth - Hart Plaza


FGG - Shadows over Vathak Hauntlings Enhanced Racial Guide


FGG - Vathak Terrors Denizens of the Silver Tower


Tribality - Forever Young


Tribality - The Darkest Night v0


Tribality - The Darkest Night v1


Tribality - Through Their Own Eyes



City of Mist - Core Book

$nip <dot> li /3q22Q

Asian Archetypes Magical

IG05 Metal Heroes
IG07 Scorpions of Perdition
KM05 Beasts of Legend Boreal Bestiary
KM06 Horns of the Hunted
Mythic Monsters 37 Robots
Mythic Monsters 40 North America
Mythic Monsters 44 Elementals
m3ga <dot> nz /#F!2Ugx0YCZ!2tI8nBZN6CgxV0ru0a17OA

The Vampire of Havena, the play-with-yourself book for The Dark Eye...
SS /filegroup/Inf3dnIkvI8zZZTjJsTTYA

Persia: Battleground of Light and Dark

is on Scribd

kinda aio tr0ve

m3g4nz - #F!VvgT1A5Y!Jn5a0Ki3uS4_P1HT9ptOhg

Fight On
m3g4 /#F!JfpQkL4L!gRPx2Fu161qotuPQ2fVAxw

free Mutants and Masterminds 3rd edition adventure: Monster Mashup

mithril city of golem

ss /file/3c4pgt

Crisis on Christmas
Superline #1-6
ss /filegroup/i2%2FuPnCQBSw2XF9iDw%2B2LbBQtRh4ualUrpDv55bVYt9tK7GVM3GIuiwD7gTdg407

Frostgrave Ghost Archipelago


Heartquest material, for FUDGE

Fight! Unlockables: Shonen

CHILL / Beyond the Supernatural

S.T.B. dexoB seramthgiN
llihC eroC
llihC sretsnoM
llihC EVAS

Eaves of Mirkwood

Courts of the Shadow Fey

ss /file/8gjwdv


Kobold Press
Bosuns Booty

Courts of the Shadow Fey Bonus Handouts


Larger than Life


Wondrous Items 1

Wondrous Items 2

Advanced Races 15 - Tosculi

Sunken Empires - KQ Compilation


Sunken Empires


Elite Dangerous
SS /filegroup/R0CXMOOTDFVWbr9LQLu79w

Midnight Circus by White Wolf

meg@ #F!YXJAiIbI!1calHKSGm4OOZioAaHlaYw!4fJiwJ6Y

Powerchords: Music, Magic & Urban Fantasy

$nip<dot>li /607
Pirates, (a whole boatload of them)

Fighting Fantasy and other solo games

$n!p<dot>li /ARtu

Legacy of the Green Regents adventures from D&D 3.5 RPGA

missing 04,10,14, 15, 23 although I am not sure all of those were published
ss /file/va2w8c

the full battle maps for The Marble Sanctum by Lord Zsezse Works
mega nz /#F!G8w3jBpb!58u_ZlY-xUUhoKsEtdWFgQ

snip <dot> li/TilesTrove

Through The Breach Trove

mega #F!Z9sVSYTS!U2J243KhVsUuOqAnsqTj4A!Y811VYCZ

Gamma World 1-4th editions trove:

mega <dot> nz/#F!z9wHCQwC!HCeMOum5467vvbTd2XwiMw

Tkumel. These aren't the newer, prettier version, but I believe the text is the same.

sS /file/k8kn0x

Bluebeard's Bride, for the PbtA trove. It really is quite good; consider buying it if you like it.
s3ndsp@ce /filegroup/9tDqTBDduzenkcIN%2FpVpLw

Monkey 2e Quickstart
Cooking with Dice
ss /filegroup/AlYKKGvxbiYI9gU6DJqfp4RhQbJvLnwV

Dungeons Grappling
sS /file/rgkl0s

the entire line of Cyberspace products. (ICE)

m3ga <dot> nz

Through The Breach Trove

mega #F!Z9sVSYTS!U2J243KhVsUuOqAnsqTj4A!Y811VYCZ

Gamma World 1-4th editions trove:

mega <dot> nz/#F!z9wHCQwC!HCeMOum5467vvbTd2XwiMw

Tkumel. These aren't the newer, prettier version, but I believe the text is the same.

sS /file/k8kn0x

French rpg 'Crimes'

On Meg@
Crimes V1 : /#F!k3RnyLhQ!y5LvBGCE3q2CS1J47CsAzQ
Crimes V2 : /#F!G98SyDRA!oQgeICjEPMx6EbSevvMkIA
Fudge 10th

Cogs, Cakes, and Swordsticks Gears, Pies, &

Pimp Canes
m3g4 /#!hA9G2IzS!qkE5MXwHGdMkI9JqYgN0KCtQ0C95rU4jYRRq-cY1Wws

MaK SF3D Original and Operation Faserei sS


the entire line of Cyberspace products. (ICE) m3ga <dot>





Simple Room: The New Stuff (Prickly Seat Adv Part 2) The Coven's
Mallet (Beta) (& GM's Resource)
Final version of the "Coven's Mallet" m3di4fir3

Folio (Various Issues & Related Modules, 1E & 5E Compatible)
Farland (Campaign Setting, Players Guide, GMs Guide)
Abandon All Hope The Program RPO6007 (another one for the solo trove)