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Pedro Flore

Professor Holly

English 28

13 November 2017

The Effects Immigrant Families Have

Every year in the United States there are thousands of people that are trying to come here

for a better life. However, not everyone thinks that the immigrants come here for a better life.

Some people think that they just come here to bring drugs, crime, and that some are rapists. For

immigrants coming to this country it is hard to learn the language and communicating with

others. One of the biggest effects that immigrants face is deportation. Losing one of your loved

ones due to deportation, is devastating for everyone. The challenges that immigrants face

immigrating to the United States are the language, deportation.

Immigrating to a different country is always hard; you have to get use to the new culture

you're going to be leaving in. One of the hardest things is to learn the language it doesn't matter

if you're an adult, or a young person English is a difficult to learn. Coming to the United States

you need to be able to understand, and speak the language in order to communicate with others.

In the novel How the Garcia Girls Lost Their Accents we see how not knowing the language

affected Claura . A great example is . In other words we see how Clara struggled adjusting

to the new culture. Unlike her sisters that they were younger, and they were able to adapt, and

learn the language faster. Even though she tried the language was always a huge obstacle,

because in order to have good communication, in her new home language must be a priority.

Another big effect immigrants face is deportation. Every year in the United States there

are thousands of people being deported back to their countries. The unfortunate thing is that
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some families only have one family member that bring in money, and food to the table for

themselves and their families. According to Joanna Dreby says that, The number of immigrants

removed has steadily risen, from close to 190,000 deportations in 2001 to close to 400,000 per

year in the past four years. Even more troubling, in the first six months of 2011 alone, more than

46,000 parents of U.S. citizen children were deported (Dreby). This quote shows how many

immigrants have been deported back to their countries and each year the number keeps

increasing. The thing we don't know is how many families are being destroyed due to all of the

deportation. Families are being destroyed because the head of the family the one who ones

provided food and money to the household has now been deported; it can be hard for immigrant

families knowing that the one person who was ones bringing in the income to the house has been

deported, knowing that they will now have to go out looking for jobs knowing that they dont

have a green card of social security number, to the extent that some may become homeless do to

deportation. Some children that are the American Citizens that have parents who are immigrants

are the ones that suffer the most, due to the fact that both of their parents have being deported,

some of the children will even end up in foster care because they dont have anyone else to take

care of them.

In the other hand not everyone thinks that immigrants come here for a better life, one

better from the one they ones had in their countries. There are people who think immigrants

come here to do bad for the communities they leave in. According to Katie Reilly says that,

Donald Trump kicked off his presidential bid more than a year ago with harsh words for

Mexico. They are not our friend, believe me, he said, before disparaging Mexican immigrants:

Theyre bringing drugs. Theyre bringing crime. Theyre rapists. And some, I assume, are good

people. In other words even the new president of the United States is one of those people that
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thinks that immigrants don't come here for good they came here to make it worst for the

community they live in. Yet this people dont understand the struggle immigrants have to face

from having to leave their loved ones behind, and coming a new place when they know some

will see them as intruders, inferior, and unequal people. According to Cesar Maximiliano

Estrada estates that Immigrants have historically played an important role in the building of the

United States, and they continue to carry that legacy today (Estrada). Ultimately, what is a stake

here is that immigrants play an important role for the United States, immigrants pay their taxes

as well putting their own business which give jobs to other Americans and all of this helps the

economy of the United States. Ultimately immigrant people are and have been a huge help to the

growth of this country.

Even though many people don't have the same ideas about immigrants coming to the

United States for a better life, some may think that they just bring crime and dont do anything

for their communities. Its shown by research that this country was made by immigrants who

have come here to have a better life, for themselves as well as their families. The Government

should give opportunities to parents, kids, or students who are immigrants, who are looking for

better opportunities ones that wouldnt have never been possible in their hometowns. The goal

for immigrants coming to this country is to have a better future for themselves as well as there

families. To have those opportunities they ones dreamed of and could now become a reality for

their families.
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